Happy New Year

New Zealand (or as I like to call it, Aryaland) has the wonderful distinction of being the first country in the world to see in the New Year.  In fact, 2013 is but a mere 2 hours away as I type this, which tells you one of two things:

1.  I am dedicated in bringing you this post on New Year's Eve


2.  I have no first life and am sitting at home.

Sadly, it is number 2.  I wish I was out, but I am not due to some things outside my control. Dang it.

Anyway, it means I can get this post out and ready for you to peruse on your New Year's Eve.  By the time you read this it will be 2013 for me and 2012 will be sooo yesterday!

Happy New Year, my wonderful readers, friends and designers.  May 2013 be full of laughter, peace and fun!

Skin:  Adam and Eve - Laina Desaturated (0L)
Hair:  EMO-tions - Christmas Angel - Snow (Group Gift)
Mask:  Star Kindler - Scrollwork Blue Silver Mask (Past Hunt Item)
Wings and Jewellery:  Finesmith Designs - Papiyon Silver (New Release)
Pose: Glitterati Poses - Martini


Fancy Schmancy

I have some fancy new items for your decorating enjoyment.  These lovely pieces come to you from two of my favourite stores:  {what next} and L'aize Dayz.

They seemed perfect for a new year house redecorate, so I thought I would show you them today so you can be ready for 2013!

{what next} - Suitcase Drawers - Vintage, Resolution Prints (VIP Group Gift), 2013 Mantle Decor, Laurel Fireplace

L'aize Dayz - Winter Tree Tapestry, Winter Bench Shelf, Winter Decorative Branch (New Releases)


Almost New Year

Not too many days until 2013 is upon us.  I wonder what it will bring?  I don't know, but I am always hopeful for good things.  I guess I just wish we just treated each other with love and respect. I have lofty goals and hope...

In the meantime there are a few shopping days left til we enter the new year, so I will show you some great stuff to be had.  I also have a new writing goal.  I am going to try not to use the words 'awesome' and 'amazing'.  Time for some new superlatives.

The hair today is Frankie from Truth and the background is from KaTink.

Dress:  Spearsong - Green Blue Flap Front Mesh Retro Dress (Acid Lily)

Dress:  - siss boom- - Afternoon Dress - Periwinkle (New Release)

Lingerie:  {W&R} - Sweet Lingerie - Nini (Frost)

Dress:  MoYaz - Emily Mesh Dress - Ringed Collection - White Turquoise (Acid Lily)
Boots:  MoYaz - London Mesh Boot - Teal Blue (Acid Lily)

Outfit:  Bitch Tail - Troll Patrol (Acid Lily - Non-Mesh)


Merry Christmas

I just wanted to pause a moment and say...

Merry Christmas!

I hope your day is or was as enjoyable as mine.  It was a relaxed day shared with family and friends.  If you are alone this Christmas, then know I am thinking of you and hoping that somewhere in your day you come across someone who will share some friendship and joy with you.

Lots of Love,


'Twas the Night Before Christmas

And in my house all is quiet.  I am waiting for Santa to arrive. He has to leave early to get the presents to us before he heads off to the rest of the world.  For me, Christmas Day is an hour away.  I am very excited.  I may not get to sleep.

While I wait for Santa to arrive I may as well fill my time by showing you some Christmas goodies!

The background is from KaTink and is Silent Winter 2.  Hair is from Exile and is called Waiting for Tonight. How apt!  You will find it at My Attic @ The Deck. The little Gothmas tree is a subscriber gift from {MV} and is called 'Why, Charlie?'. The snowman is from Garden of Dreams.

Beanie:  Kal Rau - Mesh Beanie (Group Gift)
Jacket:  Baiastice - Vintage Jacket and Winter Scarf (Group Gift)
Jeans:  Mirror's Enigma - Megumi Mesh Skinny Jeans - Grey (Frost Fair)

Outfit:  SeVered GarDeN - Cindy (Subscriber Gift)

Dress and Hat:  [SAKIDE] - Christmas Eve Gown - Red  (Gothmas by Gaslight)

Dress:  e! - Glimmer Dress (Christmas Gift In Store)
Boots:  [SAKIDE] - Appeal Boots Snow - Red (New Release)

Dress:  22769 - Sweater Dress (Dec 24th Advent Gift)
Antlers:  [SAKIDE] - Long Gothmas Antlers - Silver (Gothmas by Gaslight)


Is Jack About?

For some of you the weather is more than just frosty.  I hear some of you already have some snow.  How exciting.  I hope you are warm and cosy inside enjoying a hot chocolate or two.

For us here in the VERY deep South, it is far from frosty.  It is hot.  You know, the kind of hot where you lay about too lazy to do anything.  Still, I have managed to run between air conditioned shops to get my Christmas shopping done!

Jack Frost is probably about at FROST though.  If he is sensible he is over there doing his Christmas shopping while he puts ice on the windows.  If you are sensible, you will do the same.  Not the ice bit, but definitely the shopping!

The GORGEOUS background today is from KaTink and is from a new release pack called Silent Winter.  The hair is from Ploom at My Attic @ The Deck.

Skin:  SUGAR - [1] - LB - Lush {Cleav-2} Teeth - Crease
Dress:  {dollle*} - 024 U-Neck Sweater Dress - Grey
Scarf:  (flaunt) - Snuggle Scarf - Lace

Sweater:  {dollle*} - 031 Cropped Turtleneck Sweater - Brown
Skirt: KIM - Blow Mesh Skirt - Brown

Dress:  [KAMOURASKA] - Nicolet Silk Dress - Sapphire Pattern
Boots:  Le Primitif - Quad Boots - Navy

Outfit and Boots:  Yasum - Mesh Snapper Dress - Tartan (Sweater, Ankle Stomps and Dress)

Jacket:  [Mirror's Enigma] - Megumi Mesh Jacket - Chocolate
Jeans:  [Mirror's Enigma] - Megumi White Mesh Skinny Jeans
Boots:  Yasum - Ankle Stomps


Thanks, Acid Lily!

Another week at Acid Lily and more delights for your wardrobe.  Some great self-gifts for the holidays!  Perfect.  

I did the pics in the Garden of Dreams Snowy Cabin Dreamscene.  It is a stunner and a perfect snowy area to live in or just for pics!

The hair I am wearing today is from Ploom and is called Mosch.  You will find it for 95L at My Attic @ The Deck.

All the poses today are from {Co*Motion} at Acid Lily.  They are either from the Briar Rose or the Once Upon a Time, Waiting for Prince Charming Sets.

Dress:  CandyMetal - Atrium Goth Mesh Dress - Blue

Dress:  dirty.little.secret - AL Stars Boho Dress

Dress:  Fiend - Desire 2Tone Mini Dress - Blue (incl Lola Tango Applier)
Boots:  {MV} - Buckle in Onyx

Dress:  Kaithleen's - Romantic Tunic Rosey

Cardigan: Spearsong - Plaid Open Cardigan
Top: 1Hundred - Surrender Top - Wine
Skirt: even.flow - Basic Skirt - Cream


Not the End of The World As We Know It

I am putting the Mayan apocalyptic experience up on the shelf next to my Y2K mug and my photo of the guy here who keeps 'predicting' earthquakes.

I am summing up the 21st of December as "Quite hot".

Perhaps I am being too premature as you all head into the 21st where you are, but I am quietly confident.  I would say though that it would be nice to think that this does herald in a new era where people are actually nice to each other, less selfish and where we treat the people around us with respect and kindness.  That would be awesome.

I am handing you a challenge.  Today I want you to commit a random act of kindness and let's see if we can herald in a new era.  Baby steps.

That aside, I do have some fashion for you.  It is not apocalyptic, but it is HOT!

Background is from KaTink and is from LeRoy Pack 1

Hair:  Exile - Waiting for Tonight - Chardonnay (95L My Attic @ The Deck)
Outfit:  Somnia - Knit Mess Outfit (My Second Box)

Bodysuit:  -siss boom-  - Bodysuit - Holly (New Release - Lola Applier Inc)

Gown: PurpleMoon Creations - Winter Queen in Ice (Group Gift)

Gown: Miamai - HappyHolidays2012 (Group Gift)

Outfit:  {PopTart} - Kassie (Group Gift)


Few Beers with the Boys

I got this awesome pose prop from KaTink  called Sports Bar and I immediately thought of Riley since it was all manly and sporty.  It can hold you and a few mates or, like here with Riley, just you on your own looking awesome!

Mixture if items today, but mostly from FROST.

Shape:  BlondeQueen - Gabriel Shape (99L for Grenade Free Wednesday)
Skin:  Nivaro - Brando Berserker Skin
Sweater:  Kracker - Frost Sweater (FROST)
Hair:  Dura - Boys&Girls 36
Eyes:  Poetic Colors - Christmas Pearls (Gift)

Jacket with Shirt:  Kracker - Frost Jacket with or without Shirt (FROST)

Outfit:  {PopTart} - Yano Full Outfit (Group Gift)
Pose:  Focus Poses - Male 11

Sweater and Scarf:  [SAKIDE] - First Frost Outfit (With Love Hunt)
Poses:  Focus Poses - Set 19

Jacket:  Razorblade Jacket - Freshman Jacket (FROST)
Pose:  Focus Poses - Set 19


There is F R O S T Everywhere

Well, when I say everywhere, I mean at the F R O S T venue!  And although the name suggests cold, the items you will find there are HOT!  But you will look very COOL in them.  "How cool?" I hear you ask. "ICE COLD!"

Ok, enough of that and on with the fashion!

NOTE:  I downloaded new update before doing these pics and then when I went to edit them I noticed they all looked thin and not like they should even though my settings were the same.  I apologise to the designers and readers for this and will point the finger of blame elsewhere...

Skin:  [Chloe] - Luana
Top:  *Luckie* Sweater Netted Top - Blue
Hat:  .:*LOULOU&CO*:. - Cap - HooHoo - Blue
Jeans:  Reila - Skinny Jeans - Light Blue
Boots:  Le Primitif - Quad Boots - Navy
Coat:  REMY Reminisce - Granny Coat - Blue

Hat:  {dollle*} - Cat Ears Kitted Cap - Black
Sweater:  +REDRUM+ - Letter Sweater
Jeans:   Reila - Skinny Jeans - Blue
Boots:  AngelRED - Exclusive FROST Mesh Boots

Skin:  [Chloe] - Carol
Top:  [ American Bazaar ] - Any Top - Grey
Pants:  [ American Bazaar ] - Puffy Pants - Blue/Grey

Hat:  *Birth* - Scount Hat
Mask:  A&Y Lumen - Cyber Mask
Jacket, Top, Pants, Socks and Boots:  Kennedy's - Mesh Military Jacket, Cargo Pants, Black Tank and Tube Socks, and Combat Boots White

Top:  =Krautuve= - "I <3 cropped="cropped" p="p" shirt="shirt" sleep="sleep" tee="tee">
Skirt:  PurpleMoon Creations - Faye Maxi Skirt in Pinks


Christmas at The Gallery Gift Shop

Christmas has indeed arrived at The Gallery Gift Shop and the store is all decked out with lovely items for you to buy for yourself!  Perfect plan.

There are also some lovely Christmassy areas if you want to take a few snaps while you are there.  I was inspired to do just that.

There are loads of gorgeous items so make this a MUST stop on your shopping tour.

Dress:  22769 - Lucretia Dress - Black
Grasses:  KIDD Creations - 50 Snowy Meadow + 50 Winter Items

Picture:  Chiana Oh - Remembering Narnia
Dolls:  NuDoLu Voyage - Matriochka Noel - Sugar Plum Fairy and Nutcracker

Chiana Oh - Winter Couch, Winter's Hazy Shade and Winter Bird House


Furniture Friday - The Journey Ends - Part 3

I know it is not Friday, but I did promise a trilogy, so here it is.  Today is the last of the HUGE pile of items I had to show you before the next onslaught begins this weekend.

I would also like to point out that, for me, there is only 8 sleeps to go til Christmas Day and I am getting a teensy bit excited now.  The weather is HAWT and I am looking forward to enjoying a barbecue brunch with a nice drop of bubbly.

By some miracle I have actually done all my Christmas shopping early this year, so I am feeling unseasonably relaxed.  I can just kick back, show you some great SL furniture and enjoy the week ahead.

Persnickity - Shabby Chic Vanity with Stool (New Release)

%Percent - Bound Spring Cabinet 2 and 4 Drawer, and Coffee Table (Together for Sway Event)

[Pixel Creations] - Home for Christmas Set Special Edition (Right) and Winter Edition (Left) (Special Edition is Group Gift and Winter Edition is New Release)

LISP Bazaar - Paint Me a Picture Set (Collabor88)

L'aize Dayz - Snowman (Gift)

True North Designs - Tiger Plop (KittyCatS Advent Calendar - also outfit from ZanzE - not boots)