Grr Face


Just wanted to say HI. I am missing SL and all of you and the fashion. Still on broadband rations and hating it. I will be back next week and ready and rearing to go!

I want to thank Mister again for keeping you updated on the fashion. He rocks, but don't tell him I said so or he will get a fat head. Don't want him having visions of grandeur.

If you want to say howdy to me, just throw a message on the blog, cos I try and check it as much as poss.

See ya next week...



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  1. Arya, you're missing all the fun in GLG! Come back already, I need more people to spam with sales and hunts :D

  2. i miss you arya!!! this is Lei lol :)) im too lazy to sign in my google acct lmao... coz im about to go to bed.. i wont tell mister you said that..

    xoxo, Lei