My Fav Places


Thought I may as well kickstart this whole thing by showing you some of my fav places. The first in Munspain (I told you about the furniture issues I have).

Picture 1: Gorgeous Christmas beanbags, coffee, table, snowman ornament and Christmas Tree. The beanbags are 10L each and the coffee table, ornament and tree are only 1L each. Whole set is therefore only 23L.

Picture 2: Midnight Mania Board Christmas Furniture. I got this set and it looks awesome! 199 is the number of slaps required, so gather your friends and their friends etc....

Picture 3: Shows the other awesome cheapies available with all the couches, coffee tables, artwork and plants only costing 1L and the Panda beanbag at 10L. You can pimp out your pad right here!

Make sure you check out all the other furniture and keep an eye on the Lucky Chair too.

The outfit I am wearing is from SLC (need group tag- on table near tp spot) and they have a MM board there with this little number on it and total slaps required is 100. Easy peasy.

Other Items:
Hair: Maitreya Piper Natural Blonde (not free)
Skin: Djinn and Tonic: Bad Romance Mua Gift Skin Natural Tones (right next to Lucky Chair so keep your eyes open)

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