It is ironic that the weekends in SL are crazy busy with so much to see and do and buy, but that it is also the time when people flock in, so that taking photos becomes almost impossible.  After 7 crashes I gave up.

Today is not so bad, but I am going to break the posts down so that if I start crashing again at least I will have one or two posts done and items shown.

The first pic is taken in a house from Molto Bene called The Getaway Cottage.  They are having a sale at the moment and I bought this gorgeous house for only 75L!

The Morning Tea Armoire (Lazy Sunday item) and Hatboxes are from {what next}.  The armoire has 6 poses and comes with items such as a mirror and hairbrush as well.  The Somewhere To Sit Stool in Peenk is also a new item at {what next}, and they come in a range of colours with great poses.

The lovely gown I am wearing is from Agnes Finney and is called We Miss You.  It is 10L for group members.

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