Blue Dreams

Some posts come together easily.  I find an outfit, hunt for a location and take photos.  Then I edit the pics and write the article.  This one was arduous and I don't know why.  I just took ages to get to find a place to take the photos, choose poses and get this sorted.  I am pleased with the results but it was a grind!  Just thought you should know that it is not all sunshine and roses.

Gown:  Immerse - Zuri - Blue (New Release)
Jewellery:  FINESMITH - Winter - Collar, Bracelet, Earring and Eye Decor (New Release)
Skin:  Panda Punx - Theodora (Whore Couture Fair)
Hair:  Ploom - Sha (from my inventory)
Location:  Humanoid


Woman in Red

I love that I can go from wearing hot pants and a cut-off tee one day and then the next throw on a dress and look at 40's glam.  It is the joy of SL.  I wish we could do this in RL.  Would be so much fun.  No one would know what to expect from you each day.  Perhaps one day I will have the courage to do just that!

This lovely dress is new from Pure.  It is the Valentina Wrap Dress - Roses.  I know it has Valentine in the title, but this is definitely not a once a year type dress, and it comes in other fab colours too.

My Pola clutch is from Finesmith and is the perfect accessory to give your outfit a lift.  The clutch comes in loads of great colours and is new in-store.

And get used to seeing these shoes because I will be showing them off over the next wee while.  They are from SeVered GarDeN and are called Patty.  They come with a hud so you can change the shoe texture and even wear them with socks.  Keep an eye out for these in future posts!

Hair:  D!va - Norma (from inventory)
Poses:  Magnifique Poses - Handbag (from inventory)



Nice to go casual and head out to listen to some music.  Also nice to spread some love.  I am wearing two items today that were given with love to us bloggers.  I wanted to use this forum to say a BIG thank you to all the designers out there who donated items to the I Give a Heart event.  You are all amazing and we appreciate what you do.  Our blogs would be dull without the hours you put in.

Can I also use this forum to tell you a few facts about blogging?  Maybe it will give you food for thought before you start up your own blog.  I have talked about this before, but perhaps I have some new readers...who knows?!

I have been blogging since Nov 2009.  I started blogging to show people that SL can be affordable for anyone.  I got sick of people begging for Lindens in stores because "It costs heaps to look stylish in SL".  I rejected this premise as I have not spent one cent of my own money.  I don't buy Lindens.  I earn them.  I have worked a whole variety of jobs in SL to enjoy my shopping habit, but it also meant that I became clever at finding bargains and freebies, and led to my hunting addiction.

To this day I still work to pay my rent and shop (I have a well-known hair collection).  I write for two magazines and manage a store for a friend.  I also organise bloggers for events as well as write my own blog as often as possible.  I am aiming for at least 6 days a week this year.

Do not get me wrong, I do receive free items to blog.  I blog events and for stores and am in groups where bloggers are given items to blog.  But, I also buy plenty of items from other events and stores that I pay for from my own pocket so that you, the reader, can see where to get bargains and items of awesomeness.

I do not make money from blogging items or getting sponsorship.  I want to have the freedom to blog what I want to blog and in the way I want to do it.  This means I work hard and juggle roles in SL to keep myself and this blog afloat. 

Please do not think this as a pity party.  That is not my intention.  It is just to let you know that if you decide to be a blogger then you need to have the right intentions.  If your intent is to get free stuff with minimal effort then you are in for a rude shock.  The bloggers I know work so hard at their craft.  They are always trying to improve their writing and their photography skills and they spend hours hunting out items, events and destinations for their posts.  I spend heaps or time each week on just this and making sure my blog is fresh and fun. 

I want to thank you for reading this blog.  I hope that you read my rant today.  If you are thinking about blogging make sure you look into what it takes.  It is not an easy road, but you meet the best people while doing it.

Also read this article from Sasy Scarborough Blogger, Blogga! Bloggrrr and see which one you want to be.

Hair/Hat:  Hype - Axel (from my inventory - Closed Store)
Tee:  Sky - Mesh Scribble Tee (I Give a Heart)
Tattoo:  C.H.P. - Infinity Tatto (I Give a Heart - Custom Work)
Shorts:  Ducknipple - Euro Shorts (New Release)
Sneakers:  ForbiddenBerry- High Top Sneakers (from my inventory)
Pose 1:  [socialANGtz] - Headphones Poses (from my inventory)
Pose 2:  Sari-Sari - RocknRoll 4 (from my inventory)
Pose 3:  Image Essentials - 1 Billion Pose (from my inventory)



I love getting out and about in SL and having a bit of a run around.  It is great having time to blow off some steam.

I have just a smidgen of time to do this post and throw it out to you, so please excuse the brevity of the chit chat.

Outfit:  SLX Outfit Shop - Nikkah (New Release)
Ring:  ZURI Rayna Jewelry - From the Heart Pink Diamond Ring (New Release)
Pose (Photo 1):  Infiniti - Air Guitar 1 (The Theme Park)

Hair:  Wasabi Pills - Lisa (faMESHed)
Pose (Photo 2):  Glitterati - Jewelled (MP Only)


The Collage - February

The new round of The Collage opens tomorrow and if you haven't managed to get to one of The Collage rounds then you seriously need to this time because you will LOVE what the fab designers have in store for you!  Today I have just a wee taste of what you will see there and I will try and give you more this week too.

The round goes from 23rd of Feb to the 5th of March and I wouldn't put off going over if you are wild about home and garden items.  You will even find a new house this round, and it is a stunner!



Just a quick postie today as I am doing that running around madly thing!  If you see some blonde chick run past screaming and waving her arms, that could be me.  Don't bother trying to stop me because I am on a mission.

That said and explained, on with today's delights...

Pose Prop:  Something New - Rain Down on Me (New Item)
Outfit including Shoes and Jewellery:  SLX Outfit - In Bloom (New Release)
Hair:  Wasabi Pills - Lisa (faMESHed)
Shape:  Panda Punx - Delora (Stuff in Stock)
Skin:  MIA14 @ The Theme Park - Ember (Previously Blogged)



Well, today had its ups and downs.  *Pauses for groans*  I love see-saws even as an adult.  I also like swings.  I can't resist them even now, so this see-saw from {what next} was irresistible for me too.

The 'dress' I am wearing says it is a Tied Vest, but it was just long enough to be a dress for me since my avi is a shorty.  The vest is from Ducknipple and is a new release item.

My shape is from Panda Punx and is called Delora.  You can find this at the new round of Stuff in Stock.  I am liking this curvy shape and it works well with this skin from MIA14 (no, I can't take them off...look at them!).  The skin is Ember and I am wearing the White tone. You can grab these from The Theme Park.

Hair:  ChiChickie - Catrin (Recent Release)
Shoes:  DECO - Mesh Daisy Walker - Coconut (from my inventory)
Pose (in Photo 2):  Sari-Sari - RocknRoll 2 (The Theme Park)


Beached As, Bro

I don't know if you have seen that YouTube video, but supposedly that is how people from Aryaland talk.  Personally I don't, but maybe there are some.  I will say that I do you the '... as' phrase.  For example, "That party was awesome as!"  We here in Aryaland are pretty laid back, in fact we are so laid back that we can't be bothered finishing the metaphor!  Who has time for that?

So, Tyson turned up, dragged me to a beach and the rest is history.

Shirt:  FABOO - Men's Open Beach Shirt - Tiki (The Thrift Shop)
Glasses:  [Z O O M] - Savannah Glasses (TTS)
Shorts:  ::ReeXeer:: - Make Love Not War Camo Shorts (free @ Menstuff)
Tattoo:  GrungeInk - Fly With Me (TTS)
Jandals/Flip-Flops:  *Citrus* - Men's Dark Brown Flip Flops
Pose Place:  Image Essentials - Beach


Rock Legend

I am not a rock legend.  I will never be.  This makes me a little sad cos I always imagined I could be one day, but when you are past a certain age that dream fades away.  Also it helps if you can actually play music to an accomplished level.

I also know that I promised Tyson would be featured in the next post, but he is a slacker and RL has called him away.  Pfft.  Lack of commitment if you ask me.  Kidding!

Anyway, today's rock post comes with items from The Theme Park where the theme is, coincidentally, Rock and Roll.

I decided to show you all the poses from Embody's Rock Chick set because they are so good!  One is a close up so you don't really get to see the pose, but I thought 6 photos might freak you all out a bit.  ROCK ON!

Top:  Leri Miles Designs - Ilona Tank - Red (Valentine's Gift)
Jeans:  Somnia - Bebop Jeans - Denim (The Theme Park)

Boots:  (red)Mint - Punk Boots - Red (from my inventory)
Rock Sign:  Sari-Sari - Rock Star Deco (TTP)

Piercings:  CoLLisions - Rock Me Amadeus Piercing Set (TTP)
Skin and Lipstick:  MIA14 - Ember - Healthy Glow and Red Vivid Lips (TTP)

Collar:  [tea.s] - Rock & Roll Collar - Gunmetal (TTP)
Tattoo:  PMS - Mechanical Sleeve Tattoo (The Thrift Shop)

Hair:  Tameless - Zaida (New Release)
Jukebox:  DIGS - Stanley Jukebox - Scarlet (TTP)


I Heart

I heart a lot of things actually.  I love my family and my cat.  I also love my friends, both RL and SL, and I love to show you great stuff.

Today I am piling a few items that, at first glance, don't really go together, but actually they work.  This is because I really wanted you to see them and I don't have time for 3 separate posts.

Tyson has some items for you too and he is nagging me, so when I have got this done I will sort him and you can have a guy post later or tomorrow.  Promise.

Outfit:  Coquet - Leather Jumper - Lipstick (The Theme Park)
Hair:  Truth - Ainsley
Skin:  MIA14 - Ember - Healthy Glow (The Theme Park)

Clock and Flower Jugs:  Atelier Visconti - Time to Love (Timeless Romance Gacha @ L'Accessories)
Chair:  Trompe Loeil - Nova Chair - Mercury (Collabor88)
Shoes:  {{BSD Design Studio}} - Stay Cool (My inventory)

Jewellery:  ZURI Rayna Jewelry - Forever Ruby/Chocolate/Gold Collection (New Release)
Lipstick:  MIA14 - Lips for Ember - Red Vavoom (The Theme Park)

House:  Trompe Loeil - Enakai Wavebreaker (Collabor88) 


Indigo and Gold

I am ignoring Valentine's Day today.  It was not a day I was looking forward to for a variety of reasons.  So, we will just move on...

This gorgeous gown and overcoat is from Senzafine.  It is called the 'Solveig' Gown Set and it is stunning.  I am wearing the Indigo colour, but the other colours are just as amazing.  This gown is at We Love Role-Play

The jewellery is also lovely.  It is from Zuri Rayna Jewellery and is the Embrace Collection in Lavender and Gold.  Perfect match for this gown.

The skin, lipstick and eyeliner I am wearing is from MIA14 (formerly MiaSnow).  The skin is called Ember and I am wearing the Pale version.  The lips are Mocha and the eyeliner is Lashes for Ember with Cateye Liner. You will find these at the new round of The Theme Park which opens soon.

My hair is from Wasabi Pills and is called Monique.  Poses are from !bang.



I am sorry I have not been posting the last couple of days.  Stupid RL has had me running about madly with no time to breathe.  I have finally stopped and am hoping to eat and breathe in that order.

So, before I run off to remember what sleep is, here is some goodies for you!  And, yes, I know I have my eyes closed in photo 4.  I am tired!

Hair:  adoness - Philippis - Cappuccino/Strawberry (Thrift Shop 4.0)
Earrings:  Plastik - Daedulus Earrings - Ivory (TTS)
Neck Tattoo:  elephante poses - "Secret Heart" Neck Tattoo (With Love Fair)
Belly Jewellery:  Phoebe - Devil Heart Belly Piercing (Feeb's Rascals St Gift)
Eyelashes:  Pink Acid - Clumper Eye Makeup (WLF)

Backpack:  [sYs] - Aquarius Backpack - White (WLF)
Outfit:  [SAKIDE] - Urban Track Outfit (TTS)
Sneakers:   Riske - Bones Sneakers (TTS)
Poses:  Purple Poses - Tricia (WLF)



I had some poses to show you and I had to borrow Tyson to make them work.  It got a bit awkward at points but we were very professional about it.  Hahaha! I lie.  We snickered and giggled and made snide comments through the whole thing.  The funniest thing was the height difference.  My avi is super short.  I had to use a different shape for these photos just to make us look semi-normal.  Even then I took the photos up high so that you couldn't see that I was floating about 2 feet off the ground.  Funny!

The poses are great, however, and are from Image Essentials for The Thrift Shop 4.0.  I have named the pose on the photos to make it easier for you to find them when you go to grab them!

Jacket - *Citrus* - Men's Denim Hoodie - Night (TTS)
Jeans:  *Citrus* -  Men's Jeans - Blue (TTS)
Shoes:  *Citrus* - Black Leather Slip Ons (TTS)

Skin:  Modish - Pixie - Dune (With Love Fair)
Shirt:  LIKE - Nicky Pink Plaid Shirt (TTS)
Jeans:  LIKE - Lala Cuffed Jeans - Pink (TTS)
Bag:  Perch - Shoulder Bag - Pink (TTS)
Headband:  [R3volt] - Heart Headband - Black (Gacha at WLF)
Jewellery:  Plastik - Krysis Choker and Bracelet -  Maiya - Rose and Plum (TTS)
Shoes:  Perch - Ashley Flats - Pink Dotty (TTS)



"Arya is currently in the corner rocking and mumbling, so I thought I would just get my post done today.  I am just quietly blogging one event and, as usual, there is not as many male items as female, so I am wandering about looking at things while she is blogging 2 events and probably juggling chainsaws and trying to balance on a tightrope at the same time.  I will leave her to it.  I know she thrives on it.

I managed to get into The Thrift Shop event yesterday and had a great time strolling about and watching people hanging about the gachas (gatchas? *shrug*).  I managed to find some items and, at the same time, had a shopping frenzy at *Citrus*.  Great stuff for guys.  They have a stand for the ladies as well.  The guys one is up near the front entrance on the right-hand side as you go in."

Sweater:  *Citrus* - Men's Fisherman Sweater - Plum (No, I did not know Arya was doing a Plum theme.  Weird though.)
Pants:  *Citrus* - Men's Cargo Shorts - Grunge
Hat:  -TartCake- - Slouchy Beanie - Grey (Men Only Gacha 2)
Bag:  Riske - Bomber Backpack



Blogging in SL comes in waves.  Sometimes you have a few things to blog and you just cruise along blogging the pieces you have and skipping about singing "la, la, la".  Then suddenly you are swamped in a load of items from events and you run around madly waving your arms in a panicked frenzy.

I am doing the latter at the moment.  I am blogging two AMAZING events and I just don't even know where to start.  This is a good thing as it means that there are loads of great items for you to go and grab!

The Thrift Shop 4.0 and the With Love Fair have both started and you have to go to both!  You really do.  I will be showing you more from both over the next few days.  Fun, fun, fun.

Top:  *Citrus* - Heather Made Me Do It Top - Plum (TTS)
Skirt and Leggings:  *Citrus* - Skirt n Leggings - Storm (TTS)
Poses:  Poseology - Lucille (TTS)

Necklace:  Phoebe - Dragon Heart Necklace (TTS)
Glasses:  SNAP - Jelly Bean Impact Glasses - Black (TTS)

Hair:  adoness - Andromeda - Pitch Black/Amethyst (TTS)
Lips:  Pink Acid - Dolly Dolly WL Heart Lips - Fuchsia (WLF) 
Ears:  SNAP - High Elf Ears (TTS)
Skin:  AKERUKA - Valentina Skin - Natural (WLF)


Dock of the Bay

Ty is not exactly 'sittin' by the dock of the bay' but he is close enough so we will go with that.  I do know that he is WAY better than me at finding cool places to do photos so I am happy to follow him about.

The sim is called Caprice.

His jacket/shirt/tie are the Men's Leather Dancer Jacket from *Citrus* and are the hunt item in the Jack or Jill Hunt. I am liking the pulled up collar and details of this jacket right down to the form on the skinny tie.  Way cool.

His jeans and glasses are from J&A Rock Culture and are part of the Exclusive Man set.  I am assured he will show the jacket from this set another day.  You will find all of these at The Thrift Shop 4.0.

His hair is a unisex style and is also at The Thrift Shop.  It is from adoness and is called Philippis.  I will be trying this style on my avi soon too.


My Milkshakes

I was in the yard making and drinking milkshakes and no boys turned up.  Not one.  I will admit I was a tad disappointed.  I even made four different flavours in case it was a taste thing, but no.  Nothing.

Still, on the upside I got to drink 4 milkshakes and they were better than yours...ok, no they weren't.  They were, however, from {what next} for Fifty Linden Friday.  There is Milkshake Mixer Sets A & B and they are fab!

Deck:  shutter field - Hidden Patio
Table Set:  {what next} - Garden Cafe Table

Dress:  {dollle*} - Ruffle Cami Dress (With Love Fair)
Shoes:  Perch - Ashley Flats - Twitterpated (The Thrift Shop)

Hair:  IrEn - Leanne 2 (TTS)
Necklace:  Maxi Gossamer - Anael Angel Heart - Short Silver (WLF)
Lipstick:  Panda Punx - Sugar Lips - Pink (TTS)