Up the Chimney Hunt


I love hunts and I had huge issues picking one to do. As it turned out I just kept seeing the signs for the hunt and thought, "It's a sign!". So the Up the Chimney Hunt it was, and I am SO glad, cos this hunt rocks! I have done 28 stops and I have tons of awesome stuff already. Here are some of my favs so far...

Pic #1:
Earmuffs: Artilleri - Fluffy Earmuffs
Shape: Curio - Hourglass Winter Shape

Pic #2: Balaclava - Holiday Jacket

Pic #3: Doppelganger - 34th Street Dress

Pic #4: Doppelganger - 34th Street Pants and Vest

Pic #5: Ducknipple- Jacket

Pic #6: DUH - Snowbooties

Pic #7: Fishy Strawberry - Chunky Wood Knit Sweater

Pic #8: Meu! and Ska - Bad Wolf Tee

Pic #9: Meu! and Ska - Gromit Tee

Pic #10: Miseria - Sugar Dress

Pic #11: Mix and Match - Hobo

Pic #12: NachtMusik - Hombre

Pic #13: Shiki - Sweater and Scarf

Pic #14: Surf Couture - Wool Socks (green shown, but other colours in pack)

Pic #15: This is a Fawn - Deep V-Neck Tee

Pic #16: Young Urban - Holly Sweater

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