FTLO Boo-For-2 Continued..


Yesterday, Arya and I both gave you previews of items that will be available at the FTLO Boo- For - 2 Event. Today, you can teleport over and grab them! The landmark will take you to the first hunt item that is set at the center of the area. It will also provide you with another landmark to the rest of the hunt items, but before you head over there, be sure to check out the sales tents!

                  What hunt item are you looking for at this event? This very creatively designed bat!
                 They are hidden all throughout the sim, so look high, low, and everywhere in between.

Here are just some hunt items I found at the event for guys. Check the blog again for more!

Picture 1:  .SA. (Sweet Antidote) - Boo Boy Shirt

Picture 2: Fallen Doll - Wolf Scratches Tattoo Layer

Picture 3: 22769 - Corduroy Jeans/ Green Silk Shirt

A shout out to Rhed Rhode and Company, for setting up a great event.

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