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Last day of the Step It Out blogging. Sad....but some cool shoes, sneakers and boots

Pic 1:
Boots: P Cassidy Designs - Metal Lace-Up Boot

Pic 2:
Sneaker: Prims 4 U - Sunflower Sneaker

Pic 3:
Sneaker: Prims 4 U: Blue-Green Sneaker (think this was MM board)

Pic 4:
Boot: Ripped - Fuzzy Black Boot

Pic 5:
Boots: Ripped -Onyx Boot

Pic 6:
Shoes: Sugar Holic - Pink Stripe

Pic 7:
Heels: She's So Unusual Shoes - Pink Leopard Fetish Pump

Pic 8:
Boots: Trashtastic - Hybrid Kickers

Pic 9:
Sneakers: Urban Surfer - Cootie Shot Low Top

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