Get Ya Skates On!


I love people sending me free stuff. That is why I love groups where the owners give out delicious things to subscribers or group members. Today I got two lovely gifts sent to me via mail (hehe) and I had to show them off. This gorgeous dress is from Elate and is called Joy (well, it bought joy to me, I can tell you!).
The skin is from Cupcakes and is called Sweetheart - Nutmeg - Rainbow. It is to show us their new range of skins. I love that the designer gave us two free ones to view and love.

This next pic shows off two dollarbies. The first is a top that I went back to Designs by Capri to get and is called Secret Shirt - Pink, and the pants are from Rock Me Amadeus and are called Drop Side Pants Set. There are 6 colours in the pack and they are great! The skin is the second Cupcakes skin and is called 'Icon- Honey - What's New?'.

Lastly, I have to show you this cool gift from Abranimations that was in their Advent Calendar today. It is Firesticks and comes with a HUD to let you do the cool dances! It rocks!! It comes with three different types of Firetsicks so you can amaze and wow your friends! If my friends don't say wow, I will hit them with them, which is another use for them too.

I took these pics at the new skating area at Club Mad. Lovely place to take that special someone to skate and then curl up on a rug. The skates I am wearing are Skoopf Icicles 'Trails' Limited Edition skates. They are not free, but worth some dollars to look ice cool out on You can buy these from the Skoopf Vendor Machine at Club Mad.

Get skating!

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