Adorable ADORKable


I have mentioned ADORKable Poses before and I went back yesterday cos I knew the hunts had started and picked up the two hunt gifts. Took my friend, Ben, with me and made him test some of the poses while we were there. Hehehe.

Also took pics outside the store...well, cos they were fun! Need I have any other reason?

2 Pics Below:
Top: Mischief Outlet Store - Bad Kitty Tee (0L)
Hair: Bryce Designs - Dexter (advent gift)
Jeans: Black and Blue - Pomona Jeans
Shoes: Mondira and Viviane Fashion- Green Xmas Sneakers (10L)

So, here are the two awesome poses that I got in the Hunt gifts:
The first one is called 'What's in the Box?' and has four fun poses. Thanks to my friends, Kav and Ben, for helping out.

The second one is called 'Show Me the Presents'. (I hate knowing what is in my presents!)

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  1. Yay...I made it.. I am in Arya's blog.... fame at last......

  2. Oh, you were famous waaay before this!