In the Shade

I am pretending it is warm outside today where I am.  It is not.  It is actually a bit chilly.  The sun is shining, but it is not warm.  The breeze is brisk and has a hint of ice in it.  I am ok with that because I love winter.  I can say that because we don't get snow in this part of the country.

Anyway, it is about time Autumn sorted itself out and told summer to naff off!  I am ready for snuggling in bed on cold nights and eating soup.

But in SL I can enjoy warm spring days and not hot ones where the sweat drips down your back and you don't want to move.  Ick.

This lovely Spring Arbor pose prop from Focus Poses is perfect for days such as this.  It is nice to sit in the shade and enjoy the sunset with a glass of iced tea.

My True Romance dress is from Sassy! at The 100 Block.  There is only a few days left of this event so make sure you get on over and grab some goodies.

And I grabbed these cool sandals from Pure Poison in 50L Friday last week.  They go with Slink Flat Feet and these will go with so many outfits.

Hair:  Truth Hair - Ainsley (from my inventory)


My Axe

Ok, so I was using this cool pose prop from Focus Poses and I felt all rocker.  However, when I did the title I had visions of Gimli form Lord of the Rings saying, "And my axe!"  I am a geek at heart, I confess.

This stage, LCD screen, Guitar Pedal and Guitar Amp are all in this Guitar Pose Pack and are available at the Pose Fair 2014.  It has 14 poses to get you rocking and has different options on the LCD screen.

All the items of my outfit are from Ducknipple.  I am wearing the Muis Jacket, Scotty Pants and Darcy Booties.  They each come with a HUD so you can change the colour to suit your mood.  NICE!

My hair is from the Gloster Hair from Tableau Vivant, skin is from Rowan from Panda Punx (for Fantasy Faire), and my lipstick and nails are from Senzafine (Genre)


Out For a Walk

I had nothing much to do today and since I know I am gearing up for a few upcoming events and and that my life will get crazy again, I decided to go for a wander.  I saw this sim on a blog and, although I have been here before, I saw that it had been revamped, so I decided to go and take a look.

The sim is called Dawn of Radiance and is definitely worth going for a visit as it has some great areas for photos or just exploring.

My outfit today is available from The Kollective and is called the Spring Mesh Hoodie Outfit.  It is a hoodie, jeans and a tee all in one.  SIMPLE!  You will find it at the Shadow Moon stall and there is a guys version too.

My glasses, sneakers, hair, braces and bag are all from the depths of my inventory but worked with this look today.  The glasses are the Zimmer Specs from [Umeboshi], Sky Sneakers are from *Tea Time*, hair is Megumi from Wasabi Pills, braces are from Tuli, and the bag is Flower from Gawk!

All my poses today are from SeVered Pose.  I used different ones from Set 1 and 2.  I like their poses cos they are cute!



You get two of us for the price of one today.  We are hanging out in the vineyard and enjoying some sunshine.

We are also showing off some more items from The 100 Block and some from the Monochromatic Fair.  It is a mixed bag!

This pose is called Purple Poses and is Couples Pose 357 (Monochromatic Fair)

Tyson has on The Fleur shirt and tie in green from Swagged Out.  His shape is from {HoStyle} Shapes and is called Noah.  He has blogged it previously. Both of these items are at The 100 Block.

Pants:  [Coepio] - Mr.One (from Ty's inventory)
Shoes:  *Citrus* - Mens Black Leather Shoes

This pose is also from Purple Poses and is Couples Pose 358 (MF).

My jacket/shirt combo is from Emporium and is Girl's Jacket #3.  The pants are from [SAKIDE] and are the Denim Worker Pants in Black.  You can grab these at The 100 Block.

These shoes are Ankle Boots in Black from even.flow (MF) and my hair is Fleur from Truth Hair at The Season's Story.

My shape and skin are from Panda Punx and are called Rowan.  You will be able to find these at the Fantasy Faire when it opens!



I saw this gorgeous dress at She & Him and had to show you.  It is from [SAKIDE] and is called the Flos Dress.  I am wearing the white version and it comes with a HUD so you can change the colour of the flowers.  I was in a lavender mood.

I teamed it up with these shoes which are also from [SAKIDE] and are part of an outfit called Bianca which is at the Monochromatic Fair.  I am liking them a lot!

My jewellery is from Moondance Jewels and are from a set called Celina.  I am wearing the necklace, earrings, bracelets and rings.  They are a recent release and you can find them at the mainstore.

All the poses I am using today are from Focus Poses and I am using a mixture of two sets.  They are from Model Set 132 and 133.  Great poses and perfect for showing off fashion items.

My hair is well-covered on the fashion blogs at the moment, but I didn't want to feel like I was missing out!  It is from Truth Hair and is called Elyse.

P.S. This was my first time using Firestorm.  My new laptop can handle the power.  I had fun playing with the windlights, but was a bit overwhelming with so many.  If you do photos, let me know your favourites!


Using Space

I have had this fab Studio Apartment skybox from {what next} at The Garden sitting in a folder ready to blog and today I grabbed it out and looked at it and wondered what I could put with it.  Then I looked through some other folders of things that needed blogging and they all seemed to go together.  Brilliant!

I was going to set up the whole skybox, but then I realised I could just show you how much you can fit in one room without looking like a scary hoarder.  So, all these photos are taken in the main room area of the skybox.

Tip:  Don't over clutter your room!

Kitchen:  !! Follow Us !! - Cottage Kitchen (Home Show)
Cake:  {what next} - Easter Cake - Chocolate Frosting (VIP Gift)

 Fridge:  !! Follow Us !! - From Cottage Kitchen Set (Homeshow)
Jars:  !! Follow Us !! - Easter Jars - Vintage and Chocolate (New Release)
Stool:  shutter.field - Tea Cup Stool - Dirty (New Release)
 Bench:  {what next} - Bramley Bench (New Release)
Lamp:  Kuro - Crystal Lamp - Blue (New Release)
Cat and Plant:  StoraxTree - Feline Treasures - Naptime - Siamese Q and Weathered Teapot Planter - Petunias - Blue (New Releases)
Chairs:  JoHaDeZ - Heavenly Armchairs A + B (Home Show)
Plant:  StoraxTree - Vintage Plant Stand Palm Big (New Release)
 Fireplace, Wall Art, Candles and Tree:  JoHaDeZ - Fireplace "Dream", Candle Tray "Heavenly, Wallart Set "Typo", and Planter with Tree "Vibrations" (Home Show)
Bowl, Sign:  22769 [bauwerk] - Big Clay Pot and Wasted Time (from Industrial Living Set at Men's Dept)
 Teddy Bear and Bowl, Ottaman:  22769 [bauwerk] - Teddy Bear, Bowl with Apples, and Industrial Ottoman (from Industrial Living Set at Men's Dept)
Cage, Sewing Machine and Board:  !! Follow Us !! - Easter Birdcage V2, Mon Petit Atelier (New Releases)


Cleaning Up

I have a variety of items from different designers and events for you to enjoy today.  I had loads of fun setting this up.  I was going to have a nice house and be a lovely housewife and then I thought it would be way more fun to set up a scene where we have a house that is really not worth cleaning.

In this case the shack is from the MadPea Lost Mine Hunt.  It is a gift from Never Totally Dead and comes with the water tower too.  Loads of fun.

The other house items are from {what next} and I found them in my folder and feel bad that I haven't blogged them earlier.  They include the ladder, all the cleaning items and the clothes line.

The ladder comes with poses so you can wash the windows, have a break and be lazy.  I didn't see any point in washing the windows in this house.

The Bramley Rocking Chair is also from {what next} and is a recent release.  It comes with a pillowed and non-pillowed version and, of course, the cushion comes with a texture change option.

My outfit today is a mixture too.  My hair is a new release from Truth called Betsy and the outside of the rollers is colour-changeable.

The top and pants are from PiCHi at The 100 Block.  The top is called Plissee and I am wearing the apple green colour.  The pants are called Jolina and I am wearing the white pair.

The gorgeous jewellery is from {me.} at the Monochromatic Fair.  I am wearing the MyHeart Earrings and Necklace in silver and green.  LOVELY!

I have blogged this [ZENTRO] Butterfly Tattoo (The 100 Block) before but I thought since I was showing my tummy that you could see it better!

And the shoes are from [SAKIDE].  They are from an outfit called Bianca from The Monochromatic Fair. I blogged the blue version of this outfit the other day (HERE).


The Collage - Inside

As promised here is Part 2 of The Collage posts.  This one is aptly named 'Inside' and you will never guess why!  Technically the building is outside, I know, but just humour me.  It went with the other inside items.

The Collage runs til the 5th of May so make sure you get on over there and take a looksee for yourself.


The Collage - Outside

These items are all from the new round of The Collage which has started.   I have split them into two groups and labelled them two very creative names.  The first one is 'Outside' and the second one in 'Inside'.  I know you are stunned at my imagination!

With that awe in mind, check out these great items from 'Outside'.  I will say, that some of them could be used in or out, but don't ruin my fun!


Alone Time

Sometimes in Sl it is nice to wander off and spend some time looking about.  I love finding new sims to explore.  This one is not new, but I hadn't been here for a while so I enjoyed the view.  Check out Black Kite.

Jacket:  {PopTart} - Grunge Cardi - Black/Plaid Hate (Suicide Dollz)

Skirt:  B Bos - Elle Skirt - Tartan Red II (The Monochromatic Fair)
Boots:  [SAKIDE] - Leather Army Boots (from my inventory)
Tattoo:  [ZENTRO] - Smile Now Cry Later (The 100 Block)

Piercings:  Cute Poison - Ova Piercing Pt 1 & 2 (The 100 Block)
Hat/Hair:  Maitreya - Sasha - Bistre (from my inventory)


Pinot Noir

I live in a wine growing region in RL.  I have lots of favs, but I do love a good red.  I am partial to a lovely pinot noir and a fruity merlot, but won't turn down a white wine either and enjoyed a drop or two of pinot gris and arneis over our summer.

So, when I saw these fabulous vines from Botanical I knew I could create a little taste of home in my backyard and live out a wee dream of mine of having my own vineyard (not that I know anything about growing or processing grapes for wine, but why let that stop me?).

This Touch-To-Change Vineyard set is available at The Garden and, as with all T2C items, you can use the hud to change your vines depending on the season which means 4 seasons with 1 item.  Easy!

The cart is also from Botanical and comes with great poses so you can relax and watch other people pick the grapes!

Crates:  Dreamscapes Art Gallery - *Garden* Crates B (from my inventory)

Jacket:  K-Code - Scarlet 1 (New Release)
Jeans:  K-Code - Sarah 5 (New Release)
Lipstick:  Senzafine - Moonglow Lip Color - Vintage Reds - Cherry (Genre)
Boots:  Fir & MNA - Wellies (from my inventory)
Hair:  Truth - Sadie (from my inventory)
Tank:  Jane - Intrinsic Tank - Khaki (from my inventory - closed store)