Ohhh, it is almost Halloween in SL and I am cramming in The Body Modification Expo items as there is only a few days left to go grab some fabulous items!

I am also trying to get in as many Halloween-esque things before it is all over and then we start to focus on Christmas!  Crikey!

Hair:  A&Y - Cyro Hair
Skin, Hands and Lipstick:  [IREN] - Lucy - Fair and Red Lips - Matte
Shape:  Pixel Inc - Bianca
Tears and Poses:  Infiniti - Had a Bad Day
Dress:  [SAKIDE] - Wilds Dress - Red (Horrorfest)
Tattoo:  Identity - Tribal Knot
Ring:  [CIRCA] - "Fright Night" - Macabre Ring - Drucilla Spider (Horrorfest)
Piercings and Eyes:  -Suicidal Unborn!- - Alena Facial Piercing Set - Ink and Noa Eyes - Deep Black
Ears:  [:S&V:] - Elf Ears
Sneakers: Ducknipple - Purdy High Knee Sneakers



Boo! It is almost Halloween so I thought I would show you a fab outfit and accessories that would make you look your ghoulish best!  Most of the items are from The Body Modification Expo with a few others thrown in for good measure!

House in background is from Trompe Loeil (Collabor88) and the Tree and Scarecrow are from StoraxTree

Outfit:  RoTtEn DeFiAnCe - Cutie Witch Outfit - Black (New Release)
Eyes:  Pin Me Down - Unreal Eyes 4
Eyelashes and Lipstick:  Pink Acid - Long Diva Top Eyelashes, Gothica Bottom Eyelashes and Gothic Lipgloss Thick
Hair:  *Alice Project* - Seohyun (Arya's Inventory)
{yumyums} - Hungry Vamp
Shape:  Pixel Inc - Liz
Jewellery and Makeup:  The Plastik - Silver Key Set and Foxxe Makeup Noir
Boots:  [SAKIDE] - Racy Boots - Black
Poses:  {NanTra} - Witchy


Girl Vs Wild

Ok, I am no Bear Grylls, but the fact that I am even camping even virtually is HUGE for me.  Camping and I have a healthy disdain for one another.  I don't quite get the lure of it.  It seems to take so long to sort then you go and live like cavemen for a week, with cooking etc still needing to be done, but with less facilities, and then you go home and have to clean all the gear.  My idea of camping is heading off to a hotel, eating out and having a massage.

Still, Arya is out braving the elements all in the name of showing you this fab Pine Ridge Camping set from {what next} that is currently at The Garden.  If you haven't gone to have a look at all the amazing items there, then you are seriously missing out!

NB:  Items are from The Body Modification Expo unless otherwise stated:

Hair:  Tameless - Danika - Naturals (New Release)
Shirt and Jeans:  Callyscloset - Sara Sweater and SO Jeans Camo (New Release)
Shape:  ::Pixel Inc:: - Bianca
Skin:  Mirror's Enigma - Stella Peach Skintone
Shoes:  .::  deeR  ::. - Mesh Squad Shoes


Fire and Water

I got all creative today.  Not sure why.  Not even sure if it totally worked, but I had fun and that is the main showing you new items of course...that was awkward...

Again, most of today's items are from The Body Modification Expo, unless otherwise stated.  That sounded all lawyery.

Hair:   Tameless - Becca - Naturals (New Release)
Blindfold:  22769 - Obi Blindfold Red/Black (L'accessories)
Lipstick:  Pink Acid - Gothic Original Lipgloss - Blood
Tattoo:  [White-Widow] - Beetlejuice
Horns: .:*LOULOU&Co*:. - Horns - Sakura
Skin and Shape:  Panda Punx - Kamilla Skin{Mistress} (New Release) and Kamilla Shape {Wicked}(Pure Sales Room)

Dress:  [Dandelion Wine] - Ball Dress (New Release)
Pose Props:  Oomph! - Behold the Light (from Arya's inventory)


Crime Scene

I know, I know.  I have been slack again.  RL is cray.  That is all.

Anyway, I have something fun and macabre for your viewing pleasure today.  I hope you enjoy looking as much as I had doing.

Picture, if you will, the CSI team arriving on this scene.  I hope you can work out who did it before they can!

NOTE:  Items are from The Body Modification Expo unless otherwise stated.

Pose Prop:  [Virtual Props] - Crime Scene Photo Prop (from the inventory of Arya)

Hat:  [SAKIDE] - Macabre Topper - Romantic 

Dress:  {PopTart} - Dead Prom Queen 
Shape and Skin:  Panda Punx - Kamilla {Wicked} (Pure Sales Room Event)
Hair:  *Alice Project* - Jessica - Infinity (from the inventory of Arya)

Glasses:  Ducknipple - Broken Glasses
Tattoo:  .Identity - Bad Behaviour 
Lashes:  Pink Acid - Flourished Alpha Top Eyelashes and Gothica Alpha Bottom Eyelashes



I love this new item from Trompe Loeil at Liaison Collaborative's The Garden. It is just gorgeous and is aptly named Apple Cart.  It comes as a whole or in pieces so you can decorate it as you please.  It is now taking pride of place on my land!

I have combined it with some fab items mostly from the Depraved Nation Body Modification Expo.  Check em out.  How do you like them apples?

Shape:  PURE Perfection - Stacey
Skin:  IREN - Lucy - Tan
Lashes and Eye Makeup:  Pink Acid - Model 101 Eye Makeup and Flourished Top Eyelashes
Earrings:  Bokeh - Disc Earrings - Gold
Necklace:  L&B - Lover's Necklace
Tattoo:  .:ellabella:. - Etch Chest - Merinthe
Boots:  ARISKEA - Mood Mesh Ankle Boots - Terre

NOT in Expo:
Dress: [[ Masoom ]] - Amita Dress (Boho Culture Fair)
Poses:  Focus Poses - Grocery Bag
Hair:  D!va - Mimi


Let the Creepy Begin

I am slowly getting excited about Halloween, but I do feel there is not the same buildup as in past years.  I am not seeing all the cool creepy stuff that one normally finds about at this time of the year.

That is why today I thought I would show you some great items to get you in the mood.  Now, one of these items is not actually creepy, but I decided to show you it anyway cos I have it out in my front yard and it is cool.

StoraxTree - Jack O Lantern Scarecrow Bench

DaD Design - Halloween Tree (The Kollective)

StoraxTree - Red Rider Bicycle - Olive - Decor

StoraxTree - Halloween Wooden Trunks

StoraxTree - Love Goes On (Super Sales Weekend)



I need to show you some more items from the Depraved Nation Body Modification Expo.  I found this lovely Katerina dress from Leri Miles Designs (She & Him) to blog and then when I saw the accessories the pics became a bit darker and scarier.  I just want to say that the dress is super cute and would be perfect for non-frightening day/evening wear as well!

Hair:  Tameless - Hattie
Shape:  Pure Perfection - Esme
Skin:  {yumyums} - Alli Skin - Living Doll
Eyes:  Cubic Cherry Kre-ations - Riverbero Eyes - Orion
Hair Bow and Necklace:  1 Hundred - Sweet Princess Headband and Timeless Necklace Blue
Boots:  [SAKIDE] - Racy Boots - White
Face Tattoos:  Pink Acid - Cracked Up 1, 2 and 3

NOT at Expo
Socks:  {PopTart} - Cross Socks - Pastel Blue



I am uber excited at the moment because the Depraved Nation Body Modification Expo has just started and you are going to faint when you see the goodies on offer.  Do NOT think this is like every other event, because it is far from it.  This is awesome!

You will not find dresses and pants here, but what you will find is the most amazing things to jushe up your avi!  At this event you will peruse shapes, skins, eyes, shoes, hair, tattoos, jewellery, hats and headwear, bags, makeup, poses and much, much more!

The trouble I had today was not 'what shall I blog?' but 'where do I start?' because there is so much and it is all soooo good.

I think I crammed quite a few items into this one post, so let's see how many we have shall we?

Shape:  {HoStyle Shapes} - Erica
Skin, Eyeliner and Mesh Hands:  [IREN] - Lucy - Fair
Hair:  Adoness - Philippis Hair - Pitch Black
Tattoo:  [IREN] - Les Fleurs du Mal
Earrings:  Grumble - Black Hoop Earrings - Spiderweb
Collar:  !blah - My Nekomata Collar - Black/Red
Bag:  {Urban Wealth} - Mesh Duffle Bag - Camo
Sneakers:  Ducknipple - Purdy Knee High Sneakers
Poses:  [ pose+ivity ] - Hannah Poses and Rockn Poses (Mixture)

NOT in Expo:
Dress:  [SAKIDE] - M16 Dress - Green (The Boobies Show Birthday)
Gun:  Abranimations - Equalizer Gun


The Beach House

I have hinted that I would show you this fab Beach Cottage from {Cozy Homes}.  You even got to see a little teaser when I blogged the kitchen from L'aize Dayz.  Now that my puter is working again, I can finally bring it to you in all its glory!

I am very much a fan of simplicity and open flowing designs, so this house suits me perfectly.  The steps lead up to a lovely big deck, through the French doors and into one big room, which is great for using your creativity and imagination to decorate.  

Deck Furniture - Trompe Loeil and {what next}

I am showing you just how much you can put in it to create a home that still has a kitchen, bedroom area and nooks for sitting about.  Easy!

Kitchen Furniture and Window Seat:  L'aize Dayz  
Bedroom Furniture: Trompe Loeil
Window Dressings:  {Cozy Homes}
Pantry:  Second Spaces

Furniture and Accessories:  {Cozy Homes} 

Storage Cabinet and Elegant Shelf:  StoraxTree

Then you can wander out onto the separate decking area which is just right for the water's edge.  Throw on some deck chairs, a hot tub, cushions, barbecue, towels etc and you are ready for swimming and entertaining!

Hot Tub:  LISP Bazaar
All Other Items:  {Cozy Homes}
Orange Tree:  3D Trees
Brown Tree:  [Organica]



I love chocolate and especially in liquid form.  I also love wearing browns and chocolatey colours so was rapt to see this new look from [SAKIDE].

I am wearing the Autumn Crush Sweater in Taupe with the Vintage Denim Skirt. The skirt and sweater both come with a hud so you can change the look to suit.  You will find both of these at She & Him.

The shape and skin I am wearing are both from Panda Punx.  The shape is Bree and the skin is Frosting - Sugar Tone.  These and other skin tones can be found at the Candy Fair.

My hair is from my inventory, but is one of my favs.  It is Amanda from CaTwA.

This wonderful cart is the Cocoa-On-The-Go Cart and is from the creative minds at {what next}.  It dispenses yummy hot drinks of all kinds.  I went with the Hot Chocolate!  The cart set and pieces of decor can be found in store and if you are a VIP you can get 50% off the normal price until Tuesday.  Run!


Biker Chick

I got this awesome Biker Babe outfit from FireBird designs and had to blog!  It is available at Feeb's Salesroom for the October round, and it is smexy cool!

I teamed it with this hair from Truth called Felicity and this shape and skin from Panda Punx called Alexia.  You will find the skin and shape at Room69.

This groovy bike is from my inventory, but comes from a store named Adi Cat Designs.

This fab collar is from Eclipse Jewellery and will be at the Body Modification Expo from the 10th of October.

My fangs are from Tuli.  I love them!



I am trying to be calm, but I am not being hugely successful.  My notebook is playing up...AGAIN, so I am apologising for my erratic posts of late.  Bear with.

I have some lovely items today and hopefully we will get through without my computer shutting down.

NB:  So far so good.  Notebook is now dust free, so fingers crossed!

Hair:  Truth Hair - Felicity
Skin and Shape:  Panda Punx - Maddie (Stuff in Stock Discount)
Poses:  Kirin Poses - Fuyu no Uta Pose Pack (Acid Lily)

Leri Miles Designs - Aileen Dress - Blush (The Outlet)

Leri Miles Designs - Mallory Dress - Teal (Designer Showcase)

22769 - Misaki Dress - Cream (Gallery Gift Shop)

{RoA} - Mon Prefere 05 (Acid Lily)