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Last week I cleaned out my inventory.  It took me a week, but I was determined to do a good job and to be ruthless.  I had a goal in mind of getting down below 30,000 items, which meant that I would need to get rid of 8,000.  I am please to report that I surpassed my goal and got down to 28,000, which meant I had got rid of 10,000 items!  I have a few more bits to go, but am working hard at keeping it under control.

So, I was telling a group I am in and they suggested I do a notecard with my ideas and tips, so I did and now I am sharing it with you.

Remember cleaner inventory loads quicker and is easier to find stuff.  NB:  I use Viewer 3, so sorry if settings are diff for other viewers.

1.  Getting rid of that annoying LL Library folder - CTL ALT D to open the ADVANCED MENU, if it isn't already open. Then CTL ALT SHIFT S for the debug console, then type noInventoryLibrary (or scroll down to that on the list) in the window, and change it to TRUE.  When you relog it will all be gone!  Is roughly 2,000 items!  I was so excited when this worked!

2.  Landmarks - I have put all the LMs I use often into notecards in my Landmarks folder.  The notecards are named Clothes Stores, Hair Stores, etc.  Then I deleted ALL the unnecessary LMs from my inventory by going down to the SHOW ADDITIONAL OPTIONS icon at the bottom left of your inventory window. (Looks like a little cog).  In there you click SHOW FILTERS and this brings up another window called MY INVENTORY.  Click NONE and then put a tick in the box beside LANDMARKS.  This will now show all the LMs you have.  Then I just go through and delete them all.  You will be surprised how many this will get rid of.  See Pic below.

Selecting one item and then using cntrl to select the other items and then delete, makes it soooo easy.

3.  Notecards - I have a folder for important notecards, but the rest are pretty unnecessary.  So I use the same process I used for Landmarks to get rid of all those notecards stuck in folders.  Just tick beside the NOTECARDS in your MY INVENTORY filter box and do the same as above.  Delete the hang out of them!

 4.  Scripts - You get lots of scripts with folders these days and you don't need them.  They are just for opening boxes etc, so they can go.  Use the process above but put the tick beside SCRIPTS.  Then go through and delete all those scripts that are taking up space!

5.  Textures - Same as above, but I will confess I like to leave pics of clothes items in the folders, so I can easily see what they are without having to try on.

6.  Clothes - This is the hard part and you have to be brave to do this, but you just have to remember that SL changes so quick and those clothes that you thought were cool 2 years ago, are probably not so much now.   I have my clothes sorted into one folder called, appropriately, CLOTHES.  In there I have sorted everything into subfolders called, for example, SKIRTS, TOPS, JEANS AND LEGGINGS, DRESSES - GOWNS, DRESSES - SHORT etc.  Then I went through each one and opened the item folder, right clicked on something in the folders and selected PROPERTIES.  This then shows you when you acquired the item.  Now comes the hard part.  I deleted anything older than 2011.  You need to decide on a timeframe and stick with it.  You might even decide that a year is long enough...up to you.

The best thing to do is not even try it on.  Just check the date and delete.  Saves the emotional factor.

I repeated this same exercise with my hair, shoes and furniture items.  It is tough, but worth it in the end.

7.  Mesh Items - Delete all those mesh sizes that are not your fit.  I deleted all XL, L and XS sizes.  I kept M and S, cos with some items I am in between.  You don't need the other sizes, so why keep them.

8.  Multiple Copies - This applies to copyable items like furniture where you end up with multiple copies of the same item in your folder, so make sure you go through and delete all the extras.  Careful though!

When you are finished make sure you delete your trash and then go into ME (top left of your screen) and down to PREFERENCES.  Go down the the ADVANCED tab and then up the top of the screen it says CLEAR CACHE.  Click that and then the next time you log in it will clear that all and you will be fresh as a daisy and rearing to go.  Just so you know, when you log in after a cache clean it takes longer for things to rez and for your inventory to load, so don't panic.

I also found this for some great tips as well.  It is the second video clip on the page:  HERE   The preview textures (and other items) tip is awesome.  I didn't know it.

I am not a huge 'boxing it up' fan cos my theory is if I box it do I really need it?  I do box seasonal items that I will use again, like for Halloween and Christmas, but that is about it.  I also have a texture selecter which comes in handy for storing textures.

Hope this has been handy.  If you have other suggestions, IM me and I will throw them in here for future use, and will also put them on my blog when we have a few.

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  1. this is brilliant Arya, thanks so much, I am going to start working through this hint by hint tomorrow.

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  2. hat was awesome! Thank you so much, hard work but worth it :) I love your blog btw and was great to bump into you inworld and tell you in person xx (Cheri Kira)

  3. Thanks, Kav and Cheri. It was awesome to meet you too, Cheri, and thank you so much for the positive feedback!