The Challenge - Black and White

I am excited 2.0.  It is that time of the month when we get ready for The Challenge and this month the theme is Black and White.

I think the thing that surprises me with The Challenge is how different all the items are and the creative way the designers put their stamp on the theme.  I am sure you will agree when you see what is in store for you this month.  Oh, and this is only part 1.  I will show you the rest tomorrow!

The Ivory Room skybox and Brocade and Circuit Rugs in all the photos are from [hate this].  My dress is from 22769 and is called Geometric Lotus.

PS.  The Challenge does not start til the 1st of August, so items will not be in the stores til then.

~*~ Inspired ~*~ - Shades of Grey Set

!! Follow Us !! - Happiness Kitchen

[hate this] - Storage Boxes

22769 [bauwerk] - Floorlamp, Long Black Drapes, Leather Stool, Monochrome Couch Table, Segmented Vase, and Chesterfield Couch

Kuro - A Mess of a Chair and Illuminated Thoughts
22769 [bauwerk] - Minimalist Bed

Dysfunctional Designs - Glass Top Sand-Filled Tables and Blossom Vases
1st August - I apologise for wrong store name being given here when I did post

Piddler's Perch - Armana Black and White

[hate this] - Ivory Room


Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

The Hair Fair ends tomorrow so if you haven't been over you better get a wriggle on!  I thought this was a good time to show you some more of the hair on offer so you have a place to start.

I thought this fabulous Ginger's Vanity and Chair set from %Percent would showcase it so well and also gives me a chance to let you know that the Home Show finishes on the 31st of July!  Still time to get those last minute home purchases.

Hair:  Amacci - Carol - Vivid Blond
Top:  Somnia - Mew Tee - Lime (Dark Katz Hunt)

Hair:  Amacci - Lova - Dark Brown
Dress:  [SAKIDE] - Ray of Light Dress (Black Market)

Hair:  ChiChickie - Pepper
Dress:  {PopTart} - Mermaid Dress - Pink (Food Fair)

Hair:  ChiChickie - DeeDee
Dress:  22769 - Safari Dress - Khaki (The Boutique)


Leisure Time

SL is a great place to spend some leisure time.  It is also a great place to find some fun things to do.  Today I am going to show you two things that I personally love to do.  I have lovely Winter from {what next} to thank for all our items today.  It is a veritable fun-fest for me:  Reading and Roundabouts!

My Foxy Halter Dress and Boots are from Pure (Candy Factory).

Florence Shelf - Coastal
Row of Books - Set A and B (Fifty Linden Friday)

Adventure Playground Roundabout


Mixed Bag

I have some great furniture to show you today and the best thing about it is that there is a style to suit everyone whether you prefer an antique look or more modern lines.  There is even an item that would be perfect to take you through the stages of a break up!

All of these items will be found at the Anthony's Republic Fundraiser which I will give you more information about as soon as possible.  But, I can tell you it has started so feel free to go take a looksee.

The first two pics were taken in dreamscenes from Garden of Dreams - Library and Dining Room (not in fundraiser).

Chaise and Table with Accessories:  **Sweet Sorrows** - Chaiselongue Valentina CM

Nadeau Shoppe - Marple Sideboard and Accessories, Signboard of Gersaint - Jean-Antoine Watteau 1720, Brown Corner Table, Antique Chandelier Table Lamp, and Persian Area Rug

Dreamscapes Art Gallery - Betsy Chair Roses with Tray, Melody Couch White/Pink, Shelf Set A, Melody Rug Pink, Melody Table White, and Candle Tray Pink

Unit:  L'aize Dayz - Elegant Country Unit (Not in fundraiser)
Rug:  {Cozy Homes} - It's Over - Heartbroken Pillows and Blanket
Outfit:  Somnia - City Scape Night Set (Donna Flora Event)
Shoes: Miel - Espadrilles Solid (Not in fundraiser)
Hair:  Wasabi Pills - Cookie (Not in Fundraiser)


Bad Boy

I am not sure why he is a bad boy, but he has bound to have done something I disapprove of, so consider this a preemptive strike.  It was also a great way to show off this cool Man Shack from L'aize Dayz that is for the Anthony's Republic Fundraiser (more info on this tomorrow).

I have teamed it up with a few other bits and pieces so that Riley has something to do.  I would hate for him to have free time to go off and do whatever he does.  No, that just wouldn't do.

Tee and Shorts:  [SAKIDE] - Industrial Tee and Linen Summer Shorts (Sold separately @ Boys of Summer Event)
Hair:  ChiChickie - Reef (Hair Fair)
Boots:  Latreia - Caleb Brown (Boys of Summer)

"It's cold and scary out here.  Please let me back inside!"  Riley


Coolin' Off

It is a hot SL day so that requires some cooling off in the pool since I am too lazy to walk 20 metres to the sea.  It is also a perfect day for a bikini from Pure (ATG Hunt Prize) and to show off this great new hair from Amacci called Daphne (Love Donna Flora)

The pool and chairs are from [CIRCA] and the picnic basket is from Cleo Design (Home Show).

Now, off you go to grab all this stuff while I soak in the pool!



After a busy day shopping and braving events in SL what could be nicer than a massage in this tranquil Paradise Reef Outdoor Massage Room from [CIRCA]?  I will tell you what!  Pairing the massage room with these fab new items from Pure, and this hair called Brenda from Wasabi Pills that I got today at the Hair 

You will find the massage room at the Home Show.  [CIRCA] is a sponsor so make sure you check out the whole sim while you are there.

Farah Romper - Seashells

Gypsy Pale Rose

Tia White Dress

Silke Dress - Black and White

Tania Navy Shimmer

And here are some more pics of this lovely massage room.


The Boy is Back

Yep, he bossed me around and told me there were more items from the Boys of Summer event that HAD to be blogged.  I suggested he blog them himself to which he snickered and said, "But you are sooo good at it!"  I know that was empty flattery, lazy toad, but I relented and here we are.  He is right though.  These items are too great not to show.

I did throw in some other items that I thought HAD to be shown too, and he didn't complain so we are all good.

Hat:  Urban Wealth - Trucker Hat
Necklace:  ***Just You Jewels*** - Necklace Jungle
Tee:  Urban Wealth - Ocean Tie-Dye V-Neck
Jeans:  Urban Wealth - ThinnFinn Slim Jeans - Blue
Sneakers:  Latreia - Mathias - Blue
Pose:  Unorthodox Animations - Drizzy 3

Tank:  Urban Wealth - Crooks/Greco - Dark Red and Black
Jeans:  JLB Apparel - Aftermath Jeans
Boots:  Latreia - Jerren - Black
Pose:  Unorthodox Animations - Mr. Pathetic 2
Bed:  JoHaDeZ - Low Bed "Mali" (Home Show)
Easel:  DownDownDown - Easel Woody A (The Gallery Gift Shop)
Art:  Alyx Aerallo - Nue (TGGS)
Table, Accessories and Lamp:  JoHaDeZ - Lamp Stand "One" (Home Show)

Shirt:  A:S:S: - Showoff Crop Shirt - Blue
Shorts:  D R O P - Summer Shorts - Beige
Hat:  Urban Wealth - Trucker Hat
Pose:  Apple Spice - Cocky Male Pose - 1 (Hmmm!)
Bedside Table:  JoHaDeZ - Bedside Table "Mali" (Home Show)
Candle:  Kuro - Little Flame (TGGS)

Hat:  Urban Wealth - Bucket Hat
Tee:  Leri Miles Designs - Your back
Shorts:  Leri Miles Designs - Long Shorts - Brown
Pose:  elephante poses - Brohammer 5
Bedside Table:  JoHaDeZ - Beside Table "Mali" (Home Show)


Flat White, Thanks

My fav coffee is a flat white.  I am not sure if they have them where you are in the world as they are a NZ/Australian invention (Bet it was us kiwis...).

I like my flat white really flat, so almost no froth on top.  I also love it HOT and coffee is, as always, best with great company.

My coffee snobbiness is probably the main reason why I LOVE this new offering from 22769 [bauwerk] for the Food Fair.  This Little Bistro is a stunner and the perfect place for coffee with friends.  Would look great on a sim as a meeting place, especially with all the other items to fill and adorn it!

I will attempt to point them all out as we go through the photos!

Top:  22769 - Safari Silk Top - Light Khaki (The Boutique)
Skirt:  22769 - Safari Skirt - Khaki (TB)
Hair:  ChiChickie - Jessie (Hair Fair)

Sack Poofs and Tea Crate Table 
Sofas:  The Chesterfield - White, Black and Cream
Assorted Cakes (yum!)

The Little Bistro 

Mosaik Table, Classic Bar Stools (Cream), Coffee Time (Coffee Mug and Espresso Maker)

Mosaik Tables (assorted), Classic Bistro Chairs and Classic Bar Stools

Sack Poofs and Tea Crate Table 
Sofas:  The Chesterfield - White, Black and Cream
Assorted Cakes 
Ghost Sofas