Saturday, February 28, 2015

Ninja Training

Is it too late in my life to re-train?  I have always wanted to be a ninja.  I think I would be great at it although my 6'4" frame could be a small issue.  

In SL I can be whatever I want and today I am on the beach doing my katana practice.

Pose:  grafica - Katana Set (Men Only Monthly)
Shirt:  .::Karma's Kreations::. - Mesh Polo - THE EX  (MENStuff Gift)
Shorts:  REPRESENT - Essential Wraith Shorts (MOM)
Shoes:  [Phunk] - Hitop Sneaker (15 colours to choose from - New Release)
Hair:  *~*Damselfly*~*Fhillip (No21)

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Friday, February 27, 2015

Question Time

I am doing a questionnaire for an article I am writing on Gachas.  The page where the survey resides is at the top of the left-hand column of this blog entitled:  Gacha Questionnaire. Or just click on that link.  Easy as!

I would really appreciate your feedback so that I can put forward an honest and fact-filled response to gachas that truly shows the thoughts of the consumer (that is you!).

I am trying not to be biased...

Thanks in advance for filling it out.

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More Winter

I can't believe I am still taking photos in the snow.  It was actually quite tricky finding a sim that was still wintered up.

This post is dedicated to all of you who are still caught in winter's grip.  Keep warm!

Scarf:  [CerberusXing] Stitched Scarf - Black (Men Only Monthly)
Glasses:  Adjunct - Jack Readers (was in Men Only Hunt)
Top:  Sharp by [ZD] - KIM Mesh Sweater Retro (MOM)

Beanie:  REPRESENT - Raw Edge Caruki Beanie (was in Men Only Hunt)
Jeans:  [ dynasty ] - Denver Denim - Black (MOM)
Shoes:  Adjunct - New Reality Running Shoe (MOM)

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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Field of Dreams

Today's post was a little tricky.  It was not because of the clothing or hair  because they are great.  It was not because of the location since it is stunning.

No, today's post was tricky due to the "lovely" person who wandered into the middle of the field and bumped right into me as I was setting up for a shot.  Accident?  I don't think so.

I also had to wait for them to clear the background, although this is fine as it is not my sim and I do not have sole rights to use it.  May I say though, that if someone is standing still somewhere I on a sim just be aware that they could be taking photos.  I always try and keep clear in case they are.  They don't want me photobombing the shot!

Anyway, I got it done in the end and now you get to have a looksee.  I have a new store to show ya!

Shorts:  ODDITY - Shorts ~Shameless~ Denim 
Shoes:  ODDITY - Hope~ Denim Patched - HIGH
Poses:  {NanTra} Poses - Pret-a-Porter (from my inventory)

Hair:  TRUTH HAIR - Avena
Top:  ODDITY - Blouse ~Hussy~ DENIM

Just had to give you a back shot of the hair and shorts!

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Wednesday, February 25, 2015


Has anyone seen my Range Rover?  I know I parked it somewhere.  

While I look for it I will tell you about the fine clothing I am wearing today.  Most of them are from the Men Only Monthly unless other wise stated.

My pants were tailored by !APHORISM! and are the Wool Pants in brown. Comfy and warm!

These boots are from Gabriel.  They are the Lace Up Boots and I am wearing the brown version.  I will show you them fully in another post.

This stylish Boondock Pea Coat in Green is from V-Spot.  It comes with the sweater underneath to keep you warm from the elements!

I have shown the hat before but it fits perfectly with this ensemble so it gets another showing.  It is from 7mad;Ravens and is the Dirty Bronx Cap in Green.  You will find this item at The Thrift Shop 8.0.

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Tuesday, February 24, 2015


I know it is not Friday but I just couldn't wait to show these fab furniture and house items.  

The first is from Trompe Loeil and is a preview of one of the Shotgun Shacks that will be available at the upcoming round of The Arcade (starts March 1st).

The trees are willows from Little Branch and you will find them at The Fantasy Collective which has just begun.  They are season change too.

This Upcycled Chair, Console and Shabby Decoration items are from 22769 [bauwerk] and are at Shiny Shabby.  This is a great event so definitely check it out.

The chair comes in different colours so if pink is not your thing you will find a colour to suit.

I also grabbed this great Steel Beamer Light from *Figment* at the Fantasy Collective.  It also comes in a wooden version.  Is looking fab in my house!

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Monday, February 23, 2015

Red Carpet Ready

I went to a pre-Oscar's Party last night and I wore what I am wearing today.  It was the perfect mix of old-school glamour and I think the Fashion Police would be happy with it.  Actually, I don't care about them....I love it.

Gown:  PurpleMoon Creations - Sophia Gown and Scarf (Group Gift)
Poses:  {NanTra} Poses - Social Climber (Vanity Fair)

Hair:  Tableau Vivant - My Love Hair (Collabor88)

Bracelet and Earrings:  Zuri Rayna - From Sari Set (Recent Release)
Nails:  {Nail Me!} - Nordic Sunset (Feeb's Rascals St. Sales Room)

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Saturday, February 21, 2015


I am feeling hardcore today.  I am also showing items from Men Only Monthly which has just started.  SL gives me a chance to look tough even if I have no idea how to talk tough.  

I will just talk gear instead.  Check it out.

Jeans:  Legal Insanity - Compton Jeans
Sneakers:  Adjunct - New Reality Running Shoe

Tattoo:  .Inhale. - Warrior Fresh
Bandana:  Legal Insanity - Compton Head Bandana Classic

Bracelet:  NOMAD - Bound Bracelet - Silver
Belt:  Legal Insanity - Compton Belt SWAG SILVER 

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Friday, February 20, 2015

Mini Cafe

It is Friday and I do have some furniture to show, but Tyson also has some guy stuff and I also have some girl stuffs...what to do?

Solution:  Today will be a THREE POST DAY.  Today's posts are all brought to you by the letter 'M' so they will be easy to spot.  Make sure you check out all three posts (other two below this one) for lots of goodies.

Right, onto the furniture...

This funky little Le Petit Bistro and assorted furniture and decor is from Serenity Style and will be at Gacha Mania which starts tomorrow (20th).

You can also check out the All About Home Blog to see the vendor photos of this set.

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Down on the farm today and loving the sim.  Had a bit of a chat to some livestock.  They were not a-moo-sed.  Get it?  Okay.  Moving on then.

Just five items to show you today but is quality not quantity.  I am gearing up for the next round of Men Only Monthly so that will be hitting your screens over the next few days.

In the meantime...

Shorts:  LeMay Mens - Belted Denim Shorts (MENStuff Gift)
Shoes:  Skater - Pro Mesh (Marketplace Freebie)

Sweater:  *Citrus* - Woodland Sweater - White (The Thrift Shop 8.0)
Hair:  Damselfly - Fhillip (No21)
Beard:  > Asset < - Intensity Beards - Brown - Beard 18 (New Release)

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