New Blog and New Blogger


My friends call me the 'Queen of Freebies'. I think that is a bit OTT. I like to think of myself as cheap. Thought it was about time I added to the many blogs out there dedicated to the awesome designers and creators who fill our lives with joy by offering us their wares for nothing or very little. KUDOS to you.

I will be scouring SL high and low for you to seek out bargains! I will also let you know of awesome MM boards and great places to lurk to get stuff off Lucky Chairs. I may throw in the odd item that costs a bit more, but only if I think it is awesome to the extreme!

Now I must warn you, that I have a slight furniture fetish, so you may see a bit of that sliding onto the blog, along with cute clothes, fine fashion, sexy skins, super skyboxes and handsome houses! I also love exploring so will try to show you some awesome spots in SL when I take pics.

Keep your eye on this blog and remember that I am learning this photo and blog thing, so stick with me while I iron out the bugs!

Stuff I Am Wearing:
Hair: Maitreya Piper 2 Natural Blonde (not free)
Skin: Staged Elizabeth 2 Winged Coral: I LOVE THIS SKIN! (Group gift and one of THE best groups!)
Sweater: Embellished Cardigan from Kenzie and Co in Freebie Bag(huge amazing freebie bag or goodies). Is on front desk as you come in the door.
Eyes: Phoenix Designs and Firefall Green Light Eyes (past freebie - went back and couldn't find them, but if you do let me know). Make sure you slap the MM board when you go over and check out the Lucky Chairs.

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