Make Home Over - Outdoor Items


Yes, the lovely people that have brought you the Make Him Over and Make Her Over Hunts are back with this hunt dedicated to all things home and garden.  Now, it does not have the big-named stores in it, but trust me, it is a goodie and I had a blast finding some new stores that I will definitely be re-visiting.  I got distracted in the stores a LOT!

The hunt is challenging enough without being ridiculous and I enjoyed it. You need to join the group to grab the items, but the group is friendly and helpful, so I didn't mind.  I also liked that at each stop there was a hint board that was easily recognisable.  Just look for this:

The starting point is HERE.  I have numbered the items below so you can use the website for LMs if you wish.  The website is HERE.  Make sure you scroll down for helpful info and the LMs.

Today I am showing you some of the outdoor items.

#35:  Bazar - Hanging Out Lounger + Palm Tree

#53:  Creative Decay - Lemon Yellow Tiki Time

#8:  Dekute Decor - Garden Dining Table and Chairs

#42:  INC(RED)IBLE- MESH Modern Garden Chair

#52:  Luna Bliss Home and Garden - Green Tree Glade - Forest Nook

#44: NiNight Creations - Bench Spring

#48:  Old World - Forest Elf with Old Wood

#16:  PaPiLLoN Design - Spring Bench

#18:  Snips and Snails - Little Red Dog House

#9:  Tempura Decors - Japanese Long Chair - Garden

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