I Am a Cat Woman


I am.  I admit it.  My family think I will be the cat lady from the Simpsons when I am old.  I am pretty sure I won't throw cats though.  Cos they are just too cute and fluffy!

So, one of the three advent calendars I am stalking this year is the one at KittyCatS, and I have been very excited by the delightful gifts from all over the place.

Now, I know it is too late for you to go and grab these items, but it might enthuse you to go and get the ones from now on!  Go check it out!  KittyCatS Advent Calendar!

Chair:  Awesome Blossom - Crazy Cat Lady Armchair
Pictures:  Awesome Blossom - Love Brought it Back Print and Cat Got Your Heart Print
Clock:  Intrigue Co - Retro Kitten Clock
Suitcase Bed:  Cheeky Pea - KittyCatS - So Lovabug
Cat Hat:  KittyCatS - Winter Hat
Pyjamas: Nyte'N'Day - Paw PJs - Green
Cat:  KittyCatS - This one is mine, and you can't have her!  Her name is Winter!

Cat Tree and Bed:  *Funky*Junk* - Holiday Deluxe Kitty Tree and Bed

Stocking and Gifts:  [BA] Barnesworth Anubis - Stuffed Stocking and Adven Calendar Gifts
Basket:  A.D.D Andel - Kitty Bed KittyCatS Advent Edition - Large

Cattery:  JJ Lanes Furniture and Caribbean Design - Sugar Jack's Cattery with Shelves

Fireplace in first two pics is from {what next}.

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  1. Your cat looks so very cozy... lucky cat!

  2. She has found the perfect spot!