Pressies and Goodies and Friends


My friends rock. I logged on today and there were two of my friends sending me IMs and LMs for places to go find some great freebies and cheapies. Thanks to Kav and Psy! And a new friend I met told me about a great MM board that gave away a 1000L gift card to a great store. The best part is that the store was having a sale and all their great outfits and skins were only 100L. So, I got ten things for my 1000L and some of the outfits were 900L for one when not on sale! AWESOME! Thanks, Shadow!

Pic 1:
Outfit: House of Xevion - Sweet Angel (0L)
Shoes: Heart and Sole - Sienna (MM Board)

Pic 2:
Outfit: The Hunger Design - Baggy Pants Outfit - Purple (1L)

Pic 3:
Outfit: The Hunger Design - AW Shirt and Fishnet Pants (Lucky Chair - Pastie not included)

Pic 4:
Outfit: Adora Shapes and Skins - Casual Distressed Outfit (MM Board - Guys Gift...but, I think I am rocking it!)

Pic 5:
Lingerie: BiancaF - Anaimalia Lingerie (1L)

Pic 6:
Lingerie: BiancaF - Glitterpetrolio (10L)

Pic 7:
Jeans: BiancaF - Group - 10 - UK Ripped (subscribo gift)

Pic 7:
Dress: Du Papillon - Daisy Dress (1L)

Pic 8:
Outfit: Du Papillon - Manana Outfit (1L) Haha, I didn't notice I had my eyes closed til I went to load this. So funny!
Shoes: Du Papillon - Prom Braid Shoe - Colour Change (0L)

Pic 9:
Dress: Du Papillon - Spring Breeze (1L)

Pic 10:
Oufit: Du Papillon - Virgin (1L)

Pic 11:
Dress and Wings: Moonstar - Sadi (MM Board)

And now, here is what I bought for my 1000L that I got off a MM Board. I am showing you cos technically it was free. All are from Bitch Tail and all are 100L in the sale.

Pic 12:
Whole Outfit and Hair: Denim Girl
Skin: Kimberley 3

Pic 13:
Outfit: Distressed Princess

Pic 14:
Outfit, Ears, Tail and Boots: Night Walker

Pic 15:
Outfit, Ears, Tail, Fluffy Boomers and Shoes: Pure Evil

Pic 16:
Outfit, Ears, Tail and Boots: Rock It

Pic 17:
Outfit, Ears, Tail and Boots: Shameless

Pic 18:
Outfit: Chic and Sexy
Skin: Starry Kitty (0L - also shape for girls for 0L, not shown)

Pic 19:
Outfit: F'n Hot Outfit
Skin: Maddison 2

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