Let's Skate

I have only ice skated twice in my life and they were on man-made rinks.  I would love to skate on something as pretty as this.  Of course I would slip and fall on the leaves but it is pretty.  You can find this easy to rez pond scene at 3D Trees.  I love it.

My hair is from Ploom and is called Chilly.  You can still get it at a reduced price in the advent sale.

All of the items listed below are at the FROST Fair.  I know I am showing you a lot of items from this event, but I just can't help myself because everything is just so good!

The poses I am using today are from //elephante poses//.  They are from The Ice Dance pack and are in the Gacha.  There are ten to collect and all of them are great!

My warm and sexy dress is from Pixelites Inc.  It is called Off the Shoulder Mini Dress and I am wearing the Blue/Grey colour.  It also comes with legwarmers, but sadly I couldn't wear them and the skates.

Speaking of skates these ones are so cool.  They are from Latreia and are just called Ice Skates.  Easy to remember that!  

And my lippy is from Pink Acid.  It is Dolly Dolly Lip Gloss in Metallic Merlot.  Sexy name!


The Challenge - Glass

It is time for a new round of The Challenge and this month the theme is Glass.  Those clever designers have come up with some lovely items for you to enjoy.

Check out the website for all the links you will need and some more items I didn't have space to show here.

This house from is 22769 [bauwerk].  It is aptly called The Glass House and is a perfect size for those with limited space.  The best thing is that you do not have to clean any of those windows!  Yusss!

Next up are these fab lounge decor items from IDC.  It is called The Coastal Living Room and I have not even shown the whole set.  It also includes some great shelves and accessories.

This lovely bowl is from Kuro and is called The Flushing Bowl.  Great item for a table, shelf or desk!

This glass bar set is from !! Follow Us !!.  The stools have great sits and even dispense some items for those eating and drinking animations.  Very cool in a house or office.

And these German Beer Steins are from Breno.  Great addition to any bar area.  Let the quaffing begin!



This scene here is actually one of my greatest fears in life.  I used to worry about it a lot as a child.  I remember sitting at the window waiting for my friends to arrive on my birthday, hoping that someone would show up.  It is, of course, an irrational fear as they would always turn up and I have loads of lovely memories of much laughter and fun.

But, today in SL I wanted to so these photos and none of my friends were about (or they were hiding).  So, the tone of the shoot changed and even though this amazing furniture is all about friendship, food, wine and laughter, the photos (hopefully) do not.

This gorgeous table setting is from !! Follow Us !! and is the Christmas Dining Set in White.  Now, I know Christmas is over, but this is a stunning set that would work all year round.  You can even choose what food you want on the plates and clear it away with the press of a button!  No dishes to wash!

My dress is so adorable that I will be wearing it for a few days yet.  It is from K-CODE and is called Daphne.  You will find this at the FROST Fair along with my earrings from ellabella called Enchant, and my teary makeup from //elephante poses// aptly named Tears of Ice.  I am wearing the lavender colour.

My boots (which will also be stomping round SL for ages yet) are from Ducknipple.  They are the Meine Boots and you will get a closeup of these in the next few days.  LOVE them!


Faith, Hope and Joy

I love the poses I am using today.  They are poses with a message and it is a positive one.  Great words to think about as we head into 2014.  There is only one word I would add to them and that is 'Love'.

The poses are from Juxtapose and are from the Hopeful and Joyful Pose sets.  There is also the Hope and Faith one that is a lovely gift for you.

This gorgeous dress I am wearing is just perfect for winter in SL and I chose pink to add a bit of colour to our white world at the mo.  The dress is from Sassy! and is called Icebreaker.

The boots are great too and are from Pure Perfection.  They are Mesh Cowboy Boots and I am wearing them in Brown.

The very cool facial piercings are from Cute Poison and are called Agelast.  I love the studs under the eye!

All of these items can be found at the FROST fair.  I hope you have all been over to this event because it is definitely a 'must-see' place to go!  Shop til you drop!



I told Riley he would have to play the artistic, creative type and he said he could definitely play that part.  I am not so sure, but he seemed to scrub up ok, so I went with it.

The cool easel and stool are a sneak peek from !! Follow Us !! and will be in the Jersey Shore Oh My Gacha Event starting on the 1st of January 2014. This is the rare item, but you can also get the easel as a decorative item without the stool in a variety of colours.

This acey pacey outfit is from SLX Outfits and is called Lucas.  It is a new release and comes with the jeans, sweater and sneakers.

The hair is Riley's and is from Uw.St.  It is called Boz.  The glasses are also his and are from 22769.  They are Nerd Glasses Black/Repaired. 



Well, Christmas is over in Aryaland.  I would love to say I had a great day, but sadly it was not the best of days for me.  I won't go into details but today is a much better day.  It is Boxing Day here in Aryaland and that means sales and shopping.  I wasn't quite up to that, but I am glad to show you some SL shopping that means you don't have to leave the comfort of your home!

 All Furniture:  {Cozy Essentials} - Ryder Collection (The Collage)

 Outfit:  SLX Outfit Shop - Winter (New Release)

Hair:  Truth Hair - Ainsley (New Release)
Shape:  Mirror's Enigma - J2W Special Shape (FROST Fair)
Skin:  Panda Punx - Bree 2013 (Group Gift)
Jewellery:  Stars! - Christmas Peace (Peace on Earth Hunt)
Gloss:  Pink Acid - Dolly Dolly Lip Gloss V3 - Dusty Rose (FROST Fair)

House:  Trompe Loeil - Willoughby Lakehouse (Collabor88)


Deck the Deck

I know it is winter, but who says we can't enjoy the outdoors if we want, especially in SL.  The Collage is upon us again and you will love the selection of items available in this round.  I decided I needed some sun so I am showing you this lovely set from shutter field.  It is called the Country Coffee Set in Red and you can also get a green version if that suits your decor better.

I have taken these shots on the porch of the new cottage from Trompe Loeil called Willoughby Lakehouse.  You will find this at Collabor88.

Cardigan and Boots:  SAKIDE - Fireside Cardigan and Invern Boots (FROST Fair)
Hair:  Ploom - Josefine (Advent Item $100)
Skirt and Tights:  ::insanya:: - Erika Skirt and Tights (FROST Fair)



I have only made a snowman twice in my life.  Once in Canada and once in Aryaland.  I do not have the joy of snow near where I am.  In fact, right now it is summer and it is stinking hot.  I am resenting this.  I am wishing it was snowy and cold.

Anyway, in SL I can build snowmen to my heart's content.  I can stomp in the snow and enjoy all the fun things about snow without any of the annoying things like cold and slipping etc!

Snowman with Poses:  Flash Friendly Poses - Mr Snowman (FROST Fair)
Hair:  Ploom - Chilly (Advent Special)

Dress:  Leri Miles Designs - Tracy Sweater Dress (Advent)

Boots:  happyface - Stomp Boots - Fog (FROST Fair)


Winter Blues

Blue is a great winter colour.  I love the stunning hues of this season.  I know most people go for reds and greens but I just love the way blue looks against the snow.  Beautiful.

Of course this gorgeous gown looks fab in other colours too and I had many a positive comment as I wore it about to find a photo spot.  Lovely.

This sim is a stunner.  It is called Imaginaria and it is perfect for those winter shots.

Gown:  [[ Masoom ]] - Glam - Mood (FROST Fair)
Shape and Skin:  Mirror's Enigma - Kami (FROST Fair)

Poses:  Image Essentials - It's Cold Outside (FROST Fair)

Hair:  Truth Hair - Melita (New Release)

Gloss:  Pink Acid - Dolly Lip Gloss - Dusty Rose (FROST Fair)
Pose:  //elephante poses// - Here I Come (FROST Fair)


On the Roof

I sent Riley up to the roof of my house and told him to sort a Christmassy area. I was impressed when he called me to take the photos, but don't tell him I said that.  He gets an ego!

But, I will say it saved me some work and I was glad to just take the photos and write the post!  Thanks, Riley.

Oh and by the way.....


Chair:  22769 [bauwerk] - Barrel Chair -Red (The Men's Dept)
Outfit:  22769 - Slacker Jumper Red and Illfitting Jeans Green (The Men's Dept)
Tree:  Trompe Loeil - Holiday Topiary (Advent)
Train and Toolbox:  !! Follow Us !! - Christmas '13 Train with 4 Wagons (New Release), and Santa Claus Toolbox (Group Gift 17th-22nd Dec)

Chair:  22769 [bauwerk] - Barrel Chair -Green (The Men's Dept)
Tray:  StoraxTree - Elegance Tray Table D - Writing (Sales Room)
Sock and Boots:  !! Follow Us !! - Christmas 2013 Sock - Red, and Boots Santa Claus (New Release)

Sled:  !! Follow Us!! - Christmas '13 Sled (Group Gift Dec 22nd-24th)

Couch:  22769 [bauwerk] - Ghost Sofa - Sack (Twelve Days of Christmas)
Tray:  !! Follow Us !! - Christmas '13 Tray (New Release)

!!  Follow Us !! - Santa Claus and Bag (New Release)


Bunny, Teddy and Foxy

Today's post contains a bunny, a teddy and a foxy, hence the title.  It is, therefore, jampacked with cuteness.  It is also crammed to the brim with items from the FROST Fair which opens today!! I knowwww!  Feels like we have been waiting for ages!  Still, now you can de-prim and de-script and head on over for some uber shopping!  I know you would love to wear your new angel wings, pixie outfit or reindeer antlers, but fairs are NOT the best place for those.  Be a lag-friendly avi!

Anyhoooo, rant over and on with the delights...

NOT in Fair - Wasabi Pills - Noriko Hair

Teddy Poses:  Purple Poses - My Teddy 
Skin and Shape:  Panda Punx - Brooklyn

Foxy:  [geek.] - The Foxy Bot
Lipstick:  Pink Acid - Dolly Dolly Lip Gloss - Nique Red

Dress:  {dollle*} - Rabbit Hoodie Dress - Grey

Boots:  (red)Mint - (ePunk) Boots No7 


Ice Ice, Baby!

What does one wear when building an igloo?  I am not sure any of the fashion magazines would have the answer to this.  But, in SL, I do have the answer and the answer is FROST.  Of course one does not wear frost to build an igloo, but one can visit the FROST Fair to find plenty of items that would be perfect ice block carving wear. All of the items (except for the hair which is from Exile) I am showing you today can be found at FROST, but only when it opens...on the 13th!

This particular outfit comes from Envious and is aptly named Frost...hey...you can wear Frost to build an igloo!  Awesome!  The outfit comes with this fab sweater, jeans, bracelets, holster, and goggles.  

These awesome boots are from happyface.  'Stomp' is the name of these boots and I am wearing the Fog coloured ones.  I will be stomping aplenty in these!

The pose prop is called The Igloo (Well, of course!) and is from Image Essentials.  Great one for your backyard or to do those Christmas Card photos!  

The skin I am wearing today comes to you from Modish and is the Albina Winter in Cream.  Perfect skin for that wintery look.