Lil' Mister


I don't know why, but I've been on a big search for skins lately. You know, teleporting to various stores and trying on their demos. One of those stores was Hot Dive and before the Lucky Board could rez, I clicked on it while it was on M. I was thinking, "Holy Crap!, what luck do I have that it was on M and I didn't even know it."
What did I win? It's a boy shape and skin, which wasn't what I was looking for and that's okay. If my avatar was a young child again, I'd assume he'd look something like the picture below. So let me introduce you to Lil' Mister. lol

Picture 1:

Skin/Shape: Hot Dive - HD Skin 17 LB (Lucky Board)
Top: Glad Rags - Pixels Tee (Lucky Chair)

Okay, lets fast forward back to my adult self.

Picture 2:

Outfit: MiMi's Choice- Subscriber Gift for Men (Gift for Subscribing)

Picture 3:

Outfit: KamreK - ADNY n Green! (ADNY Hunt)
Pose: DJ's Opera - Expose Line (Pro Poser Hunt Preview)

Picture 4:

Outfit: American Bazaar - Dirty Tank/ Shan Bermuda (ADNY Hunt)
Pose: DJ's Opera - Expose Line (Pro Poser Hunt Preview)

Picture 5:

Outfit: Aqua - Suitably Yours/LowRise Jeans (Subscriber Gift)
Pose: HelaMiyo - Just Saying 3 (Pro Poser Hunt Preview)
*There are 5 poses included in the hunt gift*

Pictures 6&7:

Tops: Gabriel- Black/Brown V-Neck Shirts (Group Gift)
Jeans:American Bazaar- Bosee Jeans (January Gift)

Pictures 8 & 9:

Tops: SubVersion - Faded Mustard/ Deep Orange Shirts (MM Board)

Picture 10:

Top: Myth - Plaid is Back Top (30L)
Store is closing and everything is 30L! Teleport over there while it lasts.

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