I made Ty come on holiday with me today.  We both had items to show so we decided to team up.  I told Ty we are like Batman and Robin and then we spent half an hour arguing about which one of us was Batman and which was Robin.  We agreed to disagree...but you all know I am Batman, right?

Anyhoooo, here is what we came up with...

P.S. Ty said to make sure you know the Depraved Nation hunt for the men called The Blues Hunt starts on the 1st of August.


Hair: Elikatira - Youth (9th Rez Day Hair Sale)
Top:  MOoH! - Bandana Top (Aloha Fair)
Jeans:  *Coco* - Skinny Jeans (Group Gift)
Sandals:  aru. - A Sandals (New Release)
Skin and Shape:  Panda Punx - Neri (Recent Release)


Hair:  Damselfly - Miles (The Blues Hunt)
Tee:  American Bazaar - Remi (The Blues Hunt)
Shorts:  [tomboi] - Saturday Shorts (from Ty's inventory)
Jandals/Flip-Flops/Thongs:  HEYDRA - Blues FlipFlop (The Blues Hunt)
Shape and Skin:  Mr.Bloch - Joshua (from Ty's inventory)

Poses:  {what next} - Picture This Pose 1, 2 & 3 (from my inventory)

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