Top it Off!


Here in the states it's summer time! To keep it simple, I always have a few shorts and mix it up with a variety of tops. In SL, I'm no different. I find some great jeans/bottoms/shorts and try to create a new look with the amazing tops available.

Also, I see Arya has shown you some hunt outfits and I'm hoping I'll have some pictures up of the mens stuff tomorrow!
Hopefully my picture taking skills have improved since the last time too. lol

Pic 1:
Top: Kamikaze- Gift Box Tank 1 Unisex (1L)
Shorts: Whippet & Buck- Harris Tartan Shorts (not free)

Pic 2:

Top: Kamikaze- Gift Box Tank 3 Unisex (1L)

Pic 3:

Top: Whippet & Buck- Shay Contrast Stripe Shirt Finch & Tall Poppy (free)

Pic 4:

Top: (Lemonginger)-Jacket Obscure Alternatives (1L)

Pic 5:

Top: (Lemonginger)- T-Shirt Boys (0L)
Shorts: Doppelganger Inc.- Amsterdam Shorts (not free)

Pic 6:

Top: (Lemonginger)-T-shirt Dirty Dancin (10L)

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