Blog Break

Just letting you know I am away for a few days so but I am returning!  Be back on Saturday, so keep an eye out for a post then.  I have tons more to show, but sadly no time right now!  Have an awesome weekend with lots of sales, hunts and bargains.  See you when I get back!



Acid and Art

Today I have a mixture of items from the new round at Acid Lily and this month's round at The Gallery Gift Shop.  There are some great items at both places for you to enjoy and I will show a few more tomorrow cos I ran out of time today.

My hair is from Amacci.

Top and Skirt:  {la fille casse} - Rendevous Dress - Blush (AL)
Glasses:  [UMEBOSHI] - Spring Black Specs (TGGS)
Pose:  {Co*Motion} - Glamzon - Vogue (AL)
Background Art:  LND - Steps 1-3 (TGGS)

Coat and Boots:  [[>Cake<]] - Leopard Coat Brown and Envy Boots - Black/Beige (AL - Sold Sep)

Dress:  Bitch Tail - Red (AL)

Top:  {MoYaz} - Mesh Shirt Fun Print Collection - Monster (AL)
Jeans:  even.flow - Camo Jeans - Woodland  (AL)

Pyjamas:  Leri Miles Designs - Love me PJ's - Blues (AL)


Dinner Party, Anyone?

Was over at L'aize Dayz the other day and saw these awesome mix and match tables, chairs and place settings.  Fabulous idea really.  You buy your table and then whatever place-settings and chairs you want to go with.  You have three tables to choose from and a hole heap of different wood or white chairs and matching place-settings.

All are at great prices and makes shopping for a new dining room set fun and simple. I decided to grab a mix of chairs and place-settings to show you.


Under 10L

As promised I am bringing you this Under 10L post.  It is to show you that you can get some great items for under 10L.  Today I have clothes, hair and shoes.  They are from subscribers, lucky chairs and hunts.

Next time I will try and bring you some skins too.  I was going to try to this week, but I ran out of time, so I apologise for that.  (NOTE:  I will say though that the skin I am wearing I bought for 70L at The Dressing Room ages ago and I love it.  It is from YS&YS.)

Hair:  Truth Hair - Happy 2013 - Surf (Subscriber Gift - Check out history)
Dress:  ::Hucci:: - Carora Dress (Subscriber Gift)

Dress:  Sweet Intoxication - Molly Mesh Dress - Black/White (Upcoming Jack or Jill Hunt Preview*)

Dress:  ::Hucci:: - Eilat Dress (Subscriber Gift)

Outfit:  May's Soul - Mahue (Lucky Board)

Outfit:  {alterego} - Jill (Upcoming Jack or Jill Hunt Preview)
Shoes:  Duh! - Classic Leather Pump - Ruby (Upcoming Jack or Jill Hunt Preview)

Today's Total Cost = 0L (not including skin which I explained)

Depraved Nation - Jack or Jill Hunt 2.0 starts February 1st.


Fab4 Swings Around

It is Fab4 time again at the Home & Garden Market and this means you can get these items for only 40L each and only for 4 days!  It starts today (Friday) so make sure you skip over to grab some goodies before they are gone and back to normal prices!

Creations Kitchen - Valentines Table Set

 Wall Rack:  Dreamscapes Art Gallery - Plate Rack
Mixer:  PrimTique - Electric Mixer (rest of items are from PrimTique also, but not in Fab4)

 ~ Inspired ~ - Whimsey Tea Set

 L'aize Dayz - Rustic Al Fresco Set

Laura's Garden - Mesh Sofa 

 Lumiere - Flower Chairs and Leaf Chair with Ottoman

 *Shabby Tabby* - Cupid's Dartboard
 Spargel & Shine Homes - Painted Commode Vignette Pink


Retreating to the Shack

I hope by now you have all done the Cold Winter Nights Hunt.  If you haven't there is still plenty of time, and I have a few more items to show you today to get you out there and enjoying the hunt.  The main focus of today's post is about the Grump Old Men Fishing Shack from Prism Furniture.  It is a real honey and perfect for that winter retreat or even your winter home as it has everything in it you will need.

The sweater I am wearing is from {Epic} and is actually for the boys, but I like it on me!  The pants are from  Prim & Pixel and are part of a full outfit.  The skates are from Organica and are Old Hockey Skates.  Very cool.

All of these items are in the Cold Winter Nights Hunt, so check out the hints and URLS here.

The scene I took this in is called Cabin and can be found in the Dreamscenes and Garden of Dreams.  This is NOT a part of the hunt.


The Haps at AL

What is the haps at Acid Lily?  Well, lucky for you I have the answer to that question!  Here are a few pieces in the new round that grabbed my attention.  I will have more to show you another day, cos there was too many to show in one post!

My hair is from Truth and is called Dawson.  I got it a colour pack for $125L at the Truth District sale!  Oh yay! Background is from KaTink and is from the Happy Mood Pack which is currently still available at 60L. RUN!

Dress:  Zanze - Scarlett Dress - Radical red
Boots:  {MoYaz} - Barcelona Boot - Onyx

Dress:  Bitch Tail - Freedom
Glasses:  Pure Poison - Meira Mesh Sunglasses - Silver

Top:  Leri Miles Designs - Bonnie Button Up - Mono
Skirt:  {MV} - Scin Quicksilver
Leggings:  dirty.little.secret - Fleur Leggings

Jacket:  - CandyMetal - Lulu Biker Jacket MESH
Dress: - CandyMetal - Adriana Bloody Mini Dress (Lolas Tango Option)
Sneakers:  [FIEND] - Chucksters - DeathPunch - Red

Dress:  Kaithleen's - Afrodita Club Dress - Chic Green
Belly Piercing:  Phoebe - Belly Piercing M3 - Black/9 Gem Colours


One House and Some Furniture

Today's post is centred around a house I saw at Collabor88 and thought was so fab that I just had to show you.  Then, of course, I had to have furniture to put in it so I decided to do all today's shots in and around the house to show you that it is a home that suits all kinds of furniture styles.  It just worked!

The house is from Scarlet Creative and Apple Fall and is a great collaborative effort.  I just love the design and textures.  It is called Scandinavian Barn, but there is no way I would be letting cows or horses in this house!

Make sure you get over to Collabor88 and check out the demo home before the new round begins.

Chairs and Footstools:  L'aize Dayz - Round Mesh Chairs and Footstools (New Release)
Wall Decor:  {what next} - Falling Wall Decor (Four Walls Hunt)
Book Tree:  [Bauwerk] - Book Tree Shelf (Grup Gift)
Fireplace and Rug:  DIGS - Vesta Fireplace and Rug (Cold Winter Nights Hunt)

Lounger and Shelf:  Trompe Loeil - Pallet Lounger (Four Walls Hunt) Shelf With Framed Imagine Quote (CWN Hunt)
Chair:  Senzafine - Cloud Nine Armchair (Four Walls Hunt)
Shelving:  Scarlet Creative - My Modular Shelf (Four Walls Hunt - other shelf options in pack)
Books and Shelf Stuff:  Designer Prims (from old hunts)

All Furniture:  Dreamscapes Art Gallery - Leaf Chair, Leaf Chaise White, *LOVE* Frames, Heart Cupboard Green, *LOVE* Blocks, Crystal Candelabra Blue, Heart Candles, Leaf Table, and Gloria Rug Blue Dots (New Releases)

 All Furniture:  *Shabby Tabby* - Sweet Daydream Bedroom (New Release)

All Furniture:  Cleo Design - Four Walls Hunt (Like the name says!)

All Furniture:  LISP Bazaar - Adirondack Chairs and Firepit Set (Collabor88)


Getting Back to Basics

I have been so busy lately that I feel I have neglected you a little.  I was looking back over the history of this blog and realised that although change is good, it is nice to remember your roots sometimes too.

When I started this blog it was with the idea that I wanted to show you cheap or free items that were still stylish and great to wear or use.  The idea for this came to me when I kept getting hit up for money in stores and the beggars would say, "It costs to look good in SL!".  I disagreed.  I know I have told you this before, but I have never 'bought' money in SL.  I have earned it along the way djing, hosting etc.  I was also proud that in the early days I managed to find freebies and bargains which had my avi looking pretty good.  I stalked freebie blogs, I did the first hunts, I joined groups and got group gifts.  In fact the only BIG thing that I bought in my first year on SL was my shape, which is the same one I wear today.

I managed to get my first wee apartment, furnish it and dress and pimp my avi on a small amount of Lindens and I am proud that I can still do that today.

So, this week I am going to be bringing you an Under 10L blog post which will show you great fashion can still be found on a budget. I will also try and do this once a week to show you the same for furniture, accessories, skins etc.

Make sure you keep an eye out for that!

Today I have a few items from round the place.

Hair:  Amacci - Linda - Pearl Platinum (New Release)
Top:  TorMe - Wonder Mesh Tank Top (New Release)
Skirt:  [SAKIDE] - Mini Lace Skirt - Black (New Release)
Shoes:  dirty.little.secret - Mesh HighTops (FREE)
Pose:  Miseria - Beat Pose 1 (Group Gift - All poses today are from this pack)

Skirt and Top:  22769 - Knit Tunic and Highwaist Skirt (The Gallery Gift Shop)

Gown:  [SAKIDE] - Dream Gown - Pink (FOX Hunt)
Jewellery:  Finesmith - Grappa Fuschia (New Release)

Top:  Razorblade Jacket - Ballistic Nylon 1/2 Coat with Shirt (New Release)
Pants:  [SAKIDE] - Timeless Glitter Pants - Silver (Recent Release)