The gorgeous winter and festive items are coming thick and fast now, so I am going CRAZY trying to get them all blogged.  This is a great time to get your house and land re-decorated in time for the snowy season.  I am having problems trying to find places for everything!  Still, not much of a problem to be honest.  Good times.

Patio Set:  CHEZ MOI - Patio Set Sapporo (On9)
Foot Stool, Books and Tea:  Granola. Evie's Snuggle Up Set. (Tres Chic)
Coffee Set:  {what next} Coffee Sierra Kettle & Mugs (red)
Stool and Tray:  dust bunny . knitted stool, cocoa & cookies tray (50L Friday)
House:  Trompe Loeil - Amelie Cottage + Patio (Collabor88)

Furniture:  CHEZ MOI - Fireplace & Chair Set Chaud (Ultra)

I wonder if it will snow today.  Hmmm, sweater is on, but legs might be a bit chilly.  I might need to find some tights.  In the meantime I will probably wait to sit on the amazing seat behind me until I have a coat or covered legs.  But I want to pat the foxes...dang.

What do the foxes say?

Bench:  [WinterLove] Bench PG & Single Anims (Tres Chic)

Bag:  ..::ILLI::.. Locked Tote Bag Olive (TC)
Necklace:  [ILAYA]Magdalena Necklace (TC)
Dress:  MOoH! Penny dress dusk (Designer Circle)
Pose:  Fashiowl Poses - It's Snowing (TC)
Hair:  =DeLa*= Mesh Hair "Khatia" Blondes (TC)

This barn is way too nice for just the animals.  I could easily move in and enjoy the view of the land.  It is a stunner and would look fab on your farm or ranch.  At only 46Li it is perfect for any sim.

It is the Caledon Barn from GOOSE and you can go see for yourself at 6th Republic.  Make sure you take a look inside and see how well designed this is, both exterior and interior.

Bonjour.  J'adore le chocolat chaud.  C'est délicieux.

I am so glad I found this little stand because I am feeling a bit chilly. Perhaps I am a tad under-dressed, but I am looking fine so I am not putting a coat over this outfit!

I am showing home & garden items with fashion today. Think of it like main and dessert at the same time. So good!

Stand and Bin: MOoH! - Hot Chocolate stand RARE, Cups with hot coco, Hot coco dispenser, Burning barrel (Twe12ve)
Arbor: Decor Junction / Shutter Field - Arbor Gate - white (On9)

I am wearing:
Pose: Image Essentials- Brat V1 b (Designer Showcase)
Sunglasses: .::Nanika::. Sunglasses Michele (Tres Chic)
Hair:  -FABIA- Mesh Hair    (TC)
Skirt:  JF Design"Elly" Skirt/Panties 2 Option-Pink (TC)
Top:  JF Design"Elly" Top- White (TC)
Sleeves:  JF Design"Elly" Arm Pieces- White (TC)
Boots:  Mosquito's Way - Morgan (TC)
Skin:  7 Deadly s[K]ins - CHANT omega FACE&BODY dew ( WINTER TREND SL 2017 Preview)

I have set up a new page on the blog that will have all the news and sales from around SL that we hear about.  You can just tap the link at the top of the blog to go and find out all the details.  Just for today you can also click this LINK to take you straight there.

I know it has been a while since my last post.  In my defence, I have been busy applying for lots of new stores and events so I can access more male items for you.  Let's hope some of them pan out.  I am feeling like I am neglecting you boys.

So, here are a couple of items to keep you interested.  These ARE some stores I blog for so I am giving them big thumbs up.

Pose:  HelaMiyo - LookbookMenswear1
Shirt:  !Bravura Boite Noir! Henley Shirt Cashmere Grey (New Release)
Pants:  {La Bella Boutique} - MARTIAN MANHUNTER PANTS (New Release)
Hat:  -Native Urban- My Beanie Hat
Bracelet:  [CerberusXing] Ring Bracelet (L'homme Gift)
Necklace:  [Avenge] L'homme necklace (L'homme Gift)
Skin:  [7 Deadly Skins] - OMEGA FACE applier - CHRIS v1 Caramel (November Group Gift)

Hey all.  I am having some wifi issues so I apologise if I miss a day or two.  Hoping to get it all sorted quick, but sometimes these things take time.  Sigh.

I managed to get this pic today after numerous crashes, so I am pleased to be able to bring it to you. 

Dress, Tights and Shoes:  .::anny's Fashion::.- Alanis O-Black Gothic Dress, Taylane Shoes Black, Black Sock Applier (Warm Your Heart)
Hair:  *Tukinowaguma* Masi (Tres Chic)
Skin:  7 Deadly s[K]ins - MAGDA omega FACE&BODY dew (Designer Showcase)
Eyeshadow: *Booty's Beauty* Omega Eyeshadow ~ Posh Hud
Lipstick:  *Booty's Beauty* Omega Lipstick ~ Shiraz

As long as your lippy is right when leaving the house, then you are right.  Funny.  What would I know?  Only wear lipstick on special occasions in RL. Anyway, I am enjoying the look of this ensemble.  She looks ready for anything.  Great outfit, stunning hair and lipstick looking fine!

Outfit:  *dafnis - black to black (Hashtag Event)
Hair:  !!Firelight!! Kelsa Gen2 (Twe12ve)
Glasses:  HAYSURIZA Glasses London Classical2 (On9)
Lipstick:  Midnyte Creations - Cream De Le Cream Lips (Jerky Turkey Hunt)
Tattoo:  Finesse - Black Tattoo [CAROL G] (On9)
Necklace:  austris - heartlock choker (On9)
Pose:  FOXCITY. - Lippy Bento Pose Set (On9)

Yes, it is.  My first winter photo.  It is early, I know but I have to blog an ice skating dress so what was I supposed to do?

The new round of Twe12ve has started and they have some great goodies for your changeover from autumn to winter.  Mix of items and something for everyone.  I am looking forward to showing you more over the next week or so?

Pose:  Nantra Poses - The Agony of Defeat
Headphones:  !Indulge Temptation! - Cat's Meow Headphones (Twe12ve)
Dress and Skates:  ~Le Fashion Whore~  Darcy Skating Outfit (Twe12ve)
Hair:  .Entwined. Ashley
Skin:  7 Deadly s[K]ins - Madelon omega FACE&BODY dew (Sad November)
Lipstick:  *Booty's Beauty* Omega Lipstick ~ Foil (New Release)
Eyeshadow:  *Booty's Beauty* Omega Eyeshadow ~ Posh (New Release)

Eye spy with my little eye something beginning with 'P'.  If you guessed 'pizza' you are so right. I am not quite dressed for pizza making so I am hoping someone will come along who can whip me up a pie.  I could be waiting a while.  At least I am right next to a cafe so I can enjoy a coffee while I wait.

Pizza Oven and Table with Chairs & Accessories:  CHEZ MOI - Pizza Party Set

Pose:  Nantra - Pose Monster (Ultra)
Dress:  {AnaMarkova} Jacqueline Pinstripe (On9)
Hair:  Dura - B&G80-LIGHT A
Shoes: - Regina Platforms - Midnight
Skin:  ::WoW Skins::. Mina Tan Omega Appl. (Group Gift)
Bracelets:  kosmii :: Kintsugi Bangles (On9)

Lipstick:  *Booty's Beauty* Omega Lipstick ~ Shiraz (New Release)
Eyeshadow:  *Booty's Beauty* Omega Eyeshadow ~ Posh  (New Release)
Eyes:  .::WoW Skins::. OCEAN EYES SET A (New Release)
Necklace:  .::Supernatural::. Sue Black Silver (On9)

Is it just me or is everyone embracing the snow on sims early this year?  Everywhere I look the snow has fallen and the sims are looking wintery.  It took me a wee while to find somewhere still enjoying the autumn colours.  I am not ready for white just yet.  It is only November after all.

Also I am in shorts so I did not want goosebumps ruining the photo!  *Snicker*

Oh, and apologies for a few days absence.  Life.

Sweater:  MOoH! - Rosie sweater 2-tone (Group Discount Item)
Shorts:  MOoH! - Tammy shorts Blue (Discounted Item)
Pose:  HelaMiyo - Walk (The Chapter Four)
Hair/Hat:  lock&tuft - hila BANGS (Fifty Linden Friday)
Necklace:  !Indulge Temptation! - Laurel Necklace (Jerky Turkey Hunt)
Sneakers:  REIGN.- Arianna Sneakers (FLF)
Skin:  7 Deadly s[K]ins - Britney omega FACE&BODY dew (Ultra Sneak Peek - starts on 15th)

One of my friends in SL is the awesome Nan who is the talented designer behind Nantra Poses.  I love her poses so much and I am in lust with this set.  It is the aptly named Autumn Waltz.  The poses are just divine and I had fun dancing in the leaves today.  You can go try out and buy this set at Liaison Collaborative

Outfit:  Wicca's Wardrobe - Deanna Gacha Set (Gacha Garden Nov)
Hair:  [KoKoLoReS] Hair - Bobbie (Gacha Garden)
Boots:  ::SlackGirl:: Lavinia Boot (On9 Preview)
Choker:  [ILAYA] - Esme - leather/metal Collar (Tres Chic)
Nails:  ::SlackGirl:: Sakura Nails. (On9 Preview)
Tattoo:  Juna:  Lula Tattoo Woman (Spotlight)
Lips:  Midnyte Creations -  Cream de la Cream lips Omega (Jerky Turkey Hunt)