It's My Rez Day


I am two today! Hoorah! Well, actually, I am older than that cos I had an avi before this one, but she died...ok, I killed her off.

I can't believe I am two. Mister told me that two years in SL is like being 50. Hmmm. In honour of my rez day I am going to show you some things I love.

Now, you might say, "Arya, how is that different from any other day?" To which I will reply, "Good point. But today involves gruesome skins and you know how I feel about that!"

Pic 1:
Hair: Cri-Cri - gST05 - Zombie (ZP Hunt)
Dress: Gawk - Black Tank Dress (ZP Hunt)
Skin: [Rasetsukoku] - Misaki - Annabell ( ZombiePopcorn Hunt 1 Item)
Pose: Poses4Posers - Ima Zombie (ZombiePopcorn Hunt 1 Item)

Pic 2:
Dress: Rotten Toe - Vintage Ballerina # 84

Pic 3:
Dress: Sweet Antidote - Muurbloem #63

Pic 4:
Dress: {paper.doll} - PeepShowMini - Crimson #28

Pic 5:
Skin: Deviant Style - Gothic Lolita Skin (Past Group Gift)
Dress: PixelDolls - 2811 - Sucre Flexydress Violet #73

Pic 6:
Outfit: Glam Affair - Tessa #11

Pic 7:
Top: A-Bomb - ZP2 #47
Jeans: SereLicious and Rockstar - Unisex Blue Jeans - Plain (Strut Your Stuff Hunt)
Skin: Relentless Couture - Uh Oh Imma Zombie (ZombiePopcorn Hunt 1 Item)

Pic 8:
Top: caLLie cLine - Mourning Corsette #22

Pic 9:
Hair: Wasabi Pills - Dedrick Hair - Sapphire #60
Tee: DECO - Anatomy Tee #82
Skin: Rotten Toe - Kisses (Past Hunt Item)

Pic 10:
Tee: thick - I Dig Zombies #4

And now I am going to show you, yet again, one of my fav sims called Where the Wild Things Are, which will be a great backdrop for some lovely items!

Pic 11:
Gown: LVS&Co - Ophelia Twilight Princess Series (100L - BIG sale at LVS and Nocturne)
Hair: Magika - Jade - Red: Merlot (Past Monday 20L pack)

Pic 12:
Gown: Azul - Fiore (For Frank's 3rd Anniversary. Not sure if it is for sale, but had to show you because it is so lovely)

Pic 13:
Gown: Paris Metro - Flower Flamingo Gown (Strut Your Stuff Hunt)

Pic 14:
Gown and Hat: Lillou's Designs - Show Your Love (Strut Your Stuff Hunt)

Lastly, I just want to get all gushy and say thanks to:

  1. My friends who I adore! You know who you are! (but, especially my BFF Kav!)
  2. Mister, who is also one of my friends (see 1) and has helped me keep this blog going and made it better than ever!
  3. All the awesome designers and creators who make blogging so easy with your awesome wares!
  4. All my readers for making this blog worth doing

Pic 15:
Top: Aqua - Arya's Rez Day - Soft Heart - Dusty Purple (Thank you, Ayanna!)
Jeans: Aqua - Women's Slade Jeans from Aya Outfit

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