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I have so many awesome home items to show you today that I am breaking them into 2 posts.  This is so you have time to enjoy the pics and to race to the respective stores before reading the next one!  I am so excited to show you today's items that I forgot to change in between posts and went shopping in the attire I wore for some of these pics...you will see what I mean when you get to it!

The outfit I am wearing is from Leri Miles Designs.  The Smexy Mesh Shirt - Lime, and the Knit Leg Warmers - Lime are both new releases.  The hair is from Truth and is called Rory.

The first pics are of the stunning Harvest Moon Gazebo from Prism Furniture.  This is a perfect addition to your autumn garden and comes with great accessories which can be bought as part of the set or on their own.

Next up we have two hunt gifts available at Designer Prims.  At the landing point you will find a hunt board with a hints sign.  Click it, get the hints, find the gifts.  They are this awesome Funky Shelving unit with animations on the ladder (What Do You Sell Hunt), and this cool Falling Leaves Skybox (Falling Leaves Hunt).

And lastly I have these groovy floor cushions from {what next}.  Now I do apologise as they were out for Lazy Sunday, but they are too cool not to show, and I am sure you can still get them instore!

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