I am enjoying the amazing items from the RFL Home & Garden Expo and I found all these beach items to throw together to create this scene for you to enjoy.  I hope you have all been over to the Expo because there is soooo much to see and it is also a great chance to discover some new stores or stores you have never seen before.  I know I have.

The main item here is Darkmatter's Waterfall-Deck (Hope 4).  I have used it as the background for all the shots below.

~also Known as~ Beach Hut Teal RARE, Stool Crate Blue Shell B, Stool Crate Teal Shell D (Hope 9)
Whims-A-Plenty - RFL Exclusive Beach Coral Planter, Stool Crate Teal Plain, Long crate Blue (Hope 1)
[The Mesh Cloud] - Log Fire with Glowing Embers + Access Control (Hope 2)
~Darkmatter~ - Shell 2, Shell 3, Shell 4, Shell 5 (Hope 4)
Lunar Seasonal Designs - Western Reef Heron (Hope 2)
True North Designs - Saskatoon Berry Coolers (Hope 3)

.:Tm Creation:. - [LoveDream] - Blanket PG anims. Couple - 2 single sit. v.B1 (Hope 3)
Cleo Design - @ Beach Set - Hanging Chair Gazebo, picnic basket, Fruit Cocktail Table, Beach Towel, popsicles (Hope 7)
Lunar Seasonal Designs - Great White Egret (Hope 2)

{e}lusive - Garden Set with color hud (Hope 3)

{LORE} - Sundial (Hope 9)
~Darkmatter~ - Waterfall-Deck (Hope 4)

This seemed like a good place to just chill and wait for the storm to roll in.  The sky looks ominous enough that is for sure.  I hope there is no lightning though cos I am thinking that standing next to a large metal object is probably not such a great idea.

While we wait for the rain I will tell you about what I am wearing which is all Men Only Monthly stuffs of course.

Hair:  :CHEVEUX:  M107 Hair
Tattoos:  DAPPA - Lonely Tattoo.
Overalls:  [Gild] - Overalls with skittle
Jandals:  ELYSIUM - Dude flipflop
Pose:  Le Poppycock-Unwind

I have some more RFL Home & Garden Expo items to show you today and these are set up outside the Mechelle House from Glas Houses (Hope 8) that I featured yesterday.  This is the back patio of that build and is a great place to set up your plants, outdoor seating and dining sets.  I have managed to find some items that go with the mid-century modern feel of the house, so I hope you enjoy.

Couch:  [The Mesh Cloud] Wicker Furniture Set Texture Change Love Seat (Hope 2)
Big Plant:  True North Designs - Lavender Frangipani Planter (Hope 3)
Little Plants:  ~Adorably Strange Wares~ The Bluegrass Back Porch Garden ~ Lilac, Tulip, Iris, Hortensia, Lavender, Hibiscus, Daffodil, Foxglove (Hope 6)

Birdbath:  The Olde Attic - Lady Claret Bird Bath (Hope 1)
Potted Plants:  [ Organica ] Potted Hyacinths (pail) Deep Magenta, Deep Purple, Slate Blue, Sherbet, Light Blue, Orange, Yellow, Light Pink, White, Light Purple (Hope 6)

Bench and Ottoman:  Raindale ~ storage bench and storage ottoman (Hope 6)
Palm:  ~also Known as ~ Feather palm in Creme planter (Hope 9)
Planter:  [Chic buildings] Portico Plants and Planter (Not in Expo - On9)

Bistro Set:  Simple Reflections - Breakfast Bistro Set (Hope 4)
Buckets:  Raindale ~ Flower buckets (Hope 6)
Rattan Pot:  Azalea Bluebell ~ Flowers with Rattan Pot (Hope 2)
Little Plants:  [ Organica ] Potted Hens & Chicks (RFL Blue) and Pail Potted Hens & Chicks (Hope 6)
Stool and Plant:  Love Everlasting PlantPets ~ Garden Cottage Plant Stand Stool (Hope 2)

I am packing my bags and moving in to this wee gem.  Imagine it overlooking the sea and sipping iced tea with your feet in the little pool.  Just perfect.

There are a mix of items from some great stores and events here but they all work so well together!  Make sure you race on over to each event because they are not around forever!  You don't want to miss out.

Serenity Style:  Counting Waves Gacha - Bungalow RARE (Tres Chic)
Wire Tray:  :HAIKEI: The Way I Feel_Gacha / {2}(Kustom9)

[Merak] - Travel Preparations - Crate/Bonus Decor w/o Logo, Travel Planning (Tres Chic)
Serenity Style- Counting Waves - Chair, Pot (Tres Chic)
Tray:  :HAIKEI: The Way I Feel_Gacha / {4} (Kustom9)

Serenity Style- Counting Waves - Bed, Stool, Picture (Tres Chic)
[Merak] - Travel Preparations- Flower Bouquet, World Map, Vintage Storage Box, Adventure Globe (Tres Chic)
{Your Dreams} - Cute Puppies - Bailey (Tres Chic)

I snickered when I saw Ty's post from the other day for two reasons:

1.  He IS a slacker
2.  I worked out that he did his photo on the same sim as me with no prior discussion!

Coincidence?  Well, yes, actually.

Today I have some delicious items from On9 for you to savour.  On9 Started back on the 9th but they are still going strong and would be a good time to hop on over with the crowds dispersed!

Hair:  [elikatira] - Nura (Not On9)
Glasses:  HAYSURIZA_Eyewear - Love heart
Dress:  [Aleutia] - Jasmine
Necklace:  Baubles! by Phe - Something Borrowed - Silver
Pose:  FOXCITY. - Formal VOL2 Bento Set
Skin:  7 Deadly s[K]ins - HAWAI  [AK] - apricot (Ultra)

I had a whole heap of fun while I did this shoot today.  I wanted to make it look authentic and retro so I donned an outfit and glammed up to look the part.  Yes, I guess you could say I played dress-ups but don't I do that every day.  Anyway, as long as I smiled and had fun who cares?

The whole set is from Kraftwork and it is all so cool!  You can grab bits separately too and also an empty plane if that is more your thing.

Here are the important details:

KraftWork Heathrow, 1970:

Heathrow, 1970 @ 6th Republic (FULL SET)
KraftWork Heathrow, 1970 The Retro 747 Upper Deck PG or ADULT
KraftWork Heathrow, 1970 Food Cart (custom poses by Hera)
KraftWork Heathrow, 1970 Luggage Trolley (custom poses by Hera)
KraftWork Heathrow, 1970 LHR Print (wall)
KraftWork Heathrow, 1970 Underground (wall)

And you will be even more excited when I tell you there is more to come of this amazing set.  This is only part 1!

While Arya blogs all the tricky stuff I just get to turn up in SL and wander about doing my thing without a care in the world.  Seems fair to me.  I will leave the setting up of home & garden stuff with all its heavy lifting to the pro!

Good news for me is that the new round of Men Only Monthly is upon us and that means a veritable cornucopia of manly delights for us to enjoy.

Hair:  -S E V E N - Angelo Hair
Outfit:  sharp by [ZD] MORTEN SLACKS & BLAZER
Shoes:  :::NOIR::: Keith Moccasins
Glasses:  [Z O O M] Carethor Glasses
Pose:  Le Poppycock-Cool off

The Relay for Life Home & Garden Expo is open and has 9 sims of houses, furniture, skyboxes, decor and outdoor items for you to peruse.  You can also enjoy some gacha machines and a hunt if that is more your style!

I am going to be showing you what is on offer and you will not be disappointed.  There is something for everyone!

House:  Glas Houses -Mechelle Mesh (Hope 8 - all inside shots also this house)
Daybed:  ~also Known as~ Four Seasons Daybed (Hope 9)
Plants:  Love Everlasting Plantpets ~ Floor Plant Mums  *Red* and Floor Plant Mums  *Neon* (Hope 2)
Windchime:  True North Designs - Vintage Seahorse Wind Chime (Hope 3)
Suitcase: by Dekute Dekore - [Mesh] Suitcase Welcome Chalkboard (Hope 7)

Lounge Items:  Sahi Designs - Davis Living Room - Light ADULT: Table, Desk, Chair, Lounger, Forever Photo Frames (Hope 1)
Tray:  Cleo Design - Set 8 - Tea Tray and Plant (Hope 7)
Plant:   ~also Known as~ Banana tree in Creme planter (Hope 9)

Plants:  Love Everlasting Plantpets ~ Floor Plant *Green* and Floor Plant *Lime* (Hope 2)
Sahi Designs - Davis Living Room - Light ADULT: Family Photo Frames, Couch, Table (Hope 1)
Clock:  Glas Houses - Mid Century Modern Wall Clock N*7 (Gotya #7 - Rare (Hope 5)

Plants in Cups:  TERRASHOP - Crocuses in the Cup, Primroses in the Cup, Snowdrops in the Cup, Cyclamen in  the Cup (Hope 8)
Table, Chairs and Food:  *Dench Designs* Dinner Table - Sunday Roast (Hope 7)
Chair:  ::velvetena::. Crafty Her Club Chair v1.5 (Hope 4)
Picture:  Dreamscapes Art Gallery - ***A Truck with a View*** RFL (Hope 3)
Plant:  ~also Known as~Feather palm in Creme planter (Hope 9)
Bookcase:  World of Wood ~ Bookshelf ~ (Hope 2)

Found this cool place to stand and take a picture and then the waves splashed up and I got a bit of a right.  Lucky this was not RL or I would have been soaked.  Yay for SL.  Also good that I was wearing swimwear.  However, if this had been RL I would have looked surprised and could have entered it on one of those video shows.  Oh well.

Pose:  Image Essentials - Anna V2 b (Designer Showcase)
Swimwear:  MOoH! Ruby outfit Black
Shoes:  ..::ILLI::.. Eva Espadrille Wedges (Tres Chic)
Hair:  =DeLa*= Mesh Hair "Maree" (TC)
Tattoos:  .::Nanika::. Alexandra tattoo Black (On9)
Watch:  [Z O O M] Moylan Watch: Classic Edition TC)
Necklace:  [Enchante'] - Choker Star (TC)
Skin:  7 Deadly s{K}ins - Moreya - Apricot (Applique)

I am so excited about the new round of Tres Chic.  There are so many delicious items for you to view and grab.  It is also the 2nd anniversary of Tres Chic and so you know what that means for you?  Yes!  Pressies!  Make sure you are in the group though or no presents for you.

The round opened today so be patient if you can't get in straight away.  It is definitely worth the wait!

Outfit:  BC. Dana. (Tres Chic)
Hair:  TUKINOWAGUMA - Ozuna [E] (TC)
Glasses:  [evoLove] - Hexagon Glasses (TC)
Bag:  Mowie. - "Laetitia" Bag (TC)
Watch:  [Z O O M] Moylan Watch: Classic Edition (TC)
Jewellery:  [Avenge] Pollon necklace and earrings (TC)
Shoes:  :::NOIR::: Riley Heels (TC)
Pose:  Pose It-Bridal Portrait 9 (On9)

Nice day for stopping to smell the roses.  These roses looked so amazing that I had to stop and take the photos here.  So gorgeous.

Worked well with my lovely cocktail dress.  Bit more of a formal look and available in great colours. you can get this at On9 which opened, not surprisingly, on the 9th of this month!

Dress:  *Me Sew Sexy* Vintage Cocktail Dress Red (On9)
Shoes:  {Livalle} Marissa -High Platform Heels- Noir (Fifty Linden Friday)
Hair:  ICONIC - MORGANA  (On9)
Pose:  an lar [poses] The Tara Mini Series (Tres Chic - opens on 17th)
Makeup:  *Booty's Beauty* Omega Lipstick ~ Emotion and Eyeshadow ~ Hard Candy

Have some encyclopedias to sell and for some unknown reason I am unable to get rid of them.  I asked one customer why she wasn't interested and she replied, "Google it."  I did but was none the wiser.  Cryptic.

Still, at least I have a new suit to show off and I am feeling good.  Found a nice place to eat my lunch too which was a bonus.

Pose:  Image Essentials - Kai (b)
Suit and Shirt:  KiB Designs - Diego (Garage Fair)
Hair:  TRUTH HAIR Tom -  browns
Boots:  A&D Shoes -Seattle
Bag:  David Heather// Obsidian Bag