Some people say that SL and RL don't mix, but I disagree. My bestest buddy in SL, Kav, and I have met a few times now and we love getting together.

Last night I had dinner with Kav and another SL friend of ours, called Gonzo, who traveled all the way from the States! We had a wonderful time catching up and laughing over good food and drinks!

It is so nice to finally meet people who I have so much to do with in SL and grow to love. For me, the best bit is being able to discuss Second Life without SL Muggles looking at you strangely or thinking you some kind of deviant.


I got another giftcard on a MM board and have some other bits to show you!

Pic 1:
Hair: Nushru - Crystalline - Iridescent (CAHH Gift)
Outfit: Rozza's Roze BBW Fashions - Retro Dot Top and Purple Shorts (Easter Egg Hunt Gift)

Pic 2:
Outfit: Rozza's Roze BBW Fashions - Faded Jeans and Looney Tunes Jacket (Kaia's Dream Hunt Gift)
Hair: Amacci -Lisette - Copper (Not Free)

Pic 3:
Outfit: Ho Wear - Immortal Red (25L)
Hair: Amacci - Nessa - Mahogany (Past Lucky Chair Gift)

All these items from Smashin Fashion are in ONE hunt gift, but there is so much in it that I will show you in a few pics!

Pic 4:
Outfit: Smashin Fashion - Spring Brown Jacket and Pants (Virtues Hunt Gift Part 1)

Pic 5:
Outfit: Smashin Fashion - Spring Red Corset, Red Checked Shirt and Brown Shorts (Virtues Hunt Gift Part 2)

Pic 6:
Outfit: Smashin Fashion - Spring Fancy Corset and Loving Skirt (Virtues Hunt Gift Part 3)

Pic 7:
Top: Smashin Fashion - Spring Red Plaid Corset (Virtues Hunt Gift Part 4)

Pic 8:
Tank: Smashin Fashion - Spring Time Tank Top (Virtues Hunt Gift Part 5)

Pic 9:
Top: Smashin Fashion - Spring Wrapped Shirt (Virtues Hunt Gift Part 6)

Pic 10:
Top: PixelDolls - Bella Lace Top Red (25L - but was free with MM Board giftcard)

Pic 11:
Jacket: PixelDolls - Wool Plaid Coat Ash (50L - but was free with MM Board giftcard)

MM Board at XoticKreations! Please go slap it cos it only needs 30 slaps! Oh, and nom on the Lucky Cup Cake while you are there.

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