Hanging out by the wall today.  Seemed like the thing to do.  Means I could just lurk about looking good.  I mentioned this to Arya and she snort laughed.  I worry about her.

Pose Wall:  the pose shop. - broken wall 1 (Men Only Monthly)
Pants:  .twenty13. - Ashby Shorts - *male (The Thrift Shop 9.0)

Hair:  .~Tableau Vivant~ Owen Hair (MoM)
Eyes:  . idiot . - OVATE - Marine - Normal Eyes (MoM)

Jacket:  United Colors - Joy - Jacket - Black - Men (MoM)
Shoes:  Kenvie - Lebron - White Striped (MoM)

I love rainy places in SL.  I wish there were more of them.  Sometimes a girl needs to walk on a rainy beach or through a dripping rainforest.  Maybe it is because I am a winter girl.  I love rainy days and frosty mornings.

This pose pack from {NanTra} Poses was perfect for my rainy day enjoyment.  It is called Weather or Not and you can find it at The Thruft Shop 9.0.

Jeans:  Lily Allen - Bell Bottom Pants (ROSS Fair)
Shoes:  AsHmOoT - S/S Coll - Cross Mid Heels Shoes (ROSS Fair)

Top:  [Frimon Store] - Love Glitter - Tank Top Female LO (ROSS Fair)
Beads:  AsHmOoT - Acc Coll - Dolly Pearls Necklaces (ROSS Fair)
Nails:  Senzafine - "Shine" PVB

Hair:  TRUTH HAIR - Celeste (New Release)
Eyeshadow:  OPERATE - 70's Summer Eyeshadow - Blue (ROSS Fair)
Skin and Lips:  [Pink Fuel] - Harley v2 and Lipstick - Shine - pink/teeth (Group Gifts)

Decided to scrub up today.  We can't wear hoodies and sweats every day.  Sometimes we need to shirt up and look good.

Men Only Monthly begins tomorrow and there is, as usual, some great items for the guys.  This event just gets better and better every round.  Make sure you check it out and support this so it stays around.

Hair:  [bade] - Dexter  (MoM)
Glasses:  [Z O O M] - Impetus Glasses (MoM)
Shirt:  :BRAVURA:: Striped Buttondown Shirt - White (Thrift Shop 9.0)
Pants:  ::BRAVURA:: Everyday Chinos [M] Black (TTS 9.0)

Thought I may as well go with the days of the week theme I started yesterday.  I also promised I would give you the fashion break-down of what I was wearing in the home and garden photos, so here it is.

Shirt: {Six Essence} - KnottedShirt (ROSS Fair)
Pants:  B BOS -Lu Pants-Jeans Pink (ROSS Fair)
Poses:  BellePoses - Miranda (ROSS Fair)

Hair:  *~*Damselfly*~*Locklynn (The Liaison Collaborative)
Bangles:  Maxi Gossamer - Bangles - Painted Pansies - Large (faMESHed Anniversary Gift)

As promised here is Part 2 of my Sunday post with some more home and garden items for your shopping enjoyment.

I do not want to take this lot down.  Might just move in.

Trompe Loeil - Garden Bard Abode - Double Gardens (Collabor88)

Kuro - Richard Sofa and Side Table (The Liaison Collaborative)
:Cheeky Pea: Calhan Nest Pillow A and B (faMESHed Anniversary Gift)

Atelier Visconti - George Set (The Liaison Collaborative)

Trompe Loeil - Garden Bard Chair and Table (Collabor88)
junk. - round rug. floral circle. (faMESHed Anniversary Gift)

Trompe Loeil - Garden Bard Abode - Double Gardens (Collabor88)
Little Branch - Sunflowers - Field and Red Poppies - Field (Recent Releases)

I have some home and garden items to show you and I got a bit carried away and did loads of photos. It all became a bit much for one post so I am spreading it over two.  Hey, I am a kiwi and Peter Jackson is my hero so it is what we do.

P.S.  Will show fashion items I am wearing tomorrow.

{what next} - Amberley Tree Bench (Collabor88)

[shutter field] - Courtyard Pond (Lazy Sunday.  Pond can sit above ground too.  I sunk it in cos that is how I roll.)
[shutter field] - Pond Cushions (Lazy Sunday)

[shutter field] - Boxed Planter Seat (Lazy Sunday)
[shutter field] - The Old Woodshed (Lazy Sunday)
.:revival:. - camp stool (faMESHed Anniversary Gift)
Kalopsia - Milk Case (faMESHed Anniversary Gift)

[shutter field] - Woodshed - Old (Lazy Sunday)

Arya sent me off to this great sim today.  I think you will find me there a bit over the next while as there are a whole pile of great photos places to be had and I haven't even finished exploring yet.

Go check it out:  Lost Dream

On today's fashion menu we have items from The Thrift Shop, the next round of Men Only Monthly plus two items from stores I blog for; one new and one I have done for a while and love.

Jacket:  J&A Rock Culture - Coat - Men (TTS 9.0)
Pants:  Legal Insanity - Mike Sweat Pants GREY (MoM - starts on 20th)
Shoes:  Duh! -  Running Shoes - Black and Grey (from my inventory)
Poses:  {NanTra} Poses - Burn for You (Recent Release)

Hair:  *~*Damselfly*~*Asher (Dark Style Fair)
Piercing:  **UrbanStreet** - Bat Nose Piercing-MetalGray (Spooky Cute)
Eyes:  poetic colors - new line preview - grey sky (from my inventory)

Purple is one of my favourite colours.  I have 3 favs in fact:  purple, green and blue.  In RL I wear blues and greens, but sadly I just can't get away with purple.  I am just not the right colourings I guess.

The good news is that in SL I can wear whatever colour I want and get away with it.  I really like this.  To highlight this, when I received the gorgeous Acantha hair from Damselfly (Fantasy Gacha Carnival) I decided to leave it the colour it came as and be a redhead today.  I am liking the change from my usual blonde.

Dress:  Kaithleen's - Indah Kamani Dress - Purple (The Thrift Shop 9.0)
Poses:  IDK - Pack41 (ROSS Fair)
Bag:  [blissiere] Hudson Case - Orchid (TTS 9.0)
Shoes:  Entice - Lady Marmalade Heels (TTS 9.0)
Nails:  Senzafine - "Shine" PVB (New Release)
Ring:  Persefona Pearls Flower Ring - Violet (Ross Fair)
Watch:  db Dollz - Boho Chick Watch - RARE (Ross Fair)

I have some more items from The Thrift Shop 9.0 to show ya.  Keeping it simple today as don't have a lot of time.  This possibly could be because I spent too long wandering about checking out this sim...but who really knows?

Outfit:  <TrAsHeD> - Rejected

Hair:  *~*Damselfly*~*Lane (The Liaison Collaborative - opens May 15th)
Necklace:  :Angel of Metal:. Necklace Barbed Wire

I am feeling a bit tired tonight but hanging on this tyre is relaxing me.  It is nice to swing and enjoy the surroundings.  I spent quite a while here just chilling and lurking about.  It was great.  I hope you are getting out and about and enjoying SL.  Seems sad if you don't.  It is a fab place.

I probably didn't need 3 photos today, but it is my blog and I will do what I want.  I just like the pics.

Top:  Tori's Styles - Jina - Cardigan & Tank (The Thrift Shop 9.0)
Jeans:   Tori's Styles - Jeans - Jina - Light Blue (TTS 9.0)

Hair:  NO.MATCH - NO.FEAR (On9)
Necklace:  Tori's Styles - Long Knot Necklace (TTS 9.0)

Boots:  {Nerdology} - Prismatic Chunky Sneaks--Black&Green (The Thrift Shop 9.0)

Was a rainy day at home today so I figured it may as well be rainy in SL too.  Not a lot of sims have rain.  Needs to be more.  Nothing nicer than a walk on a rainswept beach or in a rainforest.

Coat:  sharp by [ZD] - VAN MESH COAT with Sweater (Men Only Monthly)
Pants:  Kenzo Jeans - Modulus - Black (MoM)

 Hair:  *~*Damselfly*~*Vincent (The Fantasy Gacha)
Glasses:  Kezenn - Sportwear Sunglasses Vers.Black (MOM)

Today is not about fashion although I am wearing some new items that I will show you tomorrow.  Today is all about this Movie Night Skybox from [Consignment] which you can find at Uber.

So grab your popcorn and let's have a good old look about.

You can watch the movie from the comfy movie seats or lounge on this great cushioned area at the back.

If you are lounging about here you can blob out on your own or with a loved one.  No getting up to anything naughty now!  Eyes on the movie.

The whole skybox doesn't take up a lot of space so you could fit it in your backyard or on a little platform wherever.

Now, shhhhhhh!  I am watching the movie.  More popcorn, please!