Pre-20th Century


Right, and here are the Vintage Fair items that look Pre-20th Century.  I am in love with these!  They are stunning.  The photos do NOT do them justice!

Background is from PNP and is same as last post, cos I did pics at same time and forgot to change background.  Way too lazy to do them all over again.

Here is your carriage to the Vintage Fair.

Pic 1:
Dress and Hat:  Lisa L - Audrey
Pose: aDORKable - Stroll 1 (not in fair)

Pic 2:
Gown and Acessories:  Vassnia - Steampunk Diva
Pose:  aDORKable - Stroll 6 (not in fair)

Pic 3:
Gown and Accessories:  Avatar Bizarre - Marie Antionette
Pose:  Amacci - Model 8b (not in fair)

Pic 4:
Gown and Accessories:  Designs by Isaura - Camille Emerald Outfit, Jewellery and Shoes
Pose:  Amacci - Model 12b (not in fair)

Pic 5:
Outfit and Acessories:  Gizza - Steampunk Outfit
Pose:  Amacci - Model 17b (not in fair)

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