Another one of my awesome SL friends is Ayanna from Aqua and so when she told me about her 25L and Under sale, I couldn't wait to tell you all about it. Now, sadly I don't get to go wild there cos I think I have pretty much EVERYTHING from her store.

So today I thought I would show you some of my fav outfits from Aqua and then you can race over and enjoy buying up!

My hair is a new item from Amacci called Jamie - Mahogany.

Pic 1:
Top: BabeInSuits - Stripes - Silver (Couldn't find this in-store. Will ask Aya!)
Jeans: Lowrise Unisex Jeans - Dark Blue (25L)
Belt: Hippy Chic - Silver (25L)

Pic 2:
Top: Hippy Chic - Mink (25L)
Skirt: Hippy Chic - Mink (25L)
Belt: Mink Belt (25L)

Pic 3:
Top: Soft Heart - Dusty Purple (25L Aya made this colour especially for my rez day, so you won't find this one, but plenty of other great colours!)

Pic 4:
Top: Plush Surprise - Burnt Orange (25L)

Pic 5:
Dress: To the Maxx - Red (25L)

Pic 6:
Dress: The After Party - Grape (25L)

Pic 7:
Dress: Mercurial - White/Black (25L)

Pic 8:
Top: Casual Whisper - Red Hoody (25L)
Pants: Casual Whisper - Brown Lowrise (25L)
Cami - Casual Whisper - White Cami (15L)

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