Bit of Friday and a Sneak Peek

Sorry about lack of chat today.  On time limit with RL.  So, the first pics are about Fifty Linden Friday and the 3rd pic is a sneak peek from a store that is soon to open and is going to offer some lovely retro styles...but more on that later!

Background is from PNP and is called TwinHearts Cave in 60L Weekend.

Pic 1 and 2:
Sweater:  .tulip - Omen - Burgundy (50L Friday)
Shorts:  Miel - Fit Shorts (50L Friday)
Boots:  Miel - Troupe Shoes
Hair:  Ploom - Over - Blonde 07
Pose:  aDORKable Poses - Sidepony
Back Jewellery:  Finesmith - Safari Back Necklace

Pic 3:
Dress:  Avici - Summer Breeze Dress (New store opening soon!!)


Grungy PopTart

Today I got the new Group Gift from PopTart, so I thought I would grunge up a bit to show you.  I found some accessories from the ZombiePopcorn Carnival (still going til the 30th of June) that added to the outfit perfectly.  The League necklace is so cool 'cos you can add your own pics to it.  I had fun with that!

I have decided that my current shape (Anaise from Skin Within) wasn't quite grungy enough so I went with a shape from [glow] studio called Silvia which is why I look a bit different from usual.

May I make a suggestion to the pose makers out there?  I need some poses specifically made for blogging these types of pants!  Just sayin'.

Outfit:  {PopTart} - Leopard Crop Top and Corduroy Skinnys - Grey Swag (Group Gift)
Necklace:  *League* - Sideshow Necklace - Style 3 (ZP Carnival)
Piercings:  .:ellabella:. - Pull (ZP Carnival)
Other Accessories:  Ci Co - Carnival Jewelry Set - Spoiled Rotten (ZP Carnival)
Hair:  Arata Shouten Renewal - Opening Gift - Marmite (from ages ago)
Tattoo:  [trs] - Belly Quote (Past hunt gift)
Skin:  Sugar - Cry My Heart Out (Past hunt gift)
Shoes:  The Dressing Room - All Right Shoes - Autumn Black (Group Gift)
Background:  PNP - City (Past 60L item)
Poses:  aDORKable Poses - I used a mix of poses from different packs


We Like to Party!

Yes, Vengaboys, we do like to party!  We also like celebrations in SL and here is one not to miss.  If you love the Home and Garden Market Hunt (and, who didn't?), then you will love the Home and Garden Summer Ball!  There will be live music, DJs and pressies!  I also happen to know one of the DJs very personally (ok, it is me), so come along and party!  Need I say more!

Ok, I won't, but below the invite is the blurb from the official notecard!  The LM is in the blurb.

"We are delighted to invite you to the Home and Garden Summer Ball to help us celebrate summer and our one year anniversary.

We wish to take the time to celebrate the past year of fun and events we have had, the designers who have joined our group and the many people in SL who have contributed to the success of the market - yourself included.

When:   Friday 29 June - last day of the Summer Fair

Time:  1pm  - 5 pm SLT

Where:   On Triskelion Shores sim

Dress:   Semi formal - formal  please

We are delighted to have the brand new First Street Jazz Club host the ball for us.   These guys are great hosts.   They will be organising some wonderful live musicians and singers to perform for us.  I've heard the performers they have and they are great.  They will be singing a range of songs from 60's to today.

If you need something to wear for the ball First Street Jazz also has a range of lovely stores with formal wear for men and women with some of the best SL designers."


Energy to Burn

Just finished a fun set DJing at The Velvet and now have to race home to get some pics done so I can go eat lunch!  I am feeling very energetic today for some unknown reason.

Today I bring to you some more furniture from Prism, tops and skirts from {PopTart}, a jacket from Leri Miles, a new pose set from Focus Poses, a hunt at FD Decor and some great grasses from New Trails.  Interesting combo!

Pic 1:
Furniture:  Prism Furniture - Dreamy Nights Lounger, Chair and Sidetable (Chair is gift in Midsummer Night Dreams Hunt)
Grasses:  New Trails - Valleygrasses and Firegrass
Tree:  New Trails - Mediterranean Tree

Pic 2:
Top:  {PopTart} - Dot Mesh Tube Top Long - Black (New Item)
Skirt:  {PopTart} - Distressed Ripped Denim Skirt - Mesh (New Item)
Pose:  Focus Poses - Model 77-4 (New Pack)

Pic 3:
Jacket:  Leri Miles Designs - Jolie Mesh Blazer - Teal (75L for Grenade Free Wednesday)
Skirt:  {PopTart} - Hot Pink Denim Skirt (New Item)
Pose:  Focus Poses - Model 77-2 (New Pack)

These next pics are from the FD Decor Hunt.  There are ten boxes to be found in store and they are great gifts!

Pic 4:
Ana Chair (Gift 5), Side Table Lamp (Gift 2), Country Side Table (Gift 10), Branch Wall Deco (Gift 8), Kristalis Manor Topiary (Gift 4)

Pic 5:
Calla Sconce Left and Right (Gift 1), Photo Frames - Gold and Plaid (Gift 6), Mudroom Cabinet (Gift 9)

Pic 6 and 7:
Eco Office (Gift 7), Bunny Bookends (Gift 3)



Where Have You Been?

I have this Rihanna song in my head as I post these items from Prism Furniture.  Where have they been all my SL?  I found them when I was doing the Home and Garden Market Hunt and now I am delighted to show you some of their other items.  This furniture is delicious!

Blue Robin Rocker and Side Table:

Dashwood Desk Set:

Raspberry Swirl Bedroom Set:

Spring Garden Set:


Feeling All Purty!

I have some pretty items to show you today.  Two are brand new items and the rest are ZombiePopcorn Brand items...which are also new.  Ok, so everything is new.

Pic 1:
Dress:  Leri Miles Designs - Bailey MESH Dress - Sky (New Item)
Hair:  ChiChickie - Piper (New Item)

Pic 2:
Dress:  :pesca: - Tank One Piece - Flower - Beige (ZombiePopcorn Brand)
Hair Accessory and Earrings:  ::Ci Co:: - Calia Bow and Earrings (ZP Brand)
Braces:  [SOAP] - Dentures - Braces (ZP Brand)
Hair:  ChiChickie - Piper II (New Item)

Pic 3:
Shirt:  {K}Rea - Blue Sleeveless (ZP Brand)
Makeup:  Pin Me Down - Whites (ZP Brand)


52 Weeks of Colour Challenge - Rust AGAIN

So here is my Rust pic which came to me as an idea at about 5.30am this morning.  I stole the idea from a wonderful piece of art I have hanging in my house by MariaLouisa Muircastle titled 'Can You Picture That?'. Hers is 50 million times better than mine, but the concept is of the back shot of a woman framing the moon.  I also decided that rather than showing two pics, I could combine them.  I knew I wanted to show the back of the jacket, remembered the poses from aDORKable and 'voila'.  Ok, it wasn't quite as simple as 'voila', but I am pleased with the result.

I am calling this...

Picture the Rust

Fairy Pic:
Outfit:  *Evie's Closet* - Apple Fairy
Hair:  ChiChickie - Piper
Skin:  Ploom - Lea - Honey
Ears:  Gauged - Elf Ears
Pose:  Focus Poses - Fairy
Sim:  Elf Forest

Jacket:  Miel - Varsity Jacket
Pants:  RAW Static - Street Style
Hair:  ChiChickie - Piper
Skin:  Ploom - Lea - Honey
Pose and Frame:  aDORKable Poses - Framed


52 Weeks of Colour Challenge - Unmellow Yellow EDITED

I have edited this post.  This is mainly cos I was not happy with the rust pics.  Yes, I know that is being a bit fussy, but I just kept looking at them and in the end I just deleted them.  I will redo them, but in the meantime here is Unmellow Yellow from last week.  Keep an eye out for rust soon...

Very Mellow Yellow

Unmellow Yellow:
Top:  Leri Miles Designs - Nell Mesh Shirt - Butter
Pants:  Leri Miles Designs - Astral Capris Candy
Hair:  ChiChickie - Piper
Shoes:  HOC Apparel - Lowtops
Bed:  La'Licious - Butter Creme Bed
House:  Designer Prims - The Shed


Beach and a Tree

Today's items are from Spruce Up Your Space, except for one that is from a hunt, but it fitted with my beach theme so it snuck in!

I love this beachy set from Cleo Designs.  It is just perfect for your beach-front setting and the sandcastle with poses is the icing on the summer cake! get all of this for only 150L in SUYS.  BARGAIN!

The Lifeguard Bench and accessories is from Lustre Designs @ Thingies and is a gift in the Summer Breeze Hunt.  Great poses in it too!

And lastly this gorgeous tree is a must-have from New Trails.  I love the mossy rocks at the bottom and the lights in the tree.  It is in proud position in my garden! It is only 100L in SUYS which finishes today so get a move on!


Home and Garden Market Hunt

If you are a home and furniture collector like I am then you will DIE when you see what is on offer in the Home and Garden Market Hunt.  I love the way they have organised the gifts in this hunt so that at the end you literally have a house and all the furniture to go with! Brilliant!

The hunt and other festivities goes for a week, so don't dawdle on this one.  All the events and hunt hints are HERE! and the central TP point to all the stores is HERE!

Oh, just so you know...the Exquisite Eye Decorations gift can be found at the Marmalade Jam store. Easy.

Pic 1 and 2:
House:  *Shabby Tabby* - Lil Summer Cottage

Pic 3:
Fan:  %Percent - Leafy Ceiling Fan - Short

Pic 4:
Couch:  Beach Street - Summer Sofa
Table:  Prism Furniture - Shabby Chic Coffee Table
Candles:  Marmalade Jam - Candle Bowl Green - Large
Rug:  Thingies - Starfishies

Pic 5:
Chair and Table:  Dreamscapes Art Gallery - *Summer Cottage* Chair and Table
Art:  Beach Street - Summer Photo Frame

Pic 6:
All Items:  Prism Furniture - Country Garden

Pic 7:
Cage and Cat:  [THISnTHAT] - Birdcage

Pic 8:
Sign:  Marmalade Jam - Home Sweet Home
Trunk:  Sway's - Trunk with Blanket and Pillows (Quilt)
Stand:  Marmalade Jam - Rainy Days Coat Stand

Pic 9:
Set:  L'aize Dayz - Dresser Set (Wall Hanging not in hunt, but is new LD item)

Pic 10:
Bed and Dresser:  STORAXTREE - Winchester Bed and Nightstand
Lamp:  Prism Furniture - Watering Can Lamp
Art:  Thingies - "Cats waiting on the Pier"
Rug:  Thingies - Modern Blue Wave Rug
Candles:  Marmalade Jam - Candle Bowl Green - Large

Pic 11:
Chairs:   Exquisite Eye Decorations - Beach Loungers
Hutch:  Senzafine - "Sencha" Corner Hutch
Lamp:  Prism Furniture - Watering Can Lamp