H&G Winter Fair Hunt

The Home and Garden Market peeps have a fantastic wintery hunt to get ya primed for the Holiday Season.  Today I am going to give you a wee sample of some of the F-A-B items you can find about the sim.

The hunt kickstarts on the 1st of December so I am not giving you any LM's today, but will throw it on THIS post when the hunt is underway, so check back then!

Spargel & Shine Homes - Winter Vignette

Lumiere - Conversation Chair II

L'aize Dayz - Winter Afternoon Tray

Lustre Designs - Building a Snowman

Pixel Creations - Advent Tray - Little Snowman

Kaerri - Hunt Ground Lamp and Hunt Lamp

Dreamscapes Art Gallery - Winter Tree and Birdhouse

%Percent - Winter Bed


The Weather Outside is Frightening

But in SL it is just right!  I am lying of course.  As I type this the weather outside is balmy 22°C (72°F) and it is a lovely day.  I am actually sitting under the air con, so is pleasant.  Roll on summer.

But for those of you who are looking out at grey skies, rain or snow then here is a post to cheer you up and let you enjoy the SL days.

All items are from Acid Lily unless otherwise stated.  Background is from KaTink.

Hair:  LoQ Hair - Zima (The Dressing Room Blue)
Coat:  [dirty.little.secret] - Stars Ladies Trench
Shoes:  [Decoy] - Lea Pumps (I got them in FLF)

Vest:  even.flow - Enviro Vest - Ocean
Scarf:  even.flow - Essential Scarf - Blue (1L at AL)
Shoes:  {MV} - Cleaver Heels - Noir

Dress:  Kaithleen's - Neck Halter Silk Dress - RedBerry
Shoes:  {MV} - Cleaver Heels - Candy Apple
Pose:  {Co*Motion} - Steamed Up

Scrubs:  Leri Miles Designs - Holiday Scrubs Mesh - Snowman Ice

Outfit:  LoveCats - Entice (Non-Mesh)


Walk Like a Man

I dragged Riley back to show off some men's items today.  He was resistant, but I threatened him with violence and he seemed keener after that.  Weird.

Anyway, he has some great items for the boys so it all worked out in the end.  Also, he made me promise that I could ask where he could get a new shape from that wouldn't cost him a kidney.  Thought this was a great opportunity for some feedback from you guys to help him out.  Be a nice way to show our appreciation of his commitment to modelling for me every now and then, so get those comments in!

Shirt/Tie:  Leri Miles Designs - Max Mesh Shirt - Mocha (New Release)
Pants:  Leri Miles Designs - Max Mesh Slacks - Mocha (New Release)
Hat:  Paris Metro - Fedora Hat
Skin:  NIVARO - Brando 'Berserker' Skin (The Mens Dept)
Pose:  Amacci - Male Stands (in all pics)

Sweater:  Leri Miles Designs - Kent Mesh Sweater - Hunter (New Release)

Polo:  Leri Miles Designs - Alex Mesh Polo - Skies (New Release)

Vest:  CheerNo - Vest - Coquel - Light Brown (The Dressing Room)
Long-Sleeve:  RoTtEn DeFiAnCe - Guiness Long-Sleeve - White (Group Gift)

Sweater:  Gemini - Sweater - Light (Fi*Friday)

Top:  22769 - Oversize Shirt - Desert (Around the World - Africa)
Pants:  22769 - Slimcut Leather Jeans - Brown (Around the World - Africa)


Walking in a Winter Wonderland

I may have mentioned but my lovely neighbours have wintered up our sim, so I joined in and am loving the winter wonderland.  It is especially nice when in RL the temperatures are soaring and summer is almost upon us.  I come into SL and feel slightly cooler.  It also means I can pretend that I am experiencing a wintery, snowy Christmas.  BONUS!

I will say that I do like our summer Christmas though.  We eat summery foods and I am already scoffing loads of strawberries.  And, on Christmas day, we will probably hit the beach or go swimming before tucking into a barbecue dinner.  Perfect.

In the meantime, I have some lovely items for you enjoyment.

Jacket:  [SAKIDE] - Cozy Coats - Black (Around the World)
Skin:  Belleza - Wynter Skin (50L Friday)

Dress:  Pure Poison - Emerald Inspiration Tube Dress (60L in Sale)

Top:  Somnia - Crooked Arrow Tee - White (Zodiac)
Tights:  [UMEBOSHI] - Pabu Tights (The Gallery Gift Shop)
Skates:  Pure Poison - Mesh Ice Skates (60L in Sale)

Gown:  World's End Garden - Eleonora (The Gallery Gift Shop)

Jacket:  even.flow - SLU Varsity Jacket - Black (Acid Lily)


It's Friday and It's Furniture

I will say, though, that 'furniture' does not quite encompass what I have to show you today.  I don't think I could pick one noun that would.  I have so much and they are all so varied and wonderful in their own right!

I was absolutely spoiled today because I was about to take the pics when the lovely Tess from Spargel & Shine Homes gave me this fabulous Winter Sky Platform to show, so I decided that it would be the perfect backdrop for all of today's bits and pieces.  To quote Hannibal Smith, "I love it when a plan comes together".

Right, lets dive into it then!

Sky Platform:  Spargel and Shine Homes - Winter (New Release - Measuring approx. 128 x 100 square meters, it can fit your small or medium sized home)
Bench:  L'aize Dayz - Winter Bench 2012 - Black (New Release)

Chest:  L'aize Dayz - Mesh Blanket Box (New Release)

Trees:  Garden of Dreams - Chill Grove Tree Set Mesh (New Release and heaps more than shown here)

Airship:  Garden of Dreams - The Airship V1.0 (100L @ Christmas Market Area)

Chair:  Spargel & Shine Homes - Urban Chic Loveseat (New Release)

Signs:  {what next} - Looking for a Sign (Arcade Gacha Dec 1st Opening - 25L - More signs than shown here)
Lights:  {what next} - Amalfi 'Holiday' String Lights (Lazy Sunday)


Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving, American friends!  I hope, as you are reading this, that you are not suffering too much from overindulgence in turkey, candied yams, pumpkin pie and pecan pie.  Those are the things I would have overeaten if I was from your part of the world. 

I did try to get adopted by an American family for the day, but no one seemed keen.  Strange that...

It is a great day for all of us to be thankful.  I am thankful for so many things and today I am going to show you some of the SL items I am thankful for.  

My friend, Anne, told me today that the answer to overindulgence and grumpiness is 'shopping'.  In fact she said that '42' is not the answer, 'shopping' is.  In SL, I think she is right!

Background is called Countryside and is from KaTink.

Coat:  {MoYaz} - Daisy Mesh Duffle Vest - Grey (Acid Lily)
Romper:  {MoYaz} - Mesh Romper - Evita (Acid Lily)
Hair:  Amacci - Ayana - Coffee (New Release)

Corset:  {MV} - J.U.B.S. Corset (Acid Lily)
Jeans:  Leri Miles Designs - Night Club Mesh Jeans - Rouge (Acid Lily)
Jewellery:  Phoebe - Laia Earrings and Necklace (Acid Lily)

Outfit:  22769 - Lynette Outfit (The Gallery Gift Shop)

Dress:  [SAKIDE] - Fashion Skull Dress (Unhinged)
Socks:  [SAKIDE] - Far North Slippers and Socks (Around the World)

Dress:  Glam Affair - Perla Sweater - Marocco (Collabor88)
Ring:  U&R Dogs - Mother Goose Watch Ring (The Fair)


Furniture Sale

Prism Furniture has a sale on for you, so make sure you run over and check it out.  Loads of goodies to be had at these fab prices.  At least 25 - 50% off everything in store!


MadPea - Enchanted Frost Hunt

One of my all-time favourite hunts in SL are the ones brought to us by MadPea.  The latest one is called the Enchanted Frost Hunt and it is a doozy.  All you need to do is go HERE and pay 10L for a hud and you are good to go.

This is not an easy peasy hunt, but it is fun. I like working out the clues and it is a good way to meet some new people.

Anyway, here are some of the items from this hunt.

Arch:  Trident - Frozen Mistletoe Arch

Globe:  Les Sucreries de Fairy - Enchanted Frost Hunt Gift 1 and 2
Harp:  Roawenwood - Enid's White Crystalline Harp Set

House:  Machinima Open Studio Project - Victorian Cottage

Antlers:  Boudoir - Faun Antlers
Bike:  The Looking Glass - Flying Penny-Farthing Bicycle


Around the World

I have some more goodies to show you from the Around the World event.  In fact I have so much to blog that you may get more than this one today.  Has been like a snowfall of things to show.  Anyway, watch this space on that...

In the meantime I am showing you some items from Around the World.

Dress:  Sassy! - Anastasia Dress (Asia Major)
Pose:  *HopScotch* - Matryoshka - Standing (Asia Major)

Poncho and Hat - Orquidea - Fur Poncho and Hat (Asia Major)
pose:  *HopScotch* - Kalinka (Asia Major)

Dress:  1 Hundred - Detroit Dress - Red (North America)
Pose:  Purple Poses - Kate (Western Europe)
Hair:  *Alice Project* - Yoona (Asia Minor)
Eyes:  Amacci - Look Eyes - Shock Blue (Asia Minor)

Outfit and Boots:  [SAKIDE] - Fur Overall Outfit (North America)
Hair:  *Alice Project* - Tiffani (Asia Minor)
Pose:  Purple Poses - Keira (Western Europe)

Outfit and Boots:  [SAKIDE] - Tanned Skin Outfit - Brown (North America)
Pose:  *HopScotch* - Kalinka (Asia Major)
Hair:  *Alice Project* - Taeyeon (Asia Minor)


Hey Hey It's Saturday

Love the weekend on SL (as I may have mentioned once or twice before) because there is always sooo much on.  This weekend you need to check out SUYS, The Fair @ The Nest and Around the World.  On Sunday make sure you grab the Lazy Sunday list and get some shopping done.

Today I have a few bits and pieces to show before I get back into the goodies from Around the World.  The Winter Iced-Over Pond in the background of my photos today is now updated in mesh and if you have the older version you can go and update it to mesh for FREE!  Also if you are a VIP {what next} member you can buy the new mesh version for 50% off.  WOW!

Dress:  even.flow - Bookworm Dress - The Raven (Acid Lily)
Boots:  {MV} - Deadly Velvet - Prussian (Acid Lily)
Hair:  ChiChickie - Iris - Mahogany (New Release)
Pose:  aDORKable Poses - Shoestrings (150L for Pack in Sale)

Lingerie:  even.flow - Stripes Lingerie Set (Acid Lily
Boots:  {MV} - Ditta Boots - Dotty (Acid Lily)

Sweater:  Leri Miles Designs - Erin Mesh Sweater - Sky (Acid Lily)
Pants:  [SAKIDE] - Slim Corduroy Pants - White (Recent Release)
Bag:  [SAKIDE] - Stylish Bag - Quilted (Tomorrow/Today Event)

Tray:  {what next} - Chocolatier Drinks Tray (50L for FLF and still out at that price NOW)

Blinds:  LISP Bazaar - Mesh Blinds - Teak and White (50L for FLF and still out at that price NOW)