Having a Real L'aize Day

When Heavenly invited me over to check out this new set I was blown away.  It is a stunner that would look gorgeous in any beach home or modern apartment.  It comes in different textures to suit your taste, and has lovely poses for singles and some lovely cuddles for you and your significant other!

Heavenly has also done up her store, so make sure you go over and tell her how great it is looking!

L'aize Dayz - Coastal Set - White


I Heart ZombiePopcorn

I have loved ZombiePopcorn for a loooonng time in SL, and so I am loving that I can have access to ZP Brand items all the time at the store!  These items are all from this current round and are awesome...as usual!  Make sure you don't leave it too long to go and buy up large as they won't be there forever.

Pic 1:
Top:  [ bubble ] - Black Dots Ruffly Top - MESH
Pants:  Belote - Jeggins 03
Hair:  Wasabi Pills - Anais MESH Hair - Ash
Boots:  Duh! - Tattoo Love Boots
Pose:  Purple Pose - Alexia (used in all pics today)

Pic 2:
Dress:  Sweet Antidote - Kat Purple
Piercings:  .:ellabella:. - Galaxy

Pic 3:
Top: ~ Sassy!~ - Venus Top - Multidot
Hair:  Wasabi Pills - Anais MESH Hair - Gingerbread

Pic 4:
Dress:  *Tea Time* - Retro Sweater - MESH
Scooter:  !bang - Mini Scooter (with poses)

Pic 5:
Seat:  Dreamscapes Art Gallery - Storage Bench - White (Drawers open and close)


Back and Ready!

Been away, but now I am back and ready to go.  Been nice to have a break, recharge and come back with tons of energy.  I will say that I have returned to an inventory that needs a jolly good clean out, so that will be tomorrow's job.

However, I have these great items to show you before that!

Poses:  Focus Poses - Model Set 57 and Model Set 30
Background:  PNP - Simplicity (60L Weekend)

Pic 1:
Top:  JANE - Casey Halter - Pine (New Item)
Jeans:  JANE - Sweet 'n' Low Jeans Classic (New Item)
Hair:  Truth Hair - Jessie - Swedish (Subscriber Gift)

Pic 2:
Dress:  Quintessencia - Vick Leopard Dress - MESH (New Item)

Pic 3:
Dress:  VMC - Saffron MESH Dress - Cream (25L)

Pic 4:
Top:  [SAKIDE] - Tie-Back Top Black (New Item)
Jeans:  [SAKIDE] - EveryDay MESH Jeans - White (New Item)

Pic 5:
Dress:  [SAKIDE] - Sweater-Draped MESH Dress - White (New Item)


Normal Transmission Will Resume

I am off for a few days, but when I get back normal fashion blogging will kick back into gear.  I know I  have been slack this week, but the Home and Garden Expo kept me busy and out of fashion action.  Please go to Where the Heart Is to check out all the amazing items for your home and garden!


H&G Expo - Dreamseeker 11, 13 and 14

Yes, I can count, but I don't have any items for Dreamseeker 12, weirdly, so you will just have to make do with these great items from the other 3!  I am also proud to say that I have achieved my goal of getting everything blogged before I go away for a few days.

Dreamseeker 11:

buddhabeats - Koi Pond
Harry's Houses - Party Light Fiesta

Dreamseeker 13:  

[Park Place] - Chill Out Lounge

HomeKraft - Darla Treehouse, Gulf Breeze Deck Chairs and That Green Sofa Set (sold separately)

Dreamseeker 14:

1 - "Backyard" Dandelion Lights
2 - "Birth of Venus" Birdbath in Aqua Pearl (RFL Item)
3 - "Tropical Orchid"  Martini Stands - Purple Fade
4 - "Parkette" Dandelion Bottles - Set of 3
5 - "The Greenhouse" Meadow Potted Iris
6 - "GeoDome" Terrariums - Green Mix
7 - Calla Lilly Sculpture - Summer
8 - "The Greenhouse" Multi Stand - Ivory

Envision Prefabs - King of the Grill - Elite (...and I feel I so deserve a drink right about now!)


H&G Expo - Dreamseeker 8, 9 and 10!

I am loving this blogging.  Each folder I open is just so amazing and I am worrying about how much I will be keeping.  So much for my clean-out not so long ago.  That goes out the window.  The items are piling up!
I hope by now you have all been over to the Expo, and if you haven't then WHY THE HANG NOT?  There are bargains to be had and some of THE most amazing creations in SL PLUS you will be supporting RFL!

Dreamseeker 8:

[ba] - Catalina Cabana and Furniture Pack

Clutter - Windsor Desk with Chair (RFL Item)

Dreamseeker 9:

[Black Tulip] - Obscura Ballerina

Tether's End - Garden Summer House and Cuddle Hammock (sold separately)

Dreamseeker 10:

Katy's Kreations Sculpties - Berkeley Sideboard and Thomas Coffee Table (RFL Items - sold separately)


H&G Expo - Dreamseeker 6 and 7

I have joined these two sims as I only had one item to show you from Dreamseeker 6.  The rest are from Dreamseeker 7.

Some of my favourite designers on this sim and worth a wander about to poke about in all the stores.  Make sure if you bump into Heavenly or Mac you say 'hi' from me!

Lustre/Shoreman Designs -THiNGiES -
Fisherman's Lodge

L'aize Dayz -
Outdoor Stool (gift) and Al Fresco Set

Marmalade Jam - White Coat Rack (gift) and Sculpty Republic - Mesh Bench (SR is Dreamseeker 6)


H&G Expo - Focus on Dreamseeker 5

I am going away for a few days, so please excuse the obsessive blogging.  Make sure you check out all the posts for the last few days to ensure you don't miss any.  These items are just too good to miss.

I can't believe I am only up to Dreamseeker 5.  Feel like I have blogged SL!  But, I am on a mission and will not be thwarted.  Sleep is highly overrated anyway!

BagLady Design -
Granny's Garden Shed and Granny's Well

Cleo Design -
Hanging Pouch

FD Decor -
Mudroom Cabinet

Tranquility Way Station -
Brentwood Living Room Set


H&G Expo - Focus on Dreamseeker 4

I am truly in heaven.  I live for this as a blogger and today I have these uber gorgeous items for your viewing pleasure.  I also discovered a house that spun my wheels and had so much fun decorating it that I wanted to show everyone, but for some reason all my friends were offline or possibly hiding.  I am sure my neighbours will also want to kill me soon.  Must look like a construction site from their point of view.  Lucky for me they are awesome and let me blog all over the sim!

The items from this post are all from Dreamseeker 4.

Scarlet Creative - Absencen Prefab - Mesh Prefab
Decor from {what next}(lounge, entrance and bedroom), LISP Bazaar (reading nook) and art by Monroe Snook and MariaLousia Muircastle

Trompe Loeil -
Tropical Beachside Bed (Mesh)

Tropical Rope Hammock - White (Mesh) and Mesh Palm Trees

Tropical Scoop Bed - Blonde (Mesh)

Weather or Not -
The Moonflounder - Celestial Dreamfish
Wanderin' Whirlwind

The Domineaux Effect -
Frames, Decorative Lantern and Wheelbarrow Planter