Mad Circus is in full swing and there are so many great items and funnery to be had.  Just watch out for the clowns...well, know!

This fab pose prop is from Image Essentials and is aptly called Zany.  I am loving all the 'pop out of the box' poses.  No one boxes this chick in!  Run to the Mad Circus to grab this.

I hope you are having as much fun as I am running from store sales to events to Halloween-themed sims.  I am pooped.  Back in the box for a nap I go.

Outfit:  MOoH! - Mirella outfit (Mad Circus)
Boots:  Phedora ~ Ginger Boots (Tres Chic)
Necklace:  [ILAYA] Esme - leather/metal (Tres Chic)
Skin:  7 Deadly s[K]ins - KEY  omega FACE&BODY DUST (Black Fair)
Hair:  Vanity Hair: Leia-Must Haves (Tres Chic)
Fence:  MOoH! Owl fence black RARE (Twe12ve)

In fact I love this so much I HAD to show you another of the poses.  I call this the 'Kiss My Butt' pose.  Hehee!  Brilliant.

Nothing like an early morning pastry and coffee before work.  Of course I don't want to get any on this gorgeous dress.  As soon as I put it on I just had to blog it.  So sexy and stunning.

I am loving all the new items in this round of Tres Chic and I hope you have made time to get over there.  If you haven't yet, then DO!

Pose:  Image Essentials - Vogue 1
Dress:  American Beauty- Shoulder Slouch Dress (Tres Chic)
Hair:  Opale . Kirsty Hair (TC)
Glasses:  [meisu] - Sweven glasses (TC)
Choker and Earrings: Dahlia - Madison (TC)
Skin:  7 Deadly s[K]ins - Quince  v1 omega FACE&BODY caramel (anyBODY)
Shoes:  PHEDORA / Magica Heels

I am the spider queen.  Come to me my pretties.  My friend would not like that.  He would scream like Gus and Shawn from Psych.  Wuss.

I am loving the look and the accessories maketh the woman.  So cool.  Real mix of events too which is great because there are a HUGE variety of awesomeness to enjoy. I hope you are all managing to get out and scope them out.

Dress:  [Anny's Fashion] - Mictlantecuhtli Dress (Gacha Good Ghost Town)
Crown:  .{PSYCHO:Byts}. Lethal Stalagmite Crown - Blood (Trick or Treat Lane)
Pose:  {NANTRA} O, Fortuna (The Secret Affair)
Tattoos:  [POUT!] Little Monster Stitching Tattoo - Multi Appliers (The Underdog Event)
Eyes:  Izzie's - Demon Mesh Eyes
Earrings:  !Indulge Temptation! - Tricola Earrings 1 (Mad Circus)
Hair:  .Entwined. - Lila
Boots:  *SOHOe SHOeS* Sabrina Boots (Twe12ve )
Choker:  .{PSYCHO:Byts}. Katrina Choker (Trick or Treat Lane Gift - Red)

Just me and my wee chipmunk hanging about just chilling.  He is so relaxed that he is fast asleep on my shoulder.  Not sure if you can see him as he is wrapped up in his tail. So cute!

I am looking pretty chilled too.  Just leaning mostly.  It's what I do.  Although I will confess that I may look calm but inside my brain is going all over the place thinking about all the stuff I have to blog.  Eeeeek!

Outfit:  :: Purple Moon :: Maisie Set -black-(Tres Chic)
Hat/Hair:  .:EMO-tions:. * SELENA * (On9)
Chipmunk:  JIAN - Chipmunk Collection :: Shoulder Buddy (The Seasons Story)

The Gacha Life is open and in full Halloween mode.  Beautiful Hustler has gachas inspired by a very popular movie but with their own gory spin on things.  They even come with this backdrop and accessories so you can pose for photos with your friends.  Imagine this at your Halloween party.

Oh, and I would steer clear of this lady.  She looks mad.  And DO NOT feed the dog or the monkey.

Pose:  HelaMiyo - Let the Day Begin (The Chapter Four)
Hair:  !Oleander ~ Minerva. [Werewolf]
Costume:  beautiful hustler. - whorrorthy dress and ruby platforms (The Gacha Life)
Backdrop and Props:  beautiful hustler. - wrong b*tch backdrop & deco RARE (The Gacha Life)
Blood:  beautiful hustler. - head to toe bloody mess - omega (The Gacha Life)

This is a no-boy area.  Just for the girls.  Everyone knows boys have cooties so keep out.  We don't want them.

This is called A Girls Hide Out Gacha Set so I was not lying.  It is from GOOSE and can be tried and located at Cosmopolitan.  You can also come and try it on the Best of SL Boulevard land where I have it set out behind the barn.

Just a note not pet the chickens...

Our sim looks like something from a horror movie at the moment and Arya is in her element.  I keep expecting her to jump out from behind things so I am avoiding the place and sticking to the sunshine.  Hopefully this will stop me from feeling like my heart will stop at any second.  The girl is cray.

It also means I can enjoy the sights and show you some more items from the Men Only Hunt and one from a lucky board while I was doing the hunt.  BONUS!

So, all the items are from MOH unless otherwise stated.

Pants:  *AGATA* Dana Dot pants
Sweater:  {Fe Style} Kosskoff Crew Sweater
Poses:  grafica ~ gwrido
Boots:  = REBELLION = "DOC" BOOTS - RUBY REDS (Board Prize)

Hair:  Stealthic - Rebellion (The Mens Dept)
Eyes:  MESANGE - Quartz Eyes Mini Pack
Eyebrows:  *Birth* 'Easy' Eyebrow Appliers Tintable (Recent Release)

I am so excited to be a part of Trick or Treat Lane.  It began today and there are some great new items for your shopping pleasure.

You can grab fashion items, accessories and home and garden goodies.  Great place to get a whole heap of your halloween needs.  How easy it that?

Note:  All items are from Trick or Treat Lane unless otherwise stated.

Sweater:  LiViD : Spell Knit Sweater_Boo!
Skirt:  LiViD : Spell Suede Skirt_Mouse
Tights:  LiViD : Witchy Leg_Grey
Shoes:  1313 - Sabrina Slippers
Hair:  TUKINOWAGUMA - Reyes (On9)
Skin:  7 Deadly s[K]ins - LISA freckled omega FACE&BODY apricot (eBENTO)
Pose: Le Poppycock *Sugar Rush* A (The Chapter Four)

The Half Moon Market - Cauldron of Dancing Mushrooms - Static
Sign:  personal.effects -. zombie signs aim for the head (The Mad Circus)
Spiders and Web:  [Angelic Designs] - [Black Widow] SpiderWeb
Balloon:  ~thatchick~ We All Float Down Here (TMC)
Cemetery Items:  {LORE} Complete Cemetery

So I have soooo much to show you home & garden-wise so I have managed to create this scene with a whole heap of items from around the SL plane which includes new items from events and stores.  I just hope you can see them all clearly and that I have done them justice!  They are all so amazing.  Check out the pics and if you have any questions about an item, throw them in the comments below. 

Just so you know, if I do the link once for an event, I don't repeat it.  If you can't see a link then scroll up because it will be there somewhere.  Just saves me time!

Gate and Fence:  CHEZ MOI - Spider Gate (Cosmopolitan)

Picnic Table and Shelter:  CHEZ MOI - Fall Picnic Table and Gazebo (Deco(c)rate)
Cart and Decor:  Serenity Style- Autumn Cart and Decor (Le Six)
Scarecrow:  CHEZ MOI - Sweet NotScareCrow (Chris' Hurricane Disaster Fund Event)

Cabin and Furniture:  Serenity Style - Rick Forest Col. - Cabin, Rocking Chair and Lamp (The Liaison Collaborative)
Bench and Box:  Serenity Style - Raven Dream in the Porch- Bench, Box (Deco(c)rate)
Fall Board, Leaves and Mat:  .: ZcZ :. Fall Recycled Wood Decor, Fall Leaves (Letters), Witch Door Mat (The Underdog Event)
Wreath:  Mariposa - Boo Wreath (Gacha Good Ghost Town)
Pillows:  Suave Shapes - Freak Pillows (The Mad Circus 3)
Director's Chair:  [Park Place] - Halloween Directors Chair (GGGT)
Cat Shape:  Bee Designs - Halloween Silhouettes Gacha 7 (On9)
Candle Tray:  ~also Known as~ Exclusive pumpkin candle tray (The Underdog Event)
Fence:  personal.effects. - on the fence (TMC3)

Furniture:  [ zerkalo ] Autumn Warmth - Daybed - RARE, Sideboard, Lantern Candle, Pumpkins, Wooden Vases - Exclusive, Bottle Candle, Lantern w/Pumpkins, Rug (The Epiphany)
Wall Hanging:  Serenity Style - Trick or Treat Candy Frame Display (Mainstore Group Gift)
Chair:  Trompe Loeil - Delaney Camp Chair PG (Collabor88)

Furniture:  [ zerkalo ] Autumn Warmth - Table, Cinnamon Candle, Marble Vases, Persian Vase (The Epiphany)
Flowers:  %Percent - Kora Bouquet *MESH* (The Underdog Event)
Clock:  [Park Place] Pumpkin Wall Clock (GGGT)
Couch:  Trompe Loeil - Delaney Camp Couch PG (Collabor88)

Saw these foxes with poses at The Secret Hideout event and just HAD to have them.  It is foxes!  Need I say more.  Not rabid ones either.  Cute fluffy ones who love me and won't let anyone come near...the best kind.

They are also nice to pat as I am a bit busy with all the events I have going on so they are a bit of a stress relief as well.  They keep me calm and stop me from biting...well, almost.

Poses:  Fashiowl Poses - Protected (The Secret Hideout)
Dress:  -AZUL- Calissa /Onyx (On9)
Shoes:  PHEDORA / Magica heels / 30 C

Jewellery:  Zuri Rayna ~ Skeli Jewels - Garnet/Sterling
Hair:  .Entwined. - Chloe (Entwined Sale Item)
Eyeshadow:  alaskametro "Lady Venom" eyeshadow (On9)
Lipstick:  alaskametro "Lady Venom" lipstick 3 (On9)
Nails:  alaskametro "Lady Venom" nail art (On9)
Skin:  7 Deadly s[K]ins - LIVA  F omega FACE&BODY dew

Some people knit or bake or do gardening, but not me.  Nope.  I am more of a 'dress up in scary stuff and go hang out by crypts and skeletons' sort of person.  Well, in SL anyway, not so much in RL because I would get the heebie jeebies.

Actually just looking at this photo gives me the heebie jeebies a bit...okay, a lot.

If you are into the macabre then this time of year is right up your spooky, dark alleyway. There are tons of events on at the moment and I am going to share some items from a few of these with you.

Lantern:  Khargo - Halloween Street Lantern - Skeletons RARE (Gacha Good Events Ghost Town)
Crypt:  sass buildz [demon worship] (Twe12ve)
Pose:  {Q Poses} - The Witch (On9)
Hair:  Tameless Hair - Morir (New Release)
Dress:  ++Facepalm Clothing Company++ - Nox (GGEHT)
Shoes:  *Merlific* Spooky Spider Heels (Mad Circus)
Necklace:  Slipper - Crescent Necklace (The Underdog Event - starts on 14th)
Face Makeup:  LIVIA::Sugar Skull Makeup No.2 (Mad Circus)
Toy:  [FAR] Trick Or Treat Doll (The Underdog Event)
Tattoos:  Juna:  Ruze tattoo Woman (Twe12ve)

Am I chopping wood in the middle of the night?  Possibly, but it does seem a bit suspicious.  Who needs two axes for woodcutting?  Weird.

Still at least I am appropriately dressed and styling some great garb while I do whatever it is I am the dark.

Since all but two of these items are from the Men Only Hunt, I am including the hint page and the starting point to get the hud.

Pose:  Image Essentials - Bento - Ragnar (b)
Shirt and Jeans:  Wilson's -  Rust pullover shirt and Jeans (Men Only Hunt 10)
Hat and Hair:  lock&tuft - cosmo beanie (MOH10)
Sneakers:  PBM Sneakers [SKOOL] Worn Special Edition (MOH10)
Necklace:  [Gild] Key Necklace for male (MOH10)
Watch:  *PetroFF* Sport  Watch (MOH10)
Eyes:  MESANGE - Quartz Eyes Mini Pack (MOH10)
Skin:  [7 Deadly Skins] - Omega -JAGER caramel noHB (Store Hunt)