To Market


I decided my avi looks like she is heading off to the market and I wish I looked this good when I head off to do my grocery shopping!

My outfit today comes to you from *Citrus* and I am wearing the High Waist Mini in Navy, and the T Shirt and Sweater with Butterfly print.  So cute!  You will find these at the EB Event, and you can check out the page I set up for that on the right hand side of my blog for more info!

My shoes are a recent release from Duh!  They are the Straw Flower Slipper that go with the Slink Flat Feet.  Comfy and easy to wear.

My hair is from D!va and is called Mimi.  I grabbed this out of my inventory and it looked just right with the outfit.

My shape and skin are Sunny from Tuli.  These are also from my inventory.

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