I am thankful for poseballs today.  Tyson and I decided to do some photos together (it was about time really) and I was glad I was securely placed on a poseball because I know if it had been RL I would have been pushed into the water quite a few times during this shoot.

The poses I used are from Infiniti and are called Fearless (P1), If It Makes You Happy (P2) and Under My Umbrella (P3 & 4).

Sweater:  Somnia - Lovey Dovey - Lavender (Jack or Jill Hunt)
Pants:  Ducknipple - Garde Pants (New Release)
Boots:  20.FIVE - Rocker Boots (Recent Release)
Shape and Skin:  Panda Punx - Maddie (Room 69)
Hair:  Wasabi Pills - Noriko (Arya's Inventory)

Hey All,

Got thrown a notecard today and saw that 360 had some new VIP gifts.  I joined this group about a week ago but was not able to get over to the store because I am not age verified.  Contacted the owner today and was glad to hear he was in the process of setting up his men's items in a M rated area.  He sent me a LM and I went and grabbed the items I am wearing today.  Owner (Athayus) was a nice guy too and his men's items are great.  He hadn't set up group joiner at new store yet, but you can always do a group search and join that way.  Free to join.

Have fun,

Jacket and Boots:  360 - Athletic Quilted Jacket - M Purple, and Men's Hiking Boots (VIP Gift)
Pants: 360 -  Men's Renegade Denim Jeans - Light Grey (VIP Gift)
Hair:  Dura - 3rd Year Anniversary Hair - Black (GG)
Shape:  (red)Sand - The Nurt (Ty's Inventory)
Skin:  Mr Bloch - Matty (Ty's Inventory)


The Challenge - Heaven

The Challenge is ready to begin again (1st Feb) and this month's theme is Heaven.  Today I have the Feels Like Heaven items from [Kuro] for your viewing pleasure.  I also have this gorgeous dress from Senzafine called "Sileny" Tunic Blouse.  You can find this at the Senzafine mainstore.

The Challenge website will have photos of all the amazing items in this round, so check in there to have a look.



This is, of course, is not Jack.  It is Tyson.  He is, however, wearing items from the upcoming Depraved Nation Jack or Jill Hunt 3.0.  It starts on Feb 1st so this is a special preview just for you.

Check out the pages at the right-hand side of this page for more details about the hunt.

Glasses:  Kumaki Glasses - Jenius
Tee:  {MV} - Nevermore Hoodie Shirt
Poses: Juxtapose - Jack 3.0

Tattoo:  GrungeInk - Evil Within Tattoo
Piercing:  Twizted & Reckless - Loopy


Snow Much Fun

Yeah, sorry about the bad pun in the title.  I am tired...from all the fun I had in the snow!  Muuahhhaa!

I would have invited people to play with me, but then I would have had to share and where is the fun in that?  I am kidding of course.  I am on my own cos I have no friends.  Hehehe.


This fab Blustery Winter Scene pose/play area is at the current round of The Kollective and is brought to you from Shadow Moon.

My acey-pacey brill outfit is also from Shadow Moon and is called the Blustery Winter Stripes Outfit which includes the boots too.  You will find this at The Kollective too, along with a male outfit that I will make Ty or Riley wear another day (not that they will need convincing since they are so metro).

My jewellery is from GDit Jewelry and is the Blustery Cold Winter Set (am I sensing a theme here...?). It comes with earrings and this lovely necklace.  Again...The Kollective!

And lastly my shape which, shock me, is also at The Kollective, is from Style-ish Shapes and is called Angie.  I am loving it!

The Kollective starts on the 29th Jan so promise me you won't go over til then!



I sent Tyson over to the Hipster Fair yesterday.  I told him to channel his inner hipster.  I don't think either of us really knew what that was, so he just went with what he had and that was ok with me.

He picked up a cool shirt over there for the hip price of 2L, so he was pretty rapt with that.  Ty said to tell you that all the items that are group gifts are free groups to join!

Shirt:  D.L.Z. - Hipster Starter Kit (2L Hunt Item @ Hipster Fair)
Pants:  [coepio] - Mr Summerdream Capri (GG)
Beanie:   - Mesh Beanie (GG)
Necklace:  *LE.LOOK* - Plate Tag Necklace (Ty's Inventory)
Boots:  Gabriel - Summer Boots (GG)
Beard:  Fruk - Face Fuzz (Free Gift)


In the Loft

I am excited to bring you some more fab items from The Collage.  I have taken these photos on the 3rd floor of the Urban Loft from Dew Me Furniture.  This building is so cool and would take 50 photos to show it off properly, but I hope you get the idea from the few I have shown.  The 2nd floor even has a built in kitchen and bathroom.  This is not a small build, but if you have the space and want something with room and an urban look then this is the perfect home for you.

NB:  I just realised that I have taken these pics in the loft of the Loft  Nice.

Furniture:  22769 [bauwerk] - Baroque Set - White

Furniture:  PRIME - White Set

Dew Me Furniture - Urban Loft


BIG Sale

Immerse is having a HUGE Summer Sale and I am excited cos I did the photo for the poster!  Ok, I am also excited because there is 50% off EVERYTHING in-store.  It is a fashion lover's dream!

I am wearing the Belladonna Bluest Blossom gown and it is a stunner!  Go shopping mad peeps!

Grab the LIMO.


Happy Birthday, Neighbours!

Today is Australia Day.  It is always polite to say Happy Birthday to the neighbour if they have a birthday, so from all of us here in Aryaland, "HAPPY AUSTRALIA DAY!"

We are more like family than neighbours.  We have a love/hate relationship.  I guess we are like the US and Canada in some ways.  We also dislike being mistaken for each other, so ask before you get it wrong! We Kiwis may be the Canadians of the South Pacific in politeness, but we can only take so much!

Anyway, I found this cool Aussie sim today and thought I would honour the neighbours by doing my photos here!

Jacket and Jeans:  Ricielli - Daria Mesh Coat  and Darla Jeans (#2 and #6 in hunt)
Boots:  Ducknipple - Pisto Boots (New Release)
Hair:  Truth Hair - Junia (New Release)
Poses:  [Lauria] - Stay Cool Ice Cream Poses (closed store)
Sim:  Sydney City, Australia


Story Time

Once upon a time there was a girl named Arya and she lived in a magical fantasy world called Second Life where all the clothing fits, you never need to go on a diet and you can own all the cats you want...

You can also pick up fabulous pose props like this one from W.Winx at My Attic at The Deck. This one is called Fairy Tales.  Such fun!

This weekend you can also go and grab some clothing and furniture bargains at Immerse.  They are having a Spot Sale and there is 50% off a variety of fashion and house items.  When you land at the TP point grab the notecard out of the sandwich boards there and you will get all the details on what items are in the sale.  This Lucie Dress in Teal is one of the items, however and is lovely.  The sale goes all weekend, so race on over.

My jewellery is the full set from FINESMITH called Natali and I am wearing the Silver set.  You will find these at The Fashion Collective.   "The Fashion Collective," the event is not an bazaar, more rather a union of designers in a unique environment to expose unique items and great quality with affordable prices." Enjoy!


Tie on Ty

Ty is still on his freebie hunt and today he has a few more to show you.  He also has a statement he would like to make:

"Hi.  I hope you are enjoying my take on men's freebies.  I am enjoying scouring the globe for them.  I would like to say something that I am sure you all know:  There is a serious lack of men's items in SL.  I know there are men here.  I see them in the same stores I go to, looking about, feeling second class and neglected.  I go to events and, apart from The Mens Dept, there is just not a lot for us boys.

And, while I am on my soapbox, I would also like to say that not all of us have wide shoulders and skinny waists and hips.  I am not an Olympic swimmer.  My usual shape is generally thin and fairly average, very much like the one I am wearing today.  I say this just to let you designers know.  *Wink*"

Hmmm, I might have to let him write more often...

Hair:  Dura - 3rd Year Anniversary Hair - Dark Brown (GG - free to join)
Shirt and Tie:  [coepio] Mr. Handsome - White (GG - free to join)
Jeans:  [coepio] Mr. One - Grey (GG)
Shoes:  Jeeper's Shoes for Men - Orwell (Menstuff - free to join)
Poses:  c9 - Gift (0L)

Glasses:  Kumaki Glasses - Bang! (GG - free to join)
Shape:  Mr Bloch - Matty (GG - free to join)
Shape:  (red)Sand - The Nurd (Menstuff - free to join)



When I went to Black Basalt Beach with Ty the other day I knew I would be back and today lent itself to some snaps by the lighthouse.  Perfect place to play with windlight settings and have some fun.

I was a bit gutted when I took all the photos then realised I had left a pale cleavage layer on and had to re-take them all, but thems are the breaks.  Stuff happens.

My ensemble today is a great example of me being a bit slow on the uptake.  The jacket is from the Ricielli hunt and was 15L.  The hunt has been going a while and I have been meaning to get over there.  Wasn't until a saw this jacket on another blog that I finally decided to race on over.  This is the Jeans Coat and is item #5.

The top and shorts are from [SAKIDE].  The top is actually a bodysuit (Casual Bodysuit), but is great for under jackets/sweaters etc too.  The Insouciant Shorts are mesh and come with a hud to change the lace, button, leather and zip colours.  You will find both of these items at Project Limited.

My boots are from (red)Mint and I got them at the recent FROST Fair.  You will find these Punk Boots at their store now.

My hair is a new release from Tameless.  It is called Yana, and I have blogged it before, but I have never shown you the back, so here it is!

The camera with poses is from {what next}  They come in two sets: Prop-Shot Camera and Pop-Shot Pro. Great poses.

The necklace and earrings are new items at the Fashion Collective from FINESMITH.  I am wearing the Natali Set in Copper.  It also comes with a bracelet.  Cool set!

And, lastly, my skin is the latest Group Gift from Panda Punx.  It is called Brooklyn and is the Shimmer tone.  I am just loving these skins.  Sweet and sexy.


Where's Tyson?

I have entitled today's post 'Where's Tyson?' because I was doing the photos of him and because he was wearing camo clothing, I kept teasing him and telling him to wave because I couldn't see him.  He sighed a lot.

Anyway, today he has a new shape, skin, clothes, boots and hair all for nothing.  I am impressed with his shopping know-how and he seems excited by his bargains, which makes me proud.

Shorts and Boots:  ::ReeXeeR:: - Make Love Not War (Menstuff Group Gift)
Jacket:  [coepio] - Mr Cold - Green Camouflage (Group Gift)
Shape: [Feel My Body] - Gustavo (No Cabide - Group Gift)
Skin:  NIVARO - Adam Skin (Jan Group Gift)
Hair:  Dura - The 3rd Year Anniversary Hair (Group Gift)
Sim:  Black Basalt Beach (Go visit!)


Fae Fantasy

This did not start out as fairy photos but somehow we ended up there and I am quite glad.  Who am I to deny myself the chance to be fae for a day?  Not I!

The reason for the photo shoot was actually these amazing architectural pieces from 22769 [bauwerk]. They come as separate parts that you can put together depending on the space and prim allowance you have.  How cool would this be as your home in the sky?  WAY cool.  They are called the Flying Hall and you will find them at the Fantasy Collective.

 After I had put The Flying Hall items up, I looked at them and thought, "What the hang do I wear to go with this?"  Luckily the answer came very quickly.  This gown is from Senzafine and is the "Thetis" Dress.  I love the textures and colours available and my biggest decision was which colour to wear!

Then, suddenly I remembered I had won these Cho wings on a lucky board at Sekela Avro and I was so excited, because I will use any excuse to go fairy!  Ears were donned and wings were worn and coloured with the hud.

Any fairy princess needs bling, so I put on this jewellery from FINESMITH.  This is only a small part of the set, but today I am wearing the eye decor, necklace and bracelet from the Roxaane Set.  Stunning.

Lastly, I found this hair from Wasabi Pills called Selene in my inventory which has that hint of fantasy about it, and I was transformed into the creature you see before you!

What else I was wearing:
Shape:  Panda Punx - Annaliese
Skin:  Belleza - Mya Pale Christmas Gift (Group Gift)
Ears:  Sin & Virtue - Elf Ears
Eyes:  Poetic Colors - Christmas Tale


Freebs for Males

I have created a monster.  First I have Riley stalking me and now I have Tyson IMing and telling me he has more freebie items to show the guys.  What do they think this is?  A blog for boys?  Ok, it is called Her & Him so perhaps they have a point.

Today Tyson has managed to get a new shape, skin, sweater, and jeans.  The shoes are the same ones he had the other day, but because they are free and I didn't do photos of them close-up I will let him off...this time.

This awesome sim is called Isle of Serendipity.  Go visit!

Shape and Skin:  Mr Bloch - Matty Avatar (Group Gift - 0L to join)
Jeans:  [coepio] - Mr.One Grey (Group Gift - 0L to join)

Sweater:  [ASHBURY] - Flynn Striped Crew Neck (Grand Opening Gift)

Sneakers:  Balkanik 2.0 - Vintage Sneaker - Camo (Group Gift - 0L to join)


Old School

Riley was lurking about with nothing to do, so I thought I would give him the job of looking good with this Vintage Sports Set from 22769 [bauwerk] available at The Mens Dept.   I wanted him to go with a sporty look, but I think his idea was better, but don't tell him I said that.

This cool Vintage Punching Bag comes with poses so you can look fab and there is even one if you actually feel like hitting something.

Riley is wearing:

Outfit:  SLX Outfit Shop - David (includes shirt/vest, jeans, sneakers, necklace and glasses)
Hair/Hat:  KMadd - Brady (Riley's Inventory)
Skin:  Belleza - Mathieu SK Xmas (Group Gift)

The Pommel Horse has poses too, and even some for couples (ohh err).  Riley tried to get me to try them out but I declined due to the pose incident of 2012.  Do NOT even ask.

The decor items are great too. The medicine balls give me nightmares and flashbacks from high school PE. So, croquet anyone? (SIDEBAR - Aryaland is now world champs at this sport!  Is that something to brag about...unknown.)