Boys will be Boys, and so will Men


I was kind of in a slump yesterday, until a friend suggested I do the Summer Rock Hunt. She told me it's a hunt exclusively for the boys, with only boys items. How did I let this hunt slip by me? A hunt just for the guys? Where was I?
Well, BOYS really does means BOYS and not MEN; however, some of the outfits still appealed to me. With the magical help of SL, these outfits actually don't look so bad on an adult shape (layers will stretch to fit).
It's a fact that males don't reach their full maturity till their late twenties and as humans, our prefrontal cortex (the part of brain that controls reasoning and decisions) isn't fully developed until we're about 22-23 years old.
I know, ladies, this explains so much about your beaus or ex beaus huh?
For guys like me, who are in the age bracket of 18-30 years old, this hunt is still fun and rewarding! Some things need adjustments, like cuffs and other prims, but it's easily done. In this hunt, you are searching for a small electric guitar, a lot of stores have hint givers. I guess this explains why I had so much fun cart surfing with Arya last night, weeee! :P

Pic 1:

Outfit: Vicarious Vitae - Goonies Never Say Die (SRH Hunt Gift)

Pic 2:

Outfit:*J4KK* - Rock Star (SRH Hunt Gift)

Pic 3:

Shirt: TJ's Emporium - Tribal Black (SRH Hunt Gift)
*Also comes in the following colors: Blue, Gold, Green, and Red.*

Pic 4:

Outfit: Jumpin Jacks -Baseball Outfit w/ Bat (SRH Hunt Gift)

Pic 5:

Outfit: IWK - Skull Outfit (SRH Hunt Gift)

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