The Many Sides of Klaber


The Sporty Side:

My personality in SL is the same as it is in RL and the interests I have in RL flow over to SL. People who are close to me in SL know that I am a big hockey fan. I used to be an avid hockey player, but I haven't found much time to play since college and starting work.
I was really surprised when I was shown this hockey rink where people get together and play on SL. The best part? All items I will show you in the pictures are FREE! I've always said your outfit should reflect a part of you and today, I'm showing off my love for hockey. Thank You, Hela.

Pic 1 & 2:

Jersey: GOHA- Rookie Jersey (DARK)
Shorts: GOHA -Hockey Pants
Socks: Arai -Daily Socks (0L)
Equipment: GOHA - Equipment Bag Player Stick

Pic 3:

Outfit: GOHA- 50 Wolves Uniform
*There are several mascots and other uniforms to choose from. I just chose Wolves because I liked the colors.*

Pic 4:

Goalie Equipment: GOHA- Wolves Goalie Equipment

The Nerdy Side:

I made a new friend today. :) Paco of 22769 informed of me this great store that sells avatars for all the comic book and cartoon fans out in SL. Want to be a Ninja Turtle? Green Goblin? Magneto? This is the place to stop. I see myself shelling out some $L here to live out my superhero/villain dreams!
Some freebies included a Magneto Helmet, Laser Eye, Batman Signal, Predator Helmet, and lots more. Stop over, it's amazingly cool. Seriously.

Pic 5:

Outfit: Boxed Heroes- ArmorAV (0L)

The Future and Happy Father's Day:

I'm NOT a dad in either RL or SL. However, in the future I wouldn't mind wearing this shirt- to satisfy my aforementioned comic book/nerdy ways too.
Happy Father's Day to all you Dads in Rl and Sl! I think my father would probably wear the t-shirt in the last picture, with the same expression on his face : )

Pic 6:

T-shirt: Glad Rags - SuperDad (1L)

Pic 7:

T-shirt: Glad Rags - Children Tee (1L)

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