Green Like Acid

The Dreamscape Skybox I am in is from Garden of Dreams and is aptly named Snake.  I thought it was the perfect backdrop for this week's Acid Lily collection.  I think it was the whole acidic look.  This Dreamscape would be awesome for a PAR-TAY!  You could go retro 60's or futuristic!  Brilliant.

The hair is from MINA and is called Spice. It is currently at MyAttic@TheDeck.

Dress:  1 Hundred:  My 'Lil Crochet Dress
Boots:  Spearsong - White Pink Banded Ankle Boots
Pose:  {Co*Motion} - Dance Party (all pics)

Outfit and Boots:  Pure Poison - Winter Cuteness Mesh Outfit - Cream

Dress:  Kaithleen's - Precious Minidress

Top:  Leri Miles Designs - Cropped Sweater/Tank - Sky
Shorts:  [[>Cake!<]] - Demin Shorts - Floral - Medium - Mesh
Piercings:  Phoebe - Unisex Face Piercing - Serie P4 - Black

Dress:  [[ Masoom ]] - Nina Dress - Love


Don't Wash Pinks with Whites

It is common knowledge that one does not wash colours such as pink and purples with your whites unless you want your white shirt taking on a distinctly pinkish hue.

And it is a not a dirty.little.secret that you can get some awesome pink and purple items for 10L each at The Wash.  It is the Cart Sale and if you want to add to your wardrobe this is the time.

Skin is from MOJO and is called Meda.  It is a group gift.  The skybox I took the pics in from Garden of Dreams and is called Nightmare.  Hair is from Amanda from CaTwA.

Dress:  Spring Poofy Dress
Shoes:  Spring Color Change Pumps
Tiara:  FINESMITH - Pona Flower Tiara - Rose (New Release)

Shirt and Socks:  Spring Boyfriend Shirt & Sock

Dress:  Spring Sexy Dress
Tiara:  FINESMITH - Dola Tiara - Rose (New Release)

Coat:  Spring Trench Coat

Lingerie:  Spring Undies (Free)
Boots:  Spring Girly Combat Boots


I Wear Your Grandpa's Clothes

..and I look incredible.

If you know where that line is from, extra points to you.
Trench coats or Pea coats never go out of style, they're pretty much a good staple to have in your inventory.
Sleepy Eddy designed a perfectly cut pea coat to mix n' match. It comes in a variety of other colors, so go check it out!

Coat: Sleepy Eddy @ The Mens Dept - Pea Coat/Beige
Shirt/Tie: Hoorenbeek- Suit shirt with Ties
Pants: Epic -Casual Chino
Shoes: GOS -Desert Boots
Glasses: Adjunct - Delta Glasses


Loving Saturday

Ah, the joys of Saturday.  A lazy sleep-in followed by coffee and leisurely breakfast.  NICE.  It is also a good day to hang out on SL and get some shopping done.  Maybe even spruce up your home or buy a whole new one.  The best thing is that today I have some items for you that take the guesswork out of it.  All you have to do is go grab them!  EASY!

Today we have something for everyone.  We have houses, furniture for inside and outside and even some full perm items and textures for those builders out there.  Whew!

Oh, and a HUGE welcome back to Mister!  I have missed him loads and I am sure you have too.  Make sure you check out his post below this one!

Katy's Kreations Sculpties and Mesh - Cerasi Beach House Blue (New Release - rocks not included)


Katy's Kreations Sculpties and Mesh - Country Girl Table and Chairs with Textures (Full Perm for Builders)
Decor:  Persnickity - Loved You Yesterday Wall Decal (New Release)

Cleo Design - Home Library Corner (New Release)

Persnickity - 2 Armchairs and Ottoman, Never Give Up Wall Decal, Shabby 3 Piece Office Set, Vintage Words Storage Boxes and Hanging Bright Fuchsia Plants - Pink and Purple (New Releases)

[bauwerk] - Factory Loft

*Shabby Tabby* - La Perle Dresser and Lounger (New Release)

{what next} - The Anywhere Lawn Chair (Arcade Gacha - Starts March 1st) and Dotty Fabric Lanterns (Lazy Sunday)


Time's Up

It's amazing how much can be accomplished in SL in just a short period of time. I took some time off from Second Life and blogging, but it's incredible to see how innovative designers have been with Mesh.
 In just a few months, I felt out of the loop and to be honest, a bit rusty of where to go. 
I started off with some of my favorite stores like Ronsem. They have a variety of new mesh releases that are skillfully textured (I may have been wearing these outfits for awhile, because I like them that much. Don't Judge!). Jump down to get more details!

Picture 1:
Jacket: Ronsem- Leather Jacket/Brown
Shirt: Ronsem -Stitch Tee
Jeans: Ispachi @ Fameshed -Renwick Jeans
Shoes: 2Real - Holbrookz

Picture 2:

Shirt: Ronsem- Military Shirt 2
Jeans: Ronsem: Straight Jeans
Shoes: 2Real - F-Wings


Car Needed The Wash Riley over to The Wash sim today because they have their Cart Sale going on.  Made him buy a few bits and pieces just so we could show you some great fashion for the men!  He was a real trooper and I didn't have to use the blackmail I have against him at all.

Anyway, as usual, there are more for the girls but we did manage to hunt down these cool items and at only 10L it is a great time to add to the wardrobe.

Riley just thought it was a great time to get the car out... (Glitterati - Supercar - Noir)

I would like to add on behalf of Riley and men in SL that there is NOT enough fashion events and items for them.  I know there are fewer, but it would still be nice to see more done for them.  Soapbox over.

Outfit:  (::.Tainted~Designs.::) - Rebel Male Teal (Cart Sale)
Skin:  JOMO - Boy Skin 014B G (Lucky Board)
Hair:  Dura - Boys&Girls *36

Outfit:   (::.Tainted~Designs.::) - Check It (Cart Sale)

Jacket:  Rispetto Design - Cotone Mesh Jacket (Cart Sale)

Hoodie:  Apple May Designs - Zipped Hoodies - Preppy Red (0L in Store)

Sweater:  22769 - Sebastian Body Sleeve (L'accessoires)


Rummaging in My Attic

After seeing all the totes awesome stuff yesterday at MyAttic@TheDeck I just like had to so go over there and like go totes cray-cray on all the A-MAR-ZING items they have in their Pop Music theme.

I was all like "Dang!" at the hair and ended up laying down some scrilla for 3, plus a skin, some poses and an outfit!  Swag!  SMH.

The tres cool Whimsy Winx threw this pose prop at me I was all like "SICK! My mains will love this!"  I decided to moss and have some fun, cos YOLO.  I was all like hundo p excited with the poses and colour change options.

So, don't be a derp, get on over there!  Bless up!

* See Glossary below for meanings of words

Pose Prop - W.Winx & Flair - MPop (Also Pic 3)
Outfit:  Stellar - Gwen Set
Hair:  EMO-tions - Strangelove Hair
Skin:  Tuli - Zoe (Close up in Pic 3)

Pose:  Ploom Poses - Air Guitar Pose
Hair:  MINA Hair - Spice
Boots:  Death Row Designs - Lazy Boot Closed (Not at MyAttic)

Hair:  Exile - Loveshack
Face Piercing:  Phoebe - Unisex Face Piercing Q3 - Black (Acid Lily)

Totes - Totally
Cray-cray - Crazy
Dang - Damn
Scrilla - Money
Swag - Cool stuff
SMH - Shake my head
Tres cool - Very cool
Sick - Awesome, cool
My mains - Close friends
Moss - Chill, relax
YOLO - You only live once
Hundo p - Hundred percent
Derp - Dumbass
Bless up - Goodbye


Sneaky Peek

As you well know, if you read this blog often, I love MyAttic@The Deck.  It is an event where stores from The Deck put in an item and they are always FAB and high quality.  I have bought so much at this in the past, so I am excited to bring you a sneak peek of what is on offer.

The event opens on the 21st of February and runs until the 28th.  This means you must NOT dawdle at getting over there to shop.  And, while you are there, make sure you take the time to wander round the stores and take a look about.

I would like to thank Sasy and Whimsy for letting me do this as I know I was very spoiled!  "Thank You" soooo much!

The theme this round is Pop Music and they are "Bringing Sexy Back" with this one!  As I told Sasy, I will be spending large and being all "Material Girl"!  I just know I will be "Beautiful" in no time.  Ok, maybe not, but I know you will.  Make sure you "Spice Up Your Life" and get to this one!  You do not "Wannabe" left out.

The best thing is you don't have to be a "Rich Girl" to attend the store as the prices are "Low, Low, Low"!

I promised Sasy that I would not post until midnight and I want you to realise how awful the waiting was!  I was watching the clock with my finger above the 'publish' button.  Could not wait to show you, but I did.  I did not want to be saying "Oops, I Did It Again!"  So, "What Are You Waiting For"?  Run!

I know I don't normally just show vendors, but this is a special, special treat!

aDORKable Poses - Pop Star

Cupcakes - Momo Skin, Shape and Makeup (2 other tones not shown), Kawaii Dress and Haru Skins

EMO-tions - Strangelove Hair

DCNY - Pop Princess Collection

Cynful - Hamalin Dress (Comes with applier for Tangos)

Epoque - HaiHai Lovers Ring Series

Exile - Loveshack

Emery - Embellished Ehrmantraut Dress

Miseria - Danger Day Jeans with Poses Included

Pididdle - Pop Pop Headband

MINA - Spice Hair

Ploom Poses - Air Guitar Pop Poses and Ploom - Rene Hair

Stellar - Gwen Set

SySy's - Devant Brights & Devant Classics

Tuli Skins - Zoe Pop Skin

*TuttiFrutti* - Yeah & Crazy Hat and Jeans sets

W. Winx & Flair  - MPop & Bright Lights BC WinxBoxes

Esk-imo - Britney Hair