It's Curtains


Yes, it is.  It is the new pose prop from Glitterati Poses and I am loving it.  Went and bought it today and am enjoying playing around with it.  The curtains are colour-change and the poses are fab and adjustable too, so it doesn't matter if you are a bit shorter or taller.

I thought these poses would be great with the new round from Acid Lily and the lovely new skin called Persefone Cool Red that I got from YS&YS at The Dressing Room Fusion for a ridiculously cheap price.  The lovely eyes come with the skin and are called EyeReal Frozen. You can even grab the extra bit (at a minimal price) to make the skin work with your Lolas Tangos if you have them.

Hair is from Ploom and is called Mosch.

Outfit:  Bitch Tail - Over Reaction
Shoes:  even.flow - Spiked Sneakers - Ruby Red

Dress:  [FIEND] - Luscious Minidress

Top: CandyMetal - Nautic Tube Mesh - Sailor Blue
Jeans:  {MV} - Execution Denim

Dress:  Kaithleen's - Princess Dress - Black and White

Dress:  Leri Miles Designs - Gidget Mesh Dress - Lime

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  1. Love the post, I'm so glad you liked the prop!

  2. I loved the prop, Katey! Thanks for making it!