And Now for the News

I got these fab items to blog and when I saw them I thought of those poor news people who end up doing interviews or news items in atrocious weather.  I tried to find a stormy area in SL but couldn't seem to find anything that looked nearly as bad as what they generally have to try and stand in, so I just went with cold.  I am not sure what I am reporting on.  Perhaps it is the new snow...

Speaking of new...

The coat and boots are both from Miss Canning.  I am wearing the Studded Trench Coat in Blue and the Gwen Wedge Boots also in blue.  You can wear the coat like I have or add the awesome studs which cover the arms for a more funky look.

My hair is from IrEn and is called Thrift Shop since that is where you can find it!

My microphone with animations comes from Reek and I love annoying my friends with this while they talk!  They get sick of me 'interviewing' them!  Sadly this store is lost to SL.

My skin and shape are both from Panda Punx.


More of The Collage

I hope by now you have all been over to The Collage to have a wander, a looksee and a purchase.  If you haven't then why the hang not?  There are wonderful item galore for you to grab.  You will have your home looking Christmassy and gorgeous.

Cozy Essentials
Dreamscapes Art Gallery 

 Spargel & Shine Homes



I was feeling a bit meh today so I decided to get a bit festive.  I can't believe it is less than a month until Christmas!  I am getting excited already.  I just can't wait to put up the tree.  I always do that on the 1st of December, so since that is a few days away I can do it in SL!  BONUS!

I have a bit of a preview for you today.  These are some of Trompe Loeil's faMESHed items that you will be able to grab from the 1st of Dec.  The Holiday Couch is fab and you can get them with or without cushions.

The rug is from StoraxTree and is called Simple Elegance Mesh Braided Bold Colours Rug.  You can find this in the Sales Room.

This fireplace is also from Trompe Loeil and I am showing you the Holiday Hearth in Dark Wood.  You can also find this in Natural and White. 

I added a few decorations to Christmas it up and these are all from Cozy Essentials.  I love the Elf on a Shelf!

The tree is another Trompe Loeil creation and I have rezzed the Natural Tree.  You get lots of choices with these and can choose your style of lights etc.  Simple.  It is also easy to adapt to any space as you can edit it to suit the size you need.

The dress I am wearing today is from Somnia and is the Moopsie Dress (Love the name!).  It is a new release and comes in loads of colours.  I teamed it up with some tights (Jane) and uggs (Prim & Pixel) from my inventory to create a comfy look.

My shape and skin are from Panda Punx.  The shape is called Kaykia (Stuff in Stock) and the skin is Hartlyn (Group Gift)



At The Collage you will not find your run-of-the-mill venue.  You will love the concept here and the ease of access and the funky style.  You will also love the amazing items at this new home and garden event.  If you want to get yourself ready for Christmas then this is the place for you!

Take your time and look around.  There is so much to see.  Enjoy.


~ Inspired ~

La Galleria

Thaino Designs


The Collage

The Collage is a new home and garden event which runs for 2 weeks from the 23rd of each month.  

There will be up to 7 permanent designers and 3 guest designers participating each month with new release items.  This is an event specifically for furniture, houses and garden items.  It is in a set location and is a 'one stop shop' for all your home needs.

Today I am going to show you some items from Shutter Field that are available at The Collage.  I have set them out on the deck of a gorgeous new Lizzie Cottage from Spargel and Shine Homes (also at The Collage), but more on that later...

Shutter Field - Winter Bench Set


Snow Man

I made Riley come out of hiding and stand in the cold snow for ages while I took pics.  I made it take longer than necessary of course...

He was a bit miffed with me cos I told him he would be taking photos with some hot birds.  I didn't lie.  They are birds and they look hot because they are red.  Ok, so a bit of poetic license was used.  I went all Hollywood on him.

Jacket:  dirty.little.secret - Men's Black Plaid Jacket with Hoodie (Black Event)
Jeans:  Citrus - Men's Jean - Blue (The Thrift Shop)
Shoes:  Citrus - Men's Canvas Shoe (The Thrift Shop)
Glasses:  Kumaki Glasses - Sofian Mesh Sunglasses (Riley's Inventory)
Hat and Hair:  Amacci - Marc (Riley's Inventory)

Pose Box:  W.Winx/Flair - BICO - Snow Cardinals (My Attic @ The Deck)


The Stage

I had to get this new item from 22769 [bauwerk] onto the blog as quickly as possible as it is part of a one day only event called The Neighbourhood.  You will find it at an extra-special price so make sure you grab it before the price goes up!  Saturday is the day!
 "THE STAGE is a stage raft with microphone and loudspeaker and light script. It comes together with audience rowboats (with single and couple animations) and with buoys (with one single animation) and a pier for dancing or rezzing chairs and sofas."
 On Sunday 23rd November at 7 am artist, Kristopher Walpole, will be doing an exclusive concert on the 22769 sim so you can see The Stage in action.  


Ice Queen

Yay, skating season is upon us.  When I saw this outfit from Dirty Little Secret I thought "SKATING!" and these pics were born.  How aerodynamic am I?  Its sure didn't help my skating any.  No fault of the product.

Bodysuit:  dirty little secret - B&W Fade Latex Bodysuit (Black Event)

Hat:  Forever Young - Oh Deer! Knit Hat #9 (The Thrift Shop)

Skates:  Pure Poison - Mesh Ice Skates (from Arya's Inventory)
Seat:  [hate this] - Modern Bench (New Release)



There is nothing more classy than a LBD and this one from FBD is a classic with a twist.  The armwarmers add a touch of rebel to this great party dress.  FireBird Designs has some other Little Black Dresses at The Black Event.  Go nuts!

This lovely hair is from Tameless and is called April.  The flowers are colour change so perfect for matching whatever you are wearing.

The lipstick is from No.7 and is currently and is called Kissing Lipstick.  Nummy!  You can find this at the new round of The Gallery Gift Shop.

My necklace is the one I blogged yesterday, but it went with the outfit so I am wearing it again.  It is from 22769 and is at L'accessories.  The Ribbon Bag is also from 22769, but you will have to head for Shoetopia for this!  Be careful!  Dangerous place for your wallet!



Sometimes in SL it is nice to escape.  I guess that is ironic as SL is, in itself, escapism really.  Escaping in SL means exploring and getting away from any routines you might have.  It is also an opportunity to escape the norms we place on ourselves.

This is why I love items like the one I am going to show you today.  It is fun and I could see myself living up here in the clouds in this simple house.  Easy to decorate too!  This fab structure is from 22769 [bauwerk] and part of the fun is climbing up!

Corset and Pants:  Greymoon - Vanilla Simple Mesh Corset and Pinstriped Trousers in Brown (The Thrift Shop)
Cuffs:  Intrepid - Statement Cuffs - Stellar (TTS)
Poses:  Flash Friendly Poses - Mix of Stands 036-040 and 041-045 (TTS)

Necklace:  22769 - Winter is Coming Necklace (L'accessories)
Earrings:  Bokeh - Victory Earrings - Copper (Acid Lily)
Hair and Hat:  Truth Hair - Juniper (Recent Release)


Heading for Java

One of my fav places to visit in SL is The Pixel Bean Coffeehouse.  It is somewhere I would definitely hang out in RL!  Mainly cos I am a coffee addict.

I saw a fab quote yesterday that said, "After I drink coffee I like to show the empty cup to the IT guy to tell him I have successfully installed Java.  He hates me."  LOVE it.  I install Java daily!

I also love these fab items from The Thrift Shop.  The dress is from [LIV-Glam] and is called Linger.  Great colours to choose from too.

The hair is from [IrEn] and is aptly called Thrift Shop.  It is definitely a style you can dress up or down.  I chose to glam it up.

The poses are also from The Thrift Shop and are from Juxtapose from a set called Gone Girl.  Fab for those selfies we love to take in SL!

Right, coffee calls so see you tomorrow!



Found this outfit and love it so much.  Have been wearing it and creeping about SL.  SUCH fun!  Also decided that it was the perfect garb for a felony.  Snuck into my friend's house for a bit of Grinchy fun.  She won't mind me taking all her pressies, surely?  Her own fault for being so organised.  Bah humbug!

Outfit:  The Little Bat - Kitty Hoodie - Green and Black Leggings (The Thrift Shop)
Necklace:  The Little Bat - Bottlecap Necklace - Grimm Love (The Thrift Shop)
Earrings:  Bokeh - Victory Earrings Silver/Silver (Acid Lily)

Shape and Skin:  Panda Punx - Hartlyn Shape and Skin - Coffee (Pure Sales Room)

Boots:  [SAKIDE] - Leather Army Boots

You never saw me here...right?

The Kitty Burglar strikes again....Mrrrooowwwwwr!!!



I have had a real mix of seasons this week.  I have done bikinis and sunshine, autumn colours and snow.  Today is more snow, with a touch of Fall.  It had to be snow though, because is called The Cold Shed and is the new group gift from Kuro.  Called for some snow and a little chill in the air.

The Autumn vibe comes to you from [CIRCA] and is a new release item.  It is called the Trellace Bench in Green and comes with the lovely accessories as seen in the photo. 

These cool lights are also from Kuro and are a Lazy Sunday item, but I am sure you will be able to find them at the store when that finishes.  You can also get them in a yellow colour if that is more your thing. 
The couch and chair are Kuro items too and are from "The Lodge" set currently at The Garden.  I have shown the blue ones, but you can go with red or a mix and match if you wish.

The Fluffy Rug - Grey is from 22769 [bauwerk].

The little tree is from JoHaDeZ.  I love it because it is texture change.  You can change the canopy, trunk, base and terrain.  They come in a variety of sizes to suit your space.

This Log Table is from "The Lodge" set shown above.  The candles are part of that too.  This table would work inside or out and looks fab.

The coffee pot and mug are from Katy's Kreations.   



My favourite time of day to wander about is dusk or dawn.  I love the light and shadows.  It is the same in RL and SL.  It is probably why I love Autumn.  The colours are amazing.  The clothes colours are great at this time of year too.

I am also loving this great dress from [SAKIDE].  Perfect for these cooler days.  You can grab this dress at The Thrift Shop.  There are a range of different textures to choose, so something for everyone.

The poses today are also from The Thrift Shop and are from a set called Mirrored Stands 6 from Image Essentials.

The socks are in the new round at Acid Lily.  They are from Cannibelle and are called Angel Wing Socks.  Very cute and keep the legs warm while still looking smexy!

My hair is a new release from Tameless.  The style is called Cora and I am wearing the Naturals colours. Love it.