Shoes, Shoes and More Shoes


A whole hunt dedicated to shoes? My friend, Kav, would be applauding...and possibly drooling a bit. So, on her behalf I went and shoe hunted till my shoes were worn through in the Step On It Hunt. But, then that was ok, cos I had plenty of new pairs! Yah!!

Too many to show in one hit, so I will do a few a day.

Pic 1:
Boots: B&T Atelier - Meat Tenderizer

Pic 2:
Shoes: Shoefly - Industrial Bubbles - Holly

Pic 3:
Shoes - Shoefly - Industrial Bubbles - Wreath

Pic 4:
Sneakers: Biohazard - Biowear Black Leather Sneakers

Pic 5:
Shoes: Great Royal Wife Designs - Blush - Ladies Heel

Pic 6:
Shoes: Baby Monkey - Peeptoe Metals

Pic 7:
Boots: Bootylicious - Designer Plaid Winter Boots

Pic 8:
Sneakers: Cat Crap! - Tartan High Tops

Pic 9:
Sneakers: Ducknipple - Skateshoe Banana

Pic 10:
Boots: DUH - Winter Knit Boots

Oh and one last thing...
Outfit: Nadas - Celine Two Styles Dress (Advent Hunt 15th)
Skin: Sugar Holic - Caramel (in Step On It Hunt with Shoe Gift)
Hair: Gransy Fashions - Daisy 2 Platinum

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  1. Meat tenderisers... made me laugh...ugly ugly ugly... you know my standards are high when it comes to shoes Arya...

  2. I love them. They are NASTY!