One More!

I forgot one of the SUYS items.  Cool one too.  Enjoy.

Shack:  Interior Addiction - Boat Shack (150L)
Overalls: Argyle Anonymous - Dungaroos (45L at Super Bargain Weekend Venue)

Tee:  Jane - Essence Tee - Eggplant
Hair:  Truth - Jordan - Treacle
Boots:  *Fir & MNA* - Wellies


The Sun Shines on SL Weekends

You can't help but smile when you get to the weekend in SL.  There is SOOO much to do and see and buy.  This weekend I have enjoyed Project Themeory, Spruce Up Your Space, Taste of Second Life and the Super Bargain Weekend.  I have also been to the Dressing Room and Dressing Room Blue, the Fashion Garret,  Ploom's hair sale, and still have Lazy Sunday to go.  No wonder I am broke.

Still, it has been worth it.  I have lots of great items to show you. 

Remember, I am still working on sorting my pics settings and adjusting to the new environment settings in Viewer 2, so please excuse pics that don't do the items justice.  My apologies in advance.

If anyone knows where there are updated versions (to new V2 environ settings) of Tuli's or Baiastice's windlight settings, then let me know.

Pic 1:
Cottage and Accessories:  Awesome Blossom - Pembroke Gardener's Cottage and Accessories (60L for cottage and 60L for accessories pack in SB Weekend)

Pic 2:
Pergola:  MudHoney - Josie Pergola Coastal (150L in SUYS)

Pic 3:  Cheeky Pea - Benny Loves Whales (150L in SUYS)

Pic 4:
Hair: [Elikatira] - Charmed - Blonde (50L Friday)
Skin: YS&YS - Alice - Rouge (70L at The Dressing Room)
Dress:  Bebe Doll - Lilly Summer Dress (60L at SB Weekend)


Reinvent Yo'self

Lately, I've been exploring different looks in Second Life and I'm having a lot of fun with it. There are stores I've recently visited stores that I normally wouldn't have in the past. That's what I love about Second Life, the ability to sort of re-invent yourself.
I've also started to explore different ways to photograph myself because what's a great look without being able to capture it? Unfortunately, my computer doesn't have a great graphics card *insert sad face here*.

With that said, I have to say my photo below (with my good friend Adara) does not do justice. If you'd like to see a better shot of the girl's outfit and information go visit her site, My Messy Little Closet! She advised me that the store, Sweetest Goodbye, is having a 40% off sale due to their recent closing announcement.

Picture 2:

Top: Sweetest Goodbye - Ok Go (Closing Sale 40% off)

Picture 3:

Outfit: Sweetest Goodbye - School Boy (Closing sale 40% off)

Picture 3:

Tank: Plastik- Kuhra Tank/Construct (Part of Subscribo Gift)

Picture 4:

Skin: Plastik - Vaelian/Smoke-Ink (Check Group Notices, part of Kea's Birthday)

Update: I stated earlier that I didn't know who "Kea" was, but Adara just informed me it's for Aikea, - the creator of Plastik. Happy Birthday!



I have a new laptop with a decent graphics card.  I am so rapt.  The only issue was that I had to download new viewer and they have gone and changed how the windlight settings are done, so now I can't set up the settings I usually use, cos it will take some thought and

I will get round to it...sometime.

In the meantime, here is my first pic on my new laptop (I had to go through three to get to this one).  If you want to know ANYTHING about what to look for in a new laptop that will run SL, then please ask.  Hehe.

Overalls:  Argyle Anonymous - Dungaroos (45L at Super Bargain Weekend Venue)
Shirt:  Kyoot - Chained Thread Top - Aubergine (50L Friday)
Hair:  Truth - Jordan - Chocolate (250L for Colour Pack)
Jewellery:  League - Pearls and Lace Jewellery Set (50L Friday)
House:   Awesome Blossom - Pembroke Gardener's Cottage and Accessories (60L for cottage and 60L for accessories pack at Super Bargain Weekend Venue)
Pose:  Love Me Brutal - But Where is the...? (40L in last week's Lazy Sunday
Shoes:  Kookie - Pipp - Earth Pack (50L Friday)
Skin:  Baiastice - Special Asian Sunkissed (Group Gift)


Gatcha, Fifty Linden Friday!

If you haven't already, stop by the Albero Gatcha Festival and also be sure to visit the stores participating in Fifty Linden Friday this week. Today I'm wearing this outfit, the tank was only 49L at the Gatcha Festival and the shoes were 50L for 3 different colors!

Picture 2:

Tank: Nanuk@ gatcha festival -elov ripped tank tank turq (49L)
* comes in other colors*

Picture 3:

Shoes: FIR & MNA - The Twine Shoes/ Black (50L)
*Comes with Denim and Khaki set*


It's T-Shiiiirrrt Timmmeee!

Oh, wow, hey so you're probably thinking, "Did he just make a reference from the Jersey Shore!?" Yes, yes I did, don't hate! It's a perfect title because they're always talking about how you gotta look "fresh" when going out. Here are some t-shirts that are included in the dollarbie bag at Cheeseburger. It has seven t-shirts to keep you looking fresh through the summer.

Pictures 1-7:

Tshirts: Cheeseburger -Dollarbie Grab Bag (1L)
*All 7 t-shirts come available in every layer*

Hop over to Delirium's lucky chairs where you can get the outfits pictured below. The chairs change letters every 5 minutes and I found that the wild card "?", comes up frequently.

Picture 8:

Sweater: Delirium Style - StarStruck Male (Lucky Chair)
*outfit comes with camo pants and shoes not shown*

Picture 9:

Outfit: Delirium Style - Beat It Male (Lucky Chair)


FTLO Summer Scavenger Hunt

Met some great people on this hunt! If not during the hunt, you'll definitely meet amazing people in group chat too. This hunt is unique in that there is no specific hunt item. Each store has set one of their items to 1L. In addition to getting that item, you also get the FTLO item (two for 1l deal)!

Join the Group to get updates and a notecard with most of the store hints as to which item is set to 1L. As many have said, it's a different hunt concept, yet rewarding.

Picture 1:

Undies: [Lazybum] -Basic Briefs Blue (FTLO)

Picture 2:

T-shirt: Razorblade Jacket - Sick Shirt Light/Dark (FTLO)

Picture 3:

Hat/Hair: Lelutka - Breeze Hair (Group Gift)
Glasses: Blah - Nerdy Acid Glasses (FTLO)
Cardigan: Kis Kis - Unisex Long Cardigan/Mint (FTLO)

Picture 4:

Accessories: Boof - Indiana Jones Gear (FTLO)


Testing 1, 2, 3

I am trialling a new laptop, so am showing you a pic I took on it to see what you think.  Not sure.  Would love your feedback.

Dress is from Acid and Mala and is free if you are in Taste of SL Group.  Hair is from Truth and is called Pandora - Chocolate.


For The Love OF.....

SUMMER! One of my favorite hunts of the year is starting in a few minutes at 6pm SLT. It's the "For The Love Of Summer Scavenger Hunt". There are a lot of great stores involved and the hunt has had great reputation in the past. Starting point will be at Pestle&Twig. Want more information? Click on the image below to be redirected to the official site:

Taken from the site:

"F. T. L. O. Summer Scavenger Hunt
The FTLO Summer Scavenger Hunt starts July 25th and includes TONS of great stores! This hunt has a MONSTER twist! How does it work?
The day the hunt starts you will receive an NC in the form of a group notice giving you the starting location, you tp to the location and search NOT FOR A HUNT OBJECT but for an existing item already on sale inside the store. The item shall have been secretly marked down to 1L. By purchasing the item for 1L, you will get the existing item as a bonus, the Summery hunt item, the LM to the next store, and an NC with a clue as to the next store's secret sale item.
There will be NO HUNT LIST, the point of this hunt is to make it like a scavenger hunt, you have to have one item to find the next!
1. There will be NO hunt object.
2. The hunt item will be hidden within 30 meters of the TP location.
3. The sale item that the hunt object is hidden inside will be marked for 1L ONLY.
4. All other 1L items in the store will be marked as 0L or 2L or removed for the duration of the hunt."

Also, be sure to join the FTLO...Group in-world for updates or any other information. I'll be on the hunt tonight, so I'll see you around! :D


Hi All

Hi peeps.  I am shifted, but having new laptop issues.  It all sucks.  Nvidia vs Radeon, 64-bit vs 32-bit...all confusing.  If you have any advice, let me know.  Would love to hear your thoughts.  I am probably a few days away from being back, so I am sorry for the delays.

Mister looks like he is doing a great job anyway.

Hugs to all and thank you for your patience.


PouPee Season

If you haven't started the Seasons Hunt:Summer, you should really get out there and grab some great items. There's another great hunt called the PouPee Hunt that is well worth your SL time. I also picked up some great sales items to coordinate and enhance the appeal of the outfits.

Picture 1:

Hair: Angel @TFG -John Hair (70L)
Top: Somapop - Somapop Sweater 13 (PouPee Hunt)
Jeans: Somapop @ The Gallery - jj jeans blue (15L)

Picture 2:

Top: Arnadi - Spock Greeting (PouPee Hunt)

Picture 3:

Hat: Sheep Door- Knit Cap with Hair (Opening Gift)
Top with vest: Sheep Door - Vest with Gunjo Tshirt (PouPee Hunt)

Picture 4:

Shirt: Pivaaca- Linen Checked Shirt (Seasons Hunt)


"Summer, Summer, Summertime..."

"....Time to sit back and unwind." Don't hate, you know you're jamming to Fresh Prince too! The Seasons Hunt: Summer has arrived and sure enough there are a few things available for men. In this hunt, you're looking for a shark.

Now, I'm not sure if the creators of NSD and FIR & MNA got together and coordinated their hunt items, but they match really well. I have to say even the colors seem to be the same!

Pictures 1-3:

Eyes: Nanuk - Li Eyes Honber
Shirt and Shorts: NSD - Sailor Top/ Tour Boas Shorts
Shoes: FIR & MNA - The Twine Shoes

The shorts from NSD also work really well with the tops from Young Urban and Boye.

Picture 4:

Tank: Young Urban - Keegan Green Striped Tank

Picture 5:

Shirt: Boye - Forever Tee


Mister's Heart

Oh, hello welcome to my blog, Mister's Heart. Strange, some woman has been on here claiming to be a blogger on this site for awhile now. I just don't know how to get her to go! :P
July has been turning out to be a great month for skins, just in time to show off for the summer.

Head over to FACES to grab their latest group gift. The skin shows a lot of definition and details.

Picture 1:
Skin:Faces- Paul Skin (group gift)
Boxer Briefs: Vitamen - Vitamen Monthly (0L)
*Comes in blue, green, mono, pink, and purple*

Stop by 22769 to pick up their group gift. The outfit comes with a white tank, but I figured it's summer and what a better time to display your new skin. So, I opted to not wear it in this picture.

Picture 2:

Outfit: 22769- Group Gift July

I really like this next outfit, also by 22769. It's very clean and complimentary. It's part of the Gallery Gift Shop Event.

Picture 3:

Outfit:22769 @ Gallery- Gallery Gift Shop Event

Gizza has their first year anniversary gifts out. The store is definitely one that deserves a spot in your groups.

Picture 4:

Outfit: Gizza - FirstYear Gift (Group Gift)


So You Know

I will be away from SL for about a week or so, cos I am moving.  I am not sure on return date, but keep an eye on the blog.  Mister will hopefully be about to fill in for me while I am AWOL.  Be good and I will see you all soon.

PS. I hate packing.



I know I have already posted today, but this stunning gown and jewellery came through today in the Glitterati VIP Group.  I just had to show you because is so gorgeous.

Gown: Glitterati - VIP Gift
Jewellery:  Mood - Diamante Blush Ensemble
Hair: Amacci - Trisha - Dark Brown (Hair Fair item)
Sim I Took Pics On:  Island of Armenelos


Folder of Doom

I have a folder in my inventory which is aptly named "Stuff to be Blogged".  I have tried all sorts of systems with this folder to try and keep it under control.  I used to have folders in it with the days of the week, but this became a real pain to keep up with so I went back to the 'throw it in the folder' organisational strategy.

The problem with this is that sometimes I look in it and say the following statements or similar:
  • "How long has that been in there?"
  • "Is that hunt still going?"
  • "Is that a moldy sandwich?"
 You can see the issue.  Well, today I dared to peek in there and found these unblogged goodies.  Enjoy.

Pic 1:
Swimwear:  Ducknipple - Smartie Orange (TOSL Hunt - Goes til 15th July)
Flower: Pulling Strings - Daisy Days Lounging Daisy (Subscriber Gift)

Pic 2 and 3:
Outfit:  Edelfabrik - Just Awesome (0L)
Hair: Truth - Becky - Chocolate (Truth District Gift)

Pic 4:
Top:  Ducknipple - Boes - Glitter (Truth District Gift)
Pants: Kyoot - Eibo Trousers - Grey (Were 50L Friday item last week)

Pic 5:
Outfit:  The Sea Hole - "Tank Top" Pew Pew Pink and Tab Shorts (Truth District Gift)