Having one of 'those' days.  You know the ones where you want to wear a sign saying, "Do not breathe near me".  Where up is down and left is right and you just want to be in bed with the covers over your head.  Yep, one of them.

This post sums it up.  Just stand at a distance and throw chocolate.

Outfit:  {AnaMarkova}- Melissa Sage (On9)
Boots:  Ducknipple Mesh - Paralized Boots w HUD
Hair:  *~*Damselfly*~*Shaylee (The Fantasy Collective)

The Arcade opens its doors on the 1st of June and, as usual, there are some great items to be got...if you are lucky.

Trompe Loeil has these great Pop-Up Camping Sites as their items and this one I am sitting on is the June one.  Each wee site has the same basic components but is slightly different based on the month or season.

Great easy to use camping for you and your friends.  No assembly required!

Going for a slightly different look today.  Got a bit of an unwashed vibe going.  Not sure this is the guy you would take home to meet the folks.  Still, some awesome stuff from this round of Men Only Monthly.

All of the items shown today can be found at MOM and there is HEAPS more to see so get ready to see more great stuff over the next week or so.

Jeans:  Legal Insanity - Lucious baggy bandana old jeans
Poses:  SKBIOanimations - Lucas

Shirt:  Fabulous.And.Trendy - Izumi Front Slit Shirt
Tattoos:  .Facade. :: Nautical Nonsense FADED

I wanted to get this post out quick to show off this lovely hair from Elikatira that is the 50L Friday item this week.  I am not sure if it comes in this particular colour but is the same style.  I already had this in my inventory.

The necklace is from .:ECCO:. and is the Geometric Set Necklace in Silver.  Grab this at The Thrift Shop 13.0.

This great outfit is from ArisAris and can be found at On9.  It comes with a gorgeous floppy hat too but I wanted to show the hair so didn't add it.  Looks great with it though.

The shoes are from E-Clipse Design and are the Seraphin Heels in White.  These are also at On9.

Now you know me (well, ya do if you have read for a while) and you also know I am not a huge fan of gachas.  However, sometimes they are a necessary evil so I can get items I want, even I do it with much sighing, moaning and the odd curse word thrown in.

With that in mind I have decided to have a clean out so if you are a gacha junkie, listen up.

I have a gacha area with my friend, Kav, where I have put out some very recent items including a gorgeous cafe (RARE) from Schultz Bros.  These are set at diff prices, but less that pull price (well, except for the cafe) although I am willing to negotiate.  You will also find items from the latest round of Whimsical from Artisan Fantasy if you so need them.


I just wanna get rid of it all so make me an offer on anything!
One of the things I love about Serenity Style is the variety of fabulous home and garden items that Hans offers as well as the wonderful ease with which you can match things that aren't necessarily made to go together but work anyway.

As an example of this I have items from four different sets from Serenity Style which are all on offer around SL at the moment.  I set up one to do photos and then another in separate part of the room, then realised that they will work together.  That made me wonder what else I could put in and blend together.

This is the result:

Hot Air Balloons:  Paper Mache Hot Air Balloons (Whimsical)
2 Chairs, Table with Accessories:  Criisti Set (Tres Chic)
Sofa and Table with Accessories:  Marta Coastal Sofa and Table (LTD:  The Event)
Puf, Table, Plant, Candle, and Wall Frames:  Bring it to me gacha (The Liaison Collaborative)

I went redhead today as I wanted to show you this gift hair from MINA Hair at faMESHed.  I think I can do redhead.

I am also showing you this sweet flower cart I grabbed in gacha at Whimsical.  It is from Artisan Fantasy and I managed to get all the bits!

I have some spares if anyone needs any!  Just yell.  We can negotiate.

Dress:  [American Bazaar] - Ivory Sweet Dress   White (Anybody May)
Shoes:  JamBee > Shoes > Norma Studded Pumps (The Thrift Shop 13.0)

Lipstick and Eyeshadow: alaskametro - "Color Trends" Lipstick - Peach Gloss and Eyeshadow - Fiesta (On9)
Necklace:  (Kunglers) - Cida necklace - Garnet (On9)
Hair:  MINA Hair - Juliet - FaMESHed gift (faMESHed)

I am smarter than your average bear so I found this abandoned picnic area a pretty good place to put my feet up, listen to some NBA on the radio (go, OKC Thunder) and partake in some pic-a-nic goodness.

Speaking of goodness...(see what I did there?)

The new round of Men Only Monthly began on the 20th and have some great new items to get ya sorted.

Vest and Tee:  //Ascend// Enrique Shirt + Shirt & vest (MOM)

Hair:  *~*Damselfly*~*Coffee (Hairology)
Beard:  [UrbaniX] Yusef Facial Hair 2 (MOM)

I just saw 'Captain America:  Civil War' and loved it, so felt like adding a comic book vibe to my post today.  I am not sure what side this chick is on, but I will be on her side!  Looks like she can kick butt and look fab doing it.

Top:  [American Bazaar] - Look at me Top Red (The Dark Style Fair)
Skirt:  [American Bazaar] - Ygritte Skirt Dark Plaid (TDSF)
Shoes:   [creepy Twins] Slink Laced Heels - Yin (Thrift Shop 13.0)
Leg Straps:  *Never Wish* - Heart Leg Straps - Pastel (TTS 13.0)
Piercings:  ~Tantalum~Abbey Eyebrow Piercings and Caye Nose Piercing (TTS 13.0)
Jewellery:  *AvaWay* Red LADYBUG Jewelry Set (On9)
Tattoo:  PMS - Night Owl Tattoo (TTS 13.0)

You know I don't often promote sales etc, but I have a LOVELY friend in SL that needs your help.

"Due to a call from my lawyer this morning, I have to raise as much as I can toward some emergency legal fees. Thus, I am having a mega sale at the mainstore!

50% off all sets, all gachas (first time gachas have ever been on sale!) and gift cards!

Any help with getting info out about the sale is much appreciated! Feel free to post the sale ad anywhere. Thanks in advance, folks!"

So go over, grab some of the BEST poses in SL and help an SL buddy out.  TAXI.

It is almost bikini weather for some.  Not me, but I am not complaining for 2 reasons:

  1. I don't wear bikinis
  2. I love winter!
Still, I can enjoy SL summer as it doesn't get hot.  That is the worst part of summer for me.  I am the only one complaining because this spring is dragging on.  Today we had thunder storms and rain and I wanted to run outside and dance in the rain.

Bikini:  {POSH PIXELS} Beach Babe - Daisies (Designer Circle)
Poses:  grafica ~ mantle (On9)
Shoes:  ::SlackGirl:: Navigate Slink (On9)

Hair:  [KoKoLoReS] Hair - Aella (May Group Gift)

Been AWOL for a few days so thought I had better get myself sorted and throw up a post.

We are getting ready for the next round of Men Only Monthly so make sure you get yourself over when it starts on the 20th.

The first two items today were from last month's round to give you an idea of how good it is.

Pants:  //Ascend// Brad Wrap Pants (MOM)
Poses:  an lar [poses] The Evan Series (MOM)

Jacket:  [American Bazaar] - Killer Jacket - Blue (The Dark Style Fair)