Love Denim


I am a denim chick.  I love jeans and a tee and sneakers.  I just like the comfort.  In SL I just love the casual clothes, but am also happy to glam up every now and then.

Today is a real Arya look.  Messy hair and a great pair of jeans.  Perfect.

All my items today are previews of the upcoming Thrift Shop 10.0.  No LM til it opens.  I know you all too well!

I took these photos on the Junk sim.

Tee and Jeans:  Citrus - Gal's Ripped Jeans and T Skulls Blue
Sneakers:  Citrus - Gal Skaters White
Poses:  Verocity - Kristi

Hair:  Tukinowaguma - Leyla
Necklace:  J&A Accessories - Rock Necklace
Bracelet:  J&A Accessories - Wattled Bracelet - B&W
Bracelet:  J&A Accessories - Zipper Bracelet Four

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