My Gift To You Is...



Pic 1:

Bow w/tag: RazorbladeJacket @ODB - Gift Bow (0L Holiday Fair at ODB)

So, what do you say? I've been good this year, how about a little kiss under the mistletoe? ;)

Pic 2:

Pose: Olive Juice- Mistletoe Kiss (Mr. Scrooge's Holiday village 0L)
Jacket: Alphamale -Leather Jacket (Store Gift 0L)

I'm sure Santa will agree with how good I've been this year and send me something nice! What's this...COAL!?

Pic 3:

Pose: Olive Juice - COAL?! (Mr. Scrooge's Holiday Village 0L)

Haha, I hope you all know I'm not that conceited and it was fun taking those pictures. I've changed into white backdrop because it takes too long waiting for little items to rez. I'd zoom in onto myself and then all of a sudden, something in the background would get all blurry. It was a mess!

Pics 4 & 5:

Tops: Blurred @ODB - City/Freebie Fair (Holiday Fair at ODB)

Pic 6:

Outfit: Before Sleep@ ODB - Freddy (Holiday Fair at ODB)

Pic 7:

Outfit: LaRosa- Menswear Smooth Look (Advent Calendar 16)

Pic 8:

Top: HCC - Ruldoph Shirt Sweater Layer (Robbing Santa Hunt 0L)

Okay, so I went over to Razorblade Jacket to find the RSH item and failed. I did, however, find every other hunt item in their store lol. I also, made a new friend! So, I wouldn't call it failure because: 1) I still received some great items and 2) I made a new friend = WIN!

Pic 9:

Top: Razorblade Jacket- Grungy Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Tank (P.A.M Hunt)

Pic 10:

Top: Razorblade Jacket - I Beat Up Bullies (It Gets Better Hunt)
*You know how I do!*

Pic 11:

Top: Parx - Maya Tank (RSH)

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