Yeah, I know.  It is not Friday.  Meh.  A guy can be hopeful right.  Maybe if I wish hard enough...

In the meantime Men Only Monthly is set to begin and, as usual, they are dishing up a whole pile of great stuff for you to nab.  Don't wait til the last minute.  Get on over.

Pose:  an lar [poses] The Quinn Series
Shirt:  [Excellence ] Shirt_EGO - Blue
Pants:  [ Excellence ] Pants_EGO - Black
Sandals:  Kenvie . Sandals Slippers Black
Hair:  [bade] Bruno

And the goodies keep coming from On9.  I put this on today and fell in love with this whole look.  I love the cotton look of the flowy pants and top.  Gorgeous and comfy looking at the same time.

Outfit:  ~La Gazza Ladra~ Pattaya Sun . Pants and Top - Rose (On9)
Sandals:  [MODA] ZHANG FLOWER SANDAL (On9 -  I know I have shown these heaps but they work so well with everything and they have a colour change hud and...and...well they are so cool!)
Poses:  Nantra Poses - Purple Rain (Not at On9)

Hair:  *~*Damselfly*~*Alizee (faMESHed)
Head Jewels:  Baubles! by Phe PariHeadJewels - Silver (On9)
Tattoos:  .::Nanika::.Zara tattoo White torso (On9)

A simple post today but the item I am showing is not simple at all.  It is stunning and if you are into fantasy or just want a gorgeous look for your backyard then you have to get this!

The Fairytale White Gazebo from *CHEZ MOI* is available at Indie Teepee and if you haven't been to this event now is your chance.  Go take a look about while you are grabbing the gazebo.  It also comes in a lovely brown wood texture if white is not your thing.

I love Nantra Poses.  That Nan is so clever with her pose sets.  This one is loads of fun.  The set is called Hoop Dancer and it just adds a bit of pizzazz to some dance moves with the cool hoops.  Race on over to the Liaison Collaborative to nab this funky set.  Not sure when this round closes so go now!

I teamed it up with this fun swimsuit from {Posh Pixels} called Elle.  You can grab this in a variety of colours at the latest round of Designer Circle.

And check out this hair from [KoKoLoReS] Hair called Lilou.  It is the current VIP gift for group members only.

I just had to try out this Trompe Loeil Selah Rock Bath Set and the perfect place for it was overlooking the sea with some torches for light, a good red wine and some fruit to snack on.  What more could a girl as for?

The bath, shelf and table are all at faMESHed for the July round, but don't dilly dally as I am sure they will be getting ready for the August round pretty soon.

I have some more items from Boys of Summer to share with ya.  I feel like I have a bit of a Zac Efron vibe today.  I may break out into song at any moment.  No, I won't because I have my head in the game and that is the game of fashion.  Ha.

Hair:  [Boss Style] Adam
Tee and Shorts:  BlankLine - Pocket tee/SurfPants
Lifeguard Items:  Shutter Field (not at BOS)

Sick of my posts from On9 yet?  I should think not because they are awesome!  Well the clothes and accessories are anyway, shame about my photos!

This great little number is from Lavian&CO  and is called Cantonese Boy.  Not sure why cos is for girls but there ya have it.

Poses:  Pose It-Asia (On9)
Shoes:  [MODA] - Zhang Flower Sandal Platform (On9)

Jewellery:  Snowpaws - Half Moon Earrings and Necklace - Pearl (On9)

Yesterday was elephants so today called for camels and, thankfully, none of them spit at me.  Bonus.  I also have some more delights from On9.  Trust me this event is a 'must-see' as it is all soooo good.

I am having such a blast with all this stuff.  Good reason to break out some moves!

Poses:  {NanTra} Bollywood Dreams (Not at On9)
Outfit:  Entice - Radha Outfit (On9)

Hair:  *TUKINOWAGUMA* Ferdinand B (On9)
Necklace:  Snowpaws  - Sterling Silver Necklace - Black Stone (On9)
Nails:  alme.   Oriental Dark (On9)
Head Jewel:  Baubles! by Phe PariHeadJewels - Silver (On9)

I am loving these guys.  I spent so much time staring at the elephants that I almost forgot to do the pic.  Luckily I did remember as you can see.

Yes, I know I am mixing my Asian countries, but I like to think she is travelling to different countries and picking up clothes as she goes.  That is my backstory and I am sticking to it.

Outfit:  :: PurpleMoon :: MeiMei Dress (On9)
Hat:  :: PurpleMoon :: MeiMei Non La -natural- (On9)
Sandals:  [MODA] - Zhang Flower Sandal (On9)

The Boys of Summer event is gearing up and starts on the 16th and runs til the 31st of July.  Plenty of time for you lads to get on over and score from great gear.

I have a couple of items to show you today as a teaser.  Plenty more coming.

Pose:  {NanTra} Touchdown (Not at BOS)
Hair:  [^.^Ayashi^.^] Kiyoshi
Tattoos:  Endless Pain - Raru
Pants:  A&D Pants ~Costner

I have more one post with items from Men Only Monthly to show you before it closes for the month ready for the August one to start.

This great ensemble from N-Uno is made up of 4 pieces:  Steve Pants // N-1, Steve Top // N-1, Steve Vest // N-1 and Steve Jacket // N-7.

My skin is from Go&See and is the Ronin Summer - B + Soft Shaved.

Race over and grab them before the event closes.

You know me.  Any excuse to dress up and I am there.  I would go to the opening of an envelope if I could wear some kind of costume.  I would probably go as a stamp.

Anyway, when this outfit got dropped on my doorstep I was in it faster than you can say, "Off with her head!".

Although then I HAD to run and grab this hair I had seen...

Outfit and Shoes:  {POSH PIXELS} Alice (Alice in Wonderland - opens on 15th)
Poses:  .mien - whirl (from my inventory)
Scene:  {POSH PIXELS} Wonderland Unscripted Skybox (Alice in Wonderland)

Hair:  Stealthic - Midsummer Night (The Seasons Story)