I Wuv Bunnies


Well, I wuv the ones in SL cos they give me goodie-filled eggs! So, basket in hand, I skipped on over to LVS & Co to nom on some eggs and pat some bunnies. Also got sent some April group gifts so today was a good, good day!

Pic 1:
Outfit: LVS Drive - Find the Missing Bunny Outfit (1L)

Pic 2:
Dress: LVS & Co - Easter Girl Dress (1L)

Pic 3:
Dress: LVS & Co - Strawberry Butterflies (1L)

Pic 4:
Dress: Baiastice - Annemarie in Green (group gift)

Pic 5:
Dress: House of Beningborough - Firebird (0L for group members)

Pic 6:
Dress: D-Design - April 2010 (Group and Subscribo Gift for April)

Pic 7:
Outfit: Ho Wear - Madison (25L)

Pic 8:
Dress: LVS & Co - Spring Sheraton (Bunny - 1L)

Pic 9:
Outfit and Bangles: Paradisis - Caprice (Group and Subscribo Gift)
Earrings: Dark Mouse - Fae Earring Silver (Group and Subscribo Gift)

Pic 10:
Dress and Hat: LVS & Co - Nana's Favourite Girl - Green (1L)

Dollhouse Eggy Hunt is outside store in the grassy area.

Pic 11:
Dress and Basket: The Dollhouse - Spring Fling Dollie - Green (1L)

Pic 12:
Dress: The Dollhouse - Easter FrooFroo (Egg 1L)

Pic 13 and 14:
Dress: The Dollhouse - Gothic Holiday Blue and Purple (Egg 1L each)

Pic 15:
Dress: The Dollhouse - Gothic Prep (Egg 1L)

Pic 16:
Accessories: The Dollhouse - I Gottcha Bunny Mouthpiece and VoodooBunneh Smooches Necklace (Egg 1L)

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