Bus Stop

Bus stop, wet day, she's there, I say, Please share my umbrella,  Bus stop, bus goes, she stays, love grows, Under my umbrella, 

Every mornin' I would see her waiting at the stop,  Sometimes she'd shopped and she would show me what she bought,  All the people stared as if we were both quite insane,  Someday my name and hers are going to be the same, 
Heavenly at L'aize Dayz has turned her hand to pose props and, like everything she does, they are great.  Loads of poses that show off clothes and shoes, or are just great for taking some snaps of yourself.
I thought I would show you a few of the poses whilst modelling some of the new round from Acid Lily.  This will give you an idea of how this prop can be used for bloggers or self-pics.
Hair in all these pics is Ploom - Moshi (New Release)
~CandyMetal~ - Pin Up Corset Red, Demin Shorts Ultramarine and SuperGal Platform Sandals Polka Dot

[[>Cake!<]] - Romper Mesh - Sweet Girl 

1 Hundred - Lacy Tank Tango RedColour Insane - Pencil Skirt 3

Leri Miles Designs - Love Tee Rose and Whisper Shorts Orange


Picnic Time

With the beginning of Spring comes the joy of being outside as the days get warmer.  It is the perfect time for a picnic.  I was also rapt to find the perfect outfit to wear to the picnic.  BONUS!

My hair is Erika from Wasabi Pills and is currently at The Fantasy Faire.

The Bethany Romper Outfit is from Leri Miles Designs and is at the Kawaii Fair.  You can wear it with or without the cardy.

The awesome boots are from LavandaChic* and are at Acid Lily this week.  They are aptly named Rain Spring Boots and are perfect for jumping in puddles!

And after all that exercise it is time to get my picnic on!  These gorgeous picnic baskets are from {what next}.  And, yes, I am gonna scoff all the contents on my own.  That is how I roll.  They were a Lazy Sunday item, but I know they will still be instore.


Lost in Space

If I was going to get lost in space, I would definitely want to do it in this outfit from 22769.  It is one of their awesome items from The Fantasy Faire and it is futuristic style!  It comes in some great colours and as a jacket and pants.  Look out for The Leader Pants and Jacket.

The hair is from EMO-tions and I got it in the last round of My Attic @ The Deck.  It is called StrangeLove.

Skin:  Tuli - Eva - Powder
Eyelashes:  Amacci - Feather 3 - Purple
Lipstick and Eyes:  Baiastice - Reflex Eyes - Purple Liz, Fashion Lipstick - Purple
Jewelry:  Finesmith Designs - Glamorous Snowflake Bindi
Dreamscape:  Garden of Dreams - Space


My Fantasy

I am excited about the Fantasy Faire 2013.  I am excited because I get to play dress-ups!  My first fantasy is to live underwater.  I was definitely a fan of Stingray and Aqua Marina.  If you are old, like me, you will know what that is.  If not, then Google.

The stunning outfit I am wearing is made up from items from 22769. The gown is the Queens Dress which goes perfectly with The Bone Crown and Elven Ears.

The hair is also from the Fantasy Faire and is from Wasabi Pills.  The style is called Selene and I was rapt to get in and grab it.

Make sure you go and take a looksee at the different sims at Fantasy Faire because they are amazing!

Non-Faire Items:

The jewellery is from FINESMITH.  It is called April.  I am wearing the necklace, collar and earrings. It is the April Group Gift and it is stunning!

The skin and lipstick are both from Tuli.  The skin is Eva - Powder, and the lipstick is Deviant Maverick.

The Dreamscene I am in is from Garden of Dreams and is called Water Disco.  Gorgeous.


In the Changing Rooms

There is a place I love and yet hate all at the same time.  I love it because it means new clothes and the rustle of shopping bags, but I dislike it because it also contains mirrors and a small space that compels you to look at yourself and all your lumps, bumps and faults.  I am talking, of course, about the dreaded changing rooms where we squeeze ourselves into clothes that looked fabulous on the hangar, but suddenly morph into a too-tight, too-long/too-short, pieces of cloth that turn us from self-confident into self-loathing.  Or maybe it is just me...

However, the wonderful thing about SL is that we no longer have to fear the dressing room.  Oh, no!  We can stand proud and enjoy these two funky and fantastic dressing rooms from W.Winx at MyAttic@TheDeck.  Yusss!

They are aptly named Change/Funk and Change/Chic.  Both are colour-change and the poses are perfect for showing off clothes or just having some fun!

Changing Room - Funk

Leri Miles Design - Claudia - Lime Bandana (60L Weekend)

[SAKIDE] - Blush Dress Black/White and Hebi Pumps Black (Fantasy Faire 2013)

.:Pure:. - Veronica Dress - Black Vine (New Release)

Changing Room - Chic

Leri Miles Designs - Grace Dress - Orange (Kawaii Fair)

.:Pure:. - Christine Sashed Gown Floral with Coral Sash (New Release)

Leri Miles Designs - Shirley Dress - Latte (Kawaii Fair)


Celebrating Creativity

Today's post is a celebration of creativity.  It is to showcase some amazing items from some very talented SL home and garden designers, who I am proud to count as friends!  I had so much fun taking the photos and I know you are going to enjoy viewing and then buying!

Note:  My clothing is from 1 Hundred and Kaithleen's at Acid Lily, Hair is from Truth (Sale on NOW!) and shoes are from NuDoLu at The Gallery Gift Shop.

Heavenly Villa - L'aize Dayz -  Bedroom Suite Country (Window and curtains not included) and Kitchen Bench - available in different colours (New Releases)

Paco Pooley - 22769 [bauwerk] - "Hideout" (Royal Living Magazine - Birds and Bees Hunt Gift) and Garden Party for Two Gardenswing (The Liason Collaborative)

Cleom Bailey - Cleo Design - Welcome Spring (RLM - Birds and Bees Hunt Gift)

Lilly Juno - Immerse - Maple Greens Pergola, Maple Greens Bridge (New Releases) and Maple Greens Picnic Table (VIP Group Gift)



After a very stressful week, one of my most favorite things to do is to go sailing.
There's nothing like going out into the open waters to enjoy some inner peace.
GizzA will help you look good while you're out there with their new spring releases.
Everything about it is clean, sleek, and perfectly coordinated.

Glasses: BOOM@ Collab88- Minimalist Glasses
Shirt: GizzA@MFW -Long Sleeve Shirt
Pants: GizzA@MFW -Cotton Pants
Shoes:GizzA@MFW -Loafer Shoes


Caravan of Love

I have decided this is the caravan of love because it has a lot of things in it that I love.  Well, it has cupcakes. Do I need to say more?

This delicious caravan is the newest release for The Liason Collaborative - Home to The Boutique and The Garden from {what next}.  The Garden Cafe Caravan has lots of awesome animations and props to go with.  Loads of fun for you and your friends!

So whether you are serving the peeps...

...doing the dishes...

...doing the prep work...

...or simply waiting in line to be served...

....you can say "CHEERS!" to this fabulous set.  Iced tea anyone?

My dress today is from [[>Cake!<]] at Acid Lily.  It is called Floral Kaftan and I am wearing the Yellow one.  My shoes are from :NuDoLu at The Gallery Gift Shop.  These are the comfy moccasins in beige.
My hair is from Manon from D!va.


Red Day

Not sure why today is a red day, just worked out that way.  They also went nicely with this great screen from Chiana Oh.  It is the Lotus Blossom (Day) Folding Screen and it is currently at The Gallery Gift Shop.

This first dress is from the Natascha Dress in Red from 22769 and is also available at TGGS.  So sexy!

And this dress is from Pure and is the Hannah Full Skirt Dress - Romantic Rose.  So pretty!

Lastly we have this dress from Blink2Wink at Acid Lily.  It is called the SpringBirdie Dress and is in...you guessed it...RED!  So lovely!


Under the Tree

Hanging out under a tree is the perfect thing to do in Spring.  The weather is warmer and the trees are greening up.  So, it is the perfect time to grab this Poet's Tree Bench from {what next}.  It has fabulous sits on all sides and you can change the texture to suit your land.  And at 3LI this will suit any prim allowance.  Simply rez, put in your own tree and viola!  As a bonus, if you are in the {what next} VIP group you can get this at 50% off until Monday!  Yus!

The cutsey wee Kawaii dress I am wearing is from Somnia and you can get the whole set of colours for only 200L at the mainstore!  I know, right!  Loads of fun and a bargain!

These boots are from Duh! and you can get versions for the men or the ladies.  They are partial mesh and come in loads of colours.  At only 50L each (or 100L for a fatpack of 4) these are a must have for your spring wardrobe.

My hair is from Truth (Tymber) and skin is from Tuli (Eva- Pearl).


Fairy Pink

I love playing dress-up.  It is probably why I love to blog and take pics.  Hang, it is probably why I love SL. I get to wear some awesome clothes that I might not otherwise get to wear in RL.  Today is a perfect example of that.

I am in love with this outfit I am wearing today.  I don't quite know what the style is, so I am going to go with nasty girlie.

Let's go from head to toe.  The crown is from {PopTart} and is the Sparkle Crown in Pink. It is in the instore gacha.

The hair with headband is from Ploom.  I got this one as a Lazy Sunday item.  It is smexy and comes with a hud to change the hair and headband.

The skin is new from Tuli.  I have blogged this before and it is a stunner.  I am also wearing the shape called Eva. The lipstick is Fuchsia Gloss.

The piercings, earring and necklace are all from Phoebe at Acid Lily.  The earrings and necklace are called Sandra and the piercings is Spider.

This sexy bodice, skirt, wand and boots are all from {PopTart} and are all in the Kawaii Fair (Starts April 12th).  They come in all sorts of great colours and textures. So pretty!

And lastly the tattoo on my tummy is from Endless Pain Tattoos and is currently in the Pink Fusion Hunt.


In the Windmill

I have this very cool windmill from Scarlet Creative to blog.  I am so excited.  I love seeing a home that is fun and different. I couldn't wait to rez this and fill it with some furniture.  I will confess I got a bit carried away and filled it up with as much of the awesome stuff I had to blog as I could.

This house is a stunner and perfect if you don't have a lot of space on your land, or if you don't need a huge house.  It has three spaces:  2 downstairs and one upstairs.  I also love the split level design.  You need to go take a look for yourself!


Scarlet Creative - My Windmill (Collabor88)

LISP Bazaar - Couch, Table and Books - Charlotte for Collabor88, Little Bee Clock (Bees Through the Seasons Event)
~ Inspired ~ - Phone, Tablet and Vase (New Items)

 LISP Bazaar - Charlotte Nerd Set (Collabor88)
 LISP Bazaar - Busy Bee Adirondack Chairs, Little Bee Lanterns (Bees Through the Seasons Event)
Cleo Design - Summer Chairs White (New Release)

~ Inspired ~ - All items (New Releases)

Trompe Loeil - Thrift Shop Furniture (Collabor88)

L'aize Dayz - Arbor Gazebo - Spring Cool (New Release)