The One Where I'm Er'Where


I went crazy today. Really, I was all over grabbing all these great gifts. I keep getting notices of new items and it's hard keeping track! It's like I need some type of graphic organizer to plot out all of the destinations. So today I have things to show you that are group gifts, hunt gifts, Advent items, or just plain great deals. If you've looked at my recent uploads, you'll notice a little kitten in the stocking. I'm getting a little concerned of it being in there so long!

Pic 1:

Top: Cheeseburger - Where My Ho's At? (25L)

Pic 2 & 3:

Beanie: 22769- Red Beanie (Advent Gift)
Tops: Boom - Flakes Tees (15L Unisex)

Pic 4:

Outfit: LaRosa -LaRosa Autumn Menswear 5 (Advent Gift)

Pic 5:

Outfit: Indi Designs - Frasier (Store Hunt Gift)
*You must find the right gift box hidden amongst several others*

Pic 6:

Top: SB Menswear - Aspen Cardigan (Menstuff Group Gift 0L)

Pic 7:

Top: Peer - Erase Hate (It Gets Better Hunt)
*Look for Pink Ribbon*

Pic 8:

Top: Grumble - Timberland Grey Hoodie ( Robbing Santa Hunt)
Jeans: Mindshift/Equilibrium - Light Gray Jeans (RSH)
* RSH Look for red toolbox with crow bar inside*

Pic 9:

Top: Toritire - LS Shirt Red (Soho Hunt SHH)
*Look for a snow ball*

Pic 10,11, & 12

Outfit: Dark Water Designs - Robbing Santa Hunt Male (RSH)

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