Awesome Group


So, I joined this awesome group called 'What's New SL?' Some awesome creators/designers are a part of this and the opening gifts were amazing!

Through this I discovered a great sim called 'The Deck'. I love this sim! One of my new fav creators is located there and I go there often to drool over her amazing stuff. I am pretty sure she thinks I am stalking her. =)

Today, I thought it would be fun to show you some of the stores at The Deck and see if we can pick up any freebies along the way. Jump on the bus with me and join the tour.

In this pic, I am wearing as many of the free things from The Deck as I can and I took the picture at The Deck sim. Lovely place to wander. You can just tp to the main area and teleport to each of the stores from the TP Sign. Here is a run-down from head to toe:

Right Arm Bracelet: YourShape Silverblack bracelet (0L)
Left Arm Bracelet: YourShape Wooden Bracelet (0L)
Skin: Tori-Wear Tan St Pats Edition - but just as nice when not St Patrick's Day!(0L)
Necklace: Tori-Wear Shamrock Special Edition Necklace (0L)
Socks: Miel Refurbished Socks (subscriber gift)
Shape: Luscious Pixels: Danee (subscriber gift)
Pose: Adorkable Poses: Kitty Stretch in Pic 1 (0L)
Casual Male in Pic 2 (0L)
Hair Sticks: Essentia (0L)
Urbanity: Yummeh Twig - in mouth (0L)

Not from The Deck:
Hair: Maitreya Piper 2 - Pitch (not free)
Top: Kenzie and Co - Houndstooth Cami Green (see yesterday's blog for URL) (0L)
Skirt: Kenzie and Co - Checkered Prim Skirt Black (see yesterday's blog for URL) (0L)

Now for that creator I am stalking....I mean...not stalking: Whimsy Winx. Her store is at The Deck too and here are some of her creations that I got for free as a group gift from 'What's New SL?'. I am in awe of her work (and I am truly not stalking her...much).

Whimsy Winx: Beachcomber Deluxe (Above Pic)

Whimsy Winx: Lotus Water Temple Gazebo

Skin: Brickhouse Designs (Came through as gift in FabFree Group)
Tattoos: Rainbow Chaser - Flowers Snow Tattoo (another store freebie at The Deck)
Eyes and Lashes: Staged - (Came through while I was taking these pics (YAH!) as group gift)
Bikini: Paradisis - White Heart (Got this bikini on Lucky Chair at old store, so not sure if still possible to get them).

Other Items Free @ The Deck Not Shown:
YourShape: Earrings
Adorkable Poses: Emoter HUD and Bag of Pose Freebies
Darkmatter: Lovely Textures

Hope I didn't miss any others. If I have and you have seen any at the sim, let me know. Oh, and if you want to join 'What's New SL?' you can go to The Deck and click on the group joiner signs all over the sim.

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