I Love My New Group


RANT: I wish LL would do something about the groups limit. 25 groups for a blogger is almost impossible. I am just thankful for subscribo-matics and hippo-matics!

I love the Spruce Up Your Space themes and when I whipped over to grab some bits I noticed a group I hadn't seen before: SL House and Garden...two of my fav things! I felt this group would feed my addiction nicely!

Not only does this group keep you up-to-date on all things home and garden, but they are also a generous bunch of designers, and the icing on the top is an awesome area for the groupies to hang out! Aaaaahhhhh! (<----scream of delight!)

Today I thought I would show you some of the group gifts and the hangout area. Non-group members are welcome too, but only group members can rez there. BONUS.

I am also showing you some other items I have been meaning to blog for ages. I am a bad girl.

Pic 1:
Outfit: Miamai - Vicki (July Group Gift)
Stepladder and Items: Designer Prims - Stepladder and Potted Plants (H&G Group Gift)
Chest: Growbox - Free Display Planter (H&G Group Gift)
Pergola: True Love Never Dies - White Pergola (H&G Group Gift)

Pic 2:
Chairs: Munspain - Deluxe Loung Grappe and Deluxe Lounge Blue (Munspain Group Gift)
Pool: (Elate!) - Summer Kiddie Pool (H&G Group Gift - has great sits!)

Pic 3:
Tree and House: Before Sleep - Tree House (Pain in the Butt Hunt Gift - great poses too!)

Pic 4:
House and Furniture: Baustein - Chill (H&G Group Gift)

Pic 5:
House: Molto Bene - SL House and Garden Group Gift (<----self-explanatory)
Chair and Bag: {what next} - Shoppaholics Chair (H&G Group Gift)

Pic 6:
Screen: UrbanizeD - Recycled Screen (0L In Store)
Coffee Table: LISP Bazaar - Coffee Table with Sits (H&G Group Gift)
TV Tray: Southern Bella - TV Stand with Tray (H&G Group Gift)
Chair: HomeKraft - Adirondack Chair (H&G Group Gift - not a physical URL. Is URL to blog)
Poster: Stitch by Stitch - Sculpted Poster - Cold Lemonade (H&G Group Gift)
Frame: Pixel Paperie - Mood Changing Frame (H&G Group Gift)

Pic 7, 8 and 9:
Skybox: Starwind - blu no.2 (H&G Group Gift - great textures!)
Couch, Chair and Table: Second Spaces - Binary Sofa, Invasion Chair and 4-Sided Table (Geekgasm Hunt Gifts)
Lamps: HomeKraft - Three Hanging Block Lamps (H&G Group Gift)

Pic 10 and 11:
Area: SL House and Garden Centre - Great place to laze around..."I have fallen and I can't get up..."

...and a to just sit and have a nice cup of coffee. Whew! Time to relax. Now, where did I put my kite?

Pic 12:
Outfit: Miamai - Vicki (July Group Gift)

Pic 13:
Outfit: [Miseria] Rainy Day Jammies (Group Gift)

Pic 14:
Skin: LeLutka - Lola and Dress and Handbag: Orta - Isabella Dress and Estelle Handbag (Skin, Dress and Handbag in Subscribo at Orta. Join and then click box next to the subscribo-matic)

NB: Hard to fly a kite and hold a handbag. Do NOT try this at home! (This has been an Arya Braveheart safety message)

Pic 15:
Dress: D-Design - July (July Group Gift)

Kite Poses and Kites: aDORKable - Kites (Freebie at some point...might still be...)

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