Little Bit Country and a Little Bit Rock n Roll


I have a confession. Sometimes I am very blonde. I was cleaning out my inventory (weekly occurence) and I found a folder of items waiting for me to show you that I had forgotten about. Sigh. I am sorry.

So, today I am going to show them to you, mixed with some other bits I collected last night and today.

Pic 1:
Dress: Aqua - MND (MND Hunt Gift)

Pic 2:
Outfit: Aqua - Dream Easy - Hers (Instore Firecracker Hunt)

Pic 3:
Dress: Aqua - To the Maxxx - White (Instore Firecracker Hunt)

Pic 4:
Dress: Aqua - Lusty Lace - Blue (Instore Firecracker Hunt)

Pic 5:
Outfit: Aqua - Cheerleader 4th (0L)

Pic 6 and 7:
Gown: Prim and Pixel - Baroness Goodbody (Picks Reward - There are a heap of ways to wear all the pieces for this dress, from stately to sexy. So gorgeous!)

Pic 8:
Outfit: Prim and Pixel - Sensuous Carribean Nights - Pic 8 and Sensuous Blooming Orchids - Pic 9 (On special til Monday for 99L - Variety of colours available. One colour is 0L!)

Pic 10:
Outfit: Prim and Pixel - Savannah - American Country (New 99L)
Hair: Paper.Doll - Aubrie - Caramel (Past Hunt Gift...I think)

Pic 11:
Outfit: Ho Wear - Don't Mesh With Me (25L in Teal Ribbon Hunt)

Pic 12:
Boots: Duce - Posh Black Widow (25L in Teal Ribbon Hunt)

Pic 13:
Boots: Duce - Mymiced - Red (25L in Teal Ribbon Hunt)

Pic 14:
Outfit: Nadas - Ines Top and Shorts Outfit (0L - upstairs in freebie area)

Pic 15 and 16:
Outfit and Hair: Nadas - Little Miss Country (0L - upstairs in freebie area)

Pic 17:
Outfit: Has Been - Plaid Princess Black Red (25L in Red, White and Blue Sale. All items of those colours are on sale from 10-99L. Items upstairs are 10L)

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