Boys Stuff


Ha, bet you were expecting to see Mister, but no!  It is my friend, Riley, who agreed to come back and show some group gifts and stuff from a hunt.

The Hunt is the Mr Hunter Hunt v.iii.  It is for the boys and they have some cool stuff.  The website with hunt hints is HERE.

I am hoping I will be able to convince him to model for me another time.  I didn't yell at him too much.

Pic 1:
Outfit:  **Ydea Style** - Rican (0L)
Boots:  Latreia - Ken (Mr Hunter #28)
Pose:  Stakey - Handmade 2 (Mr Hunter #6)
Skin:  NIVARO - Brando 'Berserker' (150L @ The Mens Dept)

Pic 2:
Oufit:  LnL - O-187 (Mr Hunter #7)
Pose:  Stakey - Handmade 6 (Mr Hunter #6)

Pic 3:
Outfit: Shadow Moon - Black - Scorpion White (Mr Hunter #24)

Pic 4:
Tee:  Attic - Hello Deer - Rolled Sleeves Shirt  (Mr Hunter #25)
Pants:  22769 - Skaterpants - Black (The Mens Dept)

Pic 5:
Jacket and Shirt:  Heaven's Gate - Men's Pea Coat (Group Gift - 0L to Join)
Pants:  22769 - Skaterpants - Brown (The Mens Dept)

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